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“It was a great vacation! I'm glad we took your recommendation!! Thanx again Wendy. P.S. The insulated mugs were a big hit!! ”
- K.G. - Punta Cana, DR
“Just a quick note to thank you for your efforts. The trip was totally amazing and everything worked out really well. Thanks again”
- P.V. - Varadero Cuba
“Thanks. You did an amazing job picking suggesting the place. We had a wonderful time we were both extremely pleased with everything and would not hesitate to go back. Again thanks for doing such a great job in recommending this place. ”
- J. - St. Lucia
“Yes we wish we were still there, lying on the beach and enjoying a drink in the insulated mugs you gave us. That was a great idea. We were really happy to have them. This place was huge. A lot bigger that we're used to. We had a long walk to everything but didn't mind. We liked getting the exercise. We needed it with all the food we were eating. The grounds were really nice and the beach was a lot nicer than in Cozumel. ”
- J.M. - Puerta Plata, DR
“Hi Wendy, Of course we wish we were still there! We had a great time. The flights were perfect, the resort was beautiful, the food was great and the service was outstanding. Our kids really enjoyed the kid's club. When we arrived, the gave us a choice of rooms and we got a great one with a view of the ocean. Thank-you for all your help and I can't wait until we need to call you again. ”
- A.M. - Mayan Riviera Mexico
“Just wanted to let you know that we are back and had a fabulous time. The hotel was great and frankly we had the best room in the hotel - we were on the main floor at the end of the hotel and we literally steps from the pool and beach. We could sit on our own patio and see the kids on the beach - didn't have to pack up a big bag for the day to go to pool or beach. The kids had an absolute blast and so did we. Can't thank you enough for organizing everything, including the private car transfers. ”
- J.B. - Barbados
“We did have a WONDERFUL time. I can't wait to tell you all about our AMAZING time at Couple Negril in Jamaica! Chat soon.... No worries!!!!!! This is one of the few places that we WOULD actually go back to again!!!!! ”
- A.W. - Negril, Jamaica
“ "Through the Visitbritain website, I received the name of the above (referring to the email subject) as a contact for British Travel in Alberta and wanted to let someone at Visitbritain know about the results. I was taking my granddaughter over to Impington (outside of Cambridge) for a school semester and we planned to go early and spend a week or so doing the "tourist" thing. I contacted Bob to see about suggestions and train travel etc and can't express my appreciation and gratitude enough for his efforts and results. He saw that we got the passes needed as well as giving us great suggestions on what/where to visit while over there. He certainly couldn't have made any great compensation for the amount of work involved with us but he sure didn't seem to mind and we are eternally grateful for his efforts. I think he was wonderful and hopefully he is a valued member of Visitbritain as he certainly does you credit." ”
- Dale from Calgary
“Londa from Red Deer kindly sent me a copy of an email she sent to Visitbritain. "I thought I would drop you a line and tell you about a helpful fellow whom I met. In May, I approached Bob Turkington about helping me plan a trip to England with my elderly Mom and my sister. He was extremely knowledgeable about most of the spots in England that we were interested in and very helpful in assisting me in accommodation arrangements. Although we did not utilize all of Bob’s ideas, in June, my sister, Mom and I had a wonderful trip and saw most of the spots that we had hoped to. Bob lent me books and did not charge me a fee for all of his time and help. When I returned from the trip, I met with Bob to return his books and he patiently sat through a computer slide show of my vacation photos. I would gladly have Bob help again with my trip and will recommend him to my friends." ”
- Londa from Red Deer

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