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“You were the best with helping plan our trip and I would recommend you any time! ”
- Bethanie
“Hi Erin :) Thanks for the card. That was very nice of you. The wedding was amazing! It was more than I had ever imagined. We all had a great time. It was so stress free. Destination is the way to go. I met with Barb on the second day, picked out my flowers, picked out the menu....DONE! For many it was their first tropical vacation.....they now have the travel bug and want to go back. We are definitly wanting to go back..even to the same resort. The staff were wonderful, very welcoming. I have attached a few pictures to share with you. Everyday that we were there, it rained in the morning for max 15 minutes and was partly cloudy, but very hot....on the day of the wedding,not a drop of rain fell or cloud in the sky. :) Thanks for all your help getting everyone organized for their trip. Much appreciated. We are looking at doing our honeymoon next spring...we will keep you posted. :) ”
- Cuba Wedding Couple 2012
“It was such a great experience dealing with CJ travel, booking everything was so easy and they were so informative! They responded quickly to emails and any questions or concerns we may have had. They even checked in after the trip to see how things went! I will recommend to family and friends to book through this company as they won't be disappointed! Thanks again! Amazing experience Rebecca”
- Rebecca
“We had a great week. We loved the resort. Our guests raved about the food, the staff and the beach! Our wedding day was perfect. I love Jamaica! Ya mon, will definitely be back. We had one of the best weeks of our lives!! Thanks for all you've done to make that possible!”
- Tandy
“Congratulations, Corry, on winning the Reader's Choice Awards spot again, this time by Orillia Today readers!!! Bob”

“Awesome, Michelle, We are excited, and deeply grateful to have your help. I hope to send you an email in the next 48 to 72 hours to update any details of our experience. Enjoy, ”
- N.K.
“Good Morning Michelle. Cuba was paradise. I can’t thank you enough for all your planning and arranging our trip. The resort we stayed at was beautiful. We were not lacking for anything. Most people said that the food is pretty bland to even take your own salt. The food was very good, and they had all the spices you needed. As for alcohol, everyone said that you can only get rum there. Well, you could get anything you wanted, heck, they even had Canadian Club there. Ha ha When we arrived at the airport, there was a West Jet rep standing outside to direct you to your bus. Very organized. Not crowded at all like Mexico was. Our room was a suite. We never asked for an upgrade, that is what they gave us. It was beautiful. The golf was okay, but a little expensive for the course. Of course it was free with our stay, but to rent the golf clubs was $55.00 each, and the golf cart rental was $30.00 each. I think if they maintained their course a bit better, it would have been worth it. If you take your own clubs, then $30.00 for the cart is a very good price. You have to take a cart, you cannot walk the course. We never seen any armed guards anywhere, just very friendly Cubans. When you look Cuba up on the internet, you read all sorts of stuff that kind of scares you about going. None of it is true. Cuba is very welcoming to Canadians, and we found it to be a very safe place. The beach was fantastic, and the ocean was just beautiful. As much as we love children, this was our first adult only resort, and it was a nice change. Ha ha I spoke with some people from Sherwood Park when we were on a catermaran and they stayed at a 3 or 4 star and said that they didn’t get bacon, or beef all the time. I guess that is the difference. We got anything and everything, and you could pick which meat you wanted and they would cook it up right in front of you. Same applies for breakfast. All of us enjoyed it so much, we would go back in a heartbeat. We would highly recommend Cuba and this resort to anyone. Thank you again! ”
- N. H.
“Hi Michelle, The trip was wonderful. I highly recommend the Willow Stream Spa. The staff is so knowledgable and friendly. It was the third massage that I had gotten in a month and it was the only one that took the pain out of my shoulder. Vancouver is a beautiful city and I would definitely travel there again in the near future. I seemed to find that people were super friendly. The hotel we stayed in was older (which was my pick), but it was nice. The partial ocean view comes with a view of apartment buildings as well, so if you know someone traveling that wants an unobstructed view, I wouldn't recommend it. I would also like to thank you for how promptly you got a hold of me when Westjet didn't have my bag on the plane when I arrived home! Thanks as well for all of your advice dealing with the situation. All in all, a great experience with you again! ”
- K. R.
“This was the first trip that myself and my husband booked and Sarah Buckler made our experience very easy free and enjoyable. I felt at all times that we were informed and kept up to date on any changes we had a great trip mostly due to the details that Sarah provided. J.Brown”
- February 2014

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