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“Your help was invaluable Dorothy- reserching, planning and booking and then while on the trip being able to contact you to extend our stay at the Fairmont was awesome. I have never planned a trip with the help of anyone before so this was a new experience for me and it was a great one. Thank you again so much for all your help! ”
- Donna G
“We think Lana went above and beyond in assisting us in planning, organizing and arranging the myriad of details involved in our 6 week trip to Europe. Lana's help was invaluable, and we will certainly seek out her assistance again when we travel. We dreamed of a 6 week vacation in Europe to celebrate our 25th anniversary. Our plans were complicated and varied. Lana met and exceeded all our expectations as we planned this trip - by providing all kinds of options to consider, assisting us in seeking out the kinds of Tours/Cruises we were interested in. Not only that, we had these plans that involved minin stays in places like Paris, Venice, Germany. All these stays required transportation issues and hotel stays. Lana assisted us in seamlessly arranging all of these different components. On top of that - the service was so personal. Even our B&B stay in Tuscany were aware that I would celebrate my birthday while there - it was a special evening!! All details were attended to - phone numbers, addresses, Canadian Consulate Offices in each country and an Itinerary prepared for our son in case someone needed to contact us. Excellent service - we would highly recommend Lana to anyone dreaming about a vacation.”
- Stan & Carol - July/August 2009
“"Our trip was amazing. We had a wonderful time in Cairns, the reef trip, the rainforest trip and the hot air ballooning were all outstanding. The hotel you recommended in Sydney was fantastic, very classy, central to everything, and a great view of the harbour. We had a super time; thanks for the great work you did arranging the trip." ”
- Joanne & Allan Larrett - trip to Australia, July 2009
“As always thanks for your help! I don’t know what I did without you? Actually – I think I travelled less………you are just making it too easy!! ”
- Donna G.
“This was a great trip to Alaska, not only because of the natural beauty, but the companionship was really great because we could all share our faith together. I'd recommend it to everyone!”
- Jane and Jim L.
“I had booked a Disney vacation myself online in the past, and felt confident that I could plan our second trip this year. But I gave Jaime a call just to see if she had any tips, and…wow! There was so much more to Disney World than I had ever imagined, and Jaime was a wealth of information. She was also personable and approachable, and welcomed myself and my daughter into her home several times so our children could play while we worked out the details of the trip. From recommendations about our accommodations, to places where to (and where not to!) eat, Jaime was extremely knowledgeable. Our last trip was only 10 months before this one, but with Jaime’s help, we were able to plan a second unique vacation, only repeating the things we absolutely loved the first time around—and discovering many new favorites on this trip. I have also relied on Jaime to book business trips for me within Canada, even taking a WestJet vacation just to go to Toronto for work. She saved me (and my company) hundreds of dollars by booking the trip this way—something I never would have thought about on my own. I rely on Jaime’s expertise and advice, and recommend her to anyone planning an upcoming trip—particularly if you want to get the most ‘magic’ out of your Disney vacation.”
- The Myles Family, Newfoundland
“All in all it was a fantastic trip and experience. I would like to say thank you so much. You made it all possible and you were so helpful and friendly. I can't thank you enough. I will definitely use you for future trips and will also recommend you to anyone I know who is going on a trip. ”
- Suzie Z.
“Hi Romy, How are you? Sandy and I are just sitting here at the internet cafe in Punta Cana, and we need to say thank you so much! The resort is amazing. We are so happy, the food is good, the people are nice and the service is excellente. Thank you so much and talk when we get back! Melissa & Santino ”
- Excellence Punta Cana
“Hey Jody!, Europe, was amazing! It was so much Fun!! Being the only girl was interesting at times but it worked out really great going with the boys! I can't even pick a favorite place they were all great in their own way but I really did enjoy Ireland and would love to go back!! Thanks for helpin us out and booking our flights! Very much appreciated! Thanks again:).....London, Europe”
- Amanda
“Thank you once again Dorothy. You have been much more thorough and helpful than I (we) ever expected. The individual packages you put together for us and the additional information you provided was way above and beyond our expectations, and all greatly appreciated. You talk and behave like a valued member of our team, which you really have become. ”

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