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“Lynn, you did it again! Your confidence, knowledge and sincerity made our anniversary the best ever. We will be back again in 2010. Lisa & Wayne”

“Hi Kyla, Just a quick word for now. It was amazing!!!!!! We all love the beach and there is no doubt about the quality of sand, sun, and water in Punta Cana. Thanks for all your help and patience working through the plans.”
- Bulin Family, Gran Bahia Principe Punta Cana
“Gran Bahia Principe Punta Cana is wonderful. The rooms are very spacious and clean. We were on the gound floor which I found I preferred over the third floor where Trish and Ian were, as there are no elevators. We did have a very large cockroach in our bathroom one afternoon, but other than that everything was great. The food was very good, but not 5* by Canadian standards. The buffet is huge, and varied - so even the pickiest of eaters will find something. The breakfast was the best buffet of the day! We had 4 a la carte meals, my favorite was the Japanese. I recommend everyone go to this restaurant!!! My husband doesn't like any asian food - at all - and he loved it, as did we all. We also tried the Gourmet, Italian and Mediterranean - each of us having different experiences. Some of us had good food and others not in those. The resort is huge, but not so huge that you can't walk everywhere. It was a little overwhelming at first, but after a day we knew where we were going. The beach is the best that we saw, but we didn't go further north up the beach, only south to the beach market - which, if someone were to go, I recommend checking the prices in the resort shops first, as you can get clean items for the same as you would barter for at the market. There were some items though that we didn't find in the shops, and it is a fun way to spend an afternoon if you enjoy bartering. It is a couple of miles down the beach, but we found it to be a nice walk. There are several topless women on the beach, so those going with children might want to be prepared. I only ran across 2 people who couldn't speak English and they were shelf stockers in a couple of the shops. Other than that, communication was very easy - they did really appreciate when we attempted Spanish though, even if it was bad. We ran across some very negative people who complained about the silliest things. It was ridiculous. Some people should really just stay home - I couldn't believe what I was hearing. So, my recommendation is this: if a client is a negative person to begin with, they'll find something to complain about. I thought the value for our dollar was excellent. I would also recommend the upgrade to Royal Golden, as the distance to the ocean is a huge bonus! We had a really great time, and I will have no problem staying in Bahia Principe resorts in other locations after my experience here. I am thinking maybe Jamaica next year!!! Thank you for the gift card, we really appreciated receiving it! A friend of mine is looking for a good travel agent, so I gave her your card. Hopefully you hear from her. They are thinking of going to Belize next year! ”
- Michelle & Jason, Gran Bahia Principe Punta Cana
“The resort was awesome...I would definitely recommend Couples Negril. The rooms, food and service were all excellent! It was also very romantic for honeymooners or couples in general. Thanks for planning a great honeymoon for us! ”
- Derek and Katrina, Couples Negril
“I booked a vacation package with Wendy Davidson and was pleased with every aspect of it. The vacation went smoothly and was top notch all the way. I would definitely book with her again. She was very helpful and supportive as well as great service from the start to following up on my return. The company that she booked the package with was an exellent choice and very reputable. I would highly reccomend her services to anyone!”
- D. Watson of High River, Alberta
“I've been meaning to drop you a line for a while to thank you for all the care you've taken in booking holidays for me. Actually, it's never just "booking" with you ... even after I'm booked you're constantly checking for (and often finding) some offer that sweetens the deal for me. I never worry that I could have found a better price. It's also your superior knowledge of the airports, the cities, the cruiseships, the hotels ... I couldn't believe when you told me which line was quicker at the Miami airport! And it's that attention to every last detail I've really come to love and count on. Your meticulous instructions (both verbal and written) about customs, visas, insurance, baggage, check-ins, "watch-out-fors" and the dreaded "what-ifs" have been a tremendous value to me and my family. I have sailed through so many lines quickly and effortlessly while other travelers have been delayed and bewildered by some unknown local form requirement or obscure baggage restriction. Anyway - all of that to say thank you Diann. You really are the BEST!”
- Christine W
“Hey Diann - once again we had a superb vacation. A special thank you for arranging the great location for our room.”
- Amy S
“I'm so pleased with everything! We had a great time”
- Sunita J
“Our honeymoon was off the charts incredible. I am so glad we hooked up as I really doubt I would have been able to do any of this on my own. The resort was perfect and exactly what we wanted. Great job and thanks so much.”
- Cathy & Rob N
“Taken from her blog located at So... I emailed our travel agent, the wonderful Lois Barbour, and she gave us a ridiculous package deal. For all the wonders of the Internet, there still isn't anything that replaces a travel agent. Sure, it's quick and easy to book your flights online and it's great for that, but when you want more, they KNOW stuff - they have insider tricks. ”
- Carman Thiessen - Las Vegas, July 09

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