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“This vacation definitely was a memorable holiday for us - one that really was the trip of a lifetime! Not just because Hawaii was so beautiful, but also because we stayed at the most georgeous hotels, had the best room locations and no stress! We owe it all to you, Diann. Thanks so much for all your hard work and attention to even the smallest details”
- Joe & Susan D
“We found Lois Barbour to be more than willing to answer our questions and keep us informed beyond what we had expected. She offered advice that turned out to be not only sound, but invaluable to our enjoyment of our tour. We had never taken a tour like this and Lois’ attention to detail did a lot to ease the bits of natural uncertainty we had before we left. When we actually got to Europe and saw the prices of transportation, hotels and food, we were astounded at the incredible value Lois had obtained for us through her work. We’re glad a friend recommended Lois Barbour and TPI and we definitely suggest that anyone planning a “once in a lifetime” tour get in touch with her. ”
- Ron and Ellen Pellerin - Trafalgar Tour, Oct 2008
“The OCCIDENTAL ROYAL HIDEAWAY ENSENACHOS-CAYO SANTA MARIA, CUBA-HONEYMOOM PARADISE The resort was fantastic and the concerierge was amazing! It is the perfect resort if you just want to do nothing! The weather was great at 25 degrees and a little windy. One thing we really liked was that the crowd was in their 30's and 40's, so you avoid the belligerent drunks running around ruining your vacation. The restaurants were good. They had an Italian, (which was amazing), seafood, Asian, Creole (local) and a Grill restaurant. With Air Transat Holidays, you get dinner at 4 of them, so the only we did not try was the Asian. All of them were good. Neither of us got sick, which was amazing since both of us are prone to that. The beach was long and white with a fair amount of chairs. You could walk for a while one way down the beach which was nice. The service there was second to none. Honestly, we felt a little awkward at first because it just didn't seem right but once we got used to it, it was great. When you are at the beach or the pool, they have staff that will come around and take food and drink orders and bring them directly to your chair. They have a dress cose which they enforce in the main building. You have to be wearing shirts and pants in the evening (jeans are okay) and you are never allowed to wear bathing suits in the main building. It is nice because it stays a little more classy that way. They have a 24 hour lounge bar which is convenient if you get in late or are up late and still want to go for a drink. It is a piano bar and there is someone playing each night. They also have a theatre in the main building. We did not end up seeing any shows and just hung out on our balcony. It was so quiet, peaceful and serence. The rooms are laid out in bungalows (octagonal shaped buildings that are two floors with an open courtyard in the middle, like a donut). Outside our balcony you could only see trees so that was very private. Many of them are private, but some more than others. Every bungalow has their own concierge which is available from 9-5ish, Cuban time. They will look after your dinners for you and if you are missing anything or have any questions or request, they can answer them, and if they do not know, they will find out. Our conceirge was amazing. Her English wasn't perfect, but I was impressed with how good it was. There was very little of a communication barrier with her. Because the resort is fairly big (in terms of land and how it is laid out) they have 24 hour bellboy service. They will come and pick you up on their gold carts and bring you where-ever you want to go. It was really nice for the seafood restaurant because it was a little farther away. Since our room was in the middle of the resort, we could walk t most places and not be out of breath! They also had 24 hour room service which was nice. We ordered hamburgers and hot dogs and it was not a problem. They have a decent selection of "American/Canadian" food so there is always something to eat that you will like. Everybody there was soooo nice!!! I couldn't believe it!!! If we were to go back to Cuba, I would go there again. I would recommend the resort 100% to anyone. If you are looking for a party resort or want to go into town or something, go somewhere else. This is a quiet secluded resort, perfect for peace and relaxation.”
- Bart and Sharon H.
“When our trip unexpectedly had to be changed from Japan to Thailand and home, we found Dorothy exceptional in her willingness to drop everything for us and re-book and re-vamp our whole 2.5 week holiday. She researched destinations other than Thailand we could visit, suggested multiple hotels and accomodations options, she found the best possible rates and fares. I think we got the best service possible right from the get go. We feel strongly that Dorothy is a true professional who makes promises and delivers...or advises otherwise based on good information and research. Philipa and Aubrey C ”
- Aubrey/Philipa C.
“You have been an awesome travel agent. When I first contacted you I wasn't really expecting that you would be able to get us a flight on that short notice. But you not only got us a flight for three people; you got us a great deal. I am so grateful to you for that and for all of the great service you have provided to me. With my busy schedule it was such a relief to know that my arrangements were in such capable hands. I would definitely use you again. ”
- Suzie Z.
“March 2009, I went on my first vacation EVER!! We went to the Occidental Grand Xcaret in Maya Riviera, and although I can't compare it to anywhere else- it was AMAZING!!!! The grounds were beautifully kept, food was better than expected, rooms were awesome, the pools were great, we loved watching the daily shows, shopping in Playa del Carmen which was 10 min away. The Xcaret Park is amazing itself as well. One week was not long enough!! I would definitely go back, it seemed to be a great resort for all ages! Thanks again for your help Jody. Occidental Grand XCaret - Mexico.”
- Jelena
“The trip was awesome. No complaints, great food, great weather, it was awesome. Thanks for setting it up for us. The beaches are hard and a bit coarse/rocky in some areas. They do have some coral right off the beach that is great for snorkelling in, so if people have the gear, they should bring it to snorkle in small reaf off the beach. Thanks again! Grande Bahia Principe - Jamaica ”
- Shayne
“My husband and I got married at the Tryp Peninsula in Varadero, Cuba on April 20, 2009. I got Holly’s name through a friend, who highly recommended her. From the moment I contacted Holly (about a year before the wedding) I felt good about it. She answered all my questions (and there were many), and she always got back to me in a timely fashion and I had little worries knowing she was there to help plan our dream wedding. Without going into too many details, Holly was a huge help in so many ways and not only exceeded our expectations but she went above and beyond what she was there to do. Not only would I highly recommend her to everybody I know but we will definitely be using her services in the future. Thank you Holly, for everything you did for us…before, during and after the wedding! ”
- Adam and Christina - TRYP PENINSULA, APRIL 2009
“Trip was awesome, it was my first trip and I loved it. Weather was awesome and we loved the hotel, incredible ocean view. Palladium Vallarta Resort - Mexico.”
- Tara
“Las Vegas was a BLAST!!! We saw Cher...was an awsome show. Took a limo ride around town...just had lots of fun. Still more to see..gotta go again!! Hotel was awsome..thanks jody. The Mirage Hotel - Las Vegas.”
- Ang

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