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“You’ve been great Dorothy – We’ll be sure to raise a drink or three to you! I agree Mel, you made a great decision in choosing Dorothy to assist us with our trip(s) - she is such a professional. ”
- Melanie B and Rick H
“Hi Faith!! A quick update on our trip to El Cid, Puerto Morales. We had a great time and the weather was great. The resort was very nice, lots of families, quiet,and nicely laid out. We never felt unsafe anywhere that we went, and we went a lot!The resort is surrounded by protected mangroves so we enjoyed looking for wildlife..the area is full of birds and yes, we saw crocidles.There was a small croc in the pond directly behind the resort and we would walk that way to look for him each morning and one day we watched him swim in the lagoon in front of the buffet area. This same pond that the croc was in was a roosting spot for hundreds of egrets as well as other birds, very noisy in early evening and morning, some may find this annoying but our building was far enough away and facing the ocean, so it was just an interesting walk for us.We really enjoyed the village of Puerto Morales. We took the Collectivo several times and walked the beach into town one day ( glad that we had the water shoes that day)We took several excursions and also took your advice and travelled on our own on the bus.You were right, it is easy to get around!! The hugest advantage to El Cid is the proximity to the airport.We arrived at the airport, got our luggage, found our transfer van and was signed into the resort in 45 minutes!! And thanks to your advice, we were aware of the timeshare people. We only got caught once for about 1/2 hr. When we first arrived at El Cid and got our keys, an employee approached us and what we thought was an intro to the resort, turned into offers for cheap excursions if we would go to a meeting next morning. Once we made ourselves clear that we were hungry and tired , he let us go and we were not bothered again. So in conclusion, we had a wonderful vacation and we would recommend the resort for people like us who enjoy nature and do not mind being a bit out of the mainstream and hustle & bustle of the many resorts in the Playa De Carmen areas.Definitely not a resort for the party goers. Thanks again for your help! We will be in touch when we are ready to go again!! ”
- Marina El Cid - Mayan Riviera
“I've had the distinct pleasure of working very closely with Nancy for the past three years and whilst I'm very excited for her in her new business I'm sad to be losing a great colleague! Nancy is the epitome of a true travel professional! She is well travelled, passionate, resourceful, tenacious and cares very much that her clients are well looked after, right down to the most minute of details. With her many years of experience, Nancy is well versed in matching the destination (even if it's not one you might have thought about) to the traveller. I'm confident that when you entrust your travel arrangements to Nancy that you will truly experience a wonderful vacation and perhaps even that "trip of a lifetime"!”
- Jackie Stanley-former travel agency owner/manager.
“Nov. 10-17, 2009 - Honeymoon - Puerto Plata - Gran Ventana Beach Resort This was our first experience using a travel agent! IT was so great to have someone to bounce ideas off of and to get helpful advise from. Lana was a huge help in planning out honeymoon! Thanks Lana”
- Arron & Ian
“Hi Christine Just a short note to say the holiday was great but very hot !!!!!! The weather was great no rain during the day but the humidity was very high at time very uncomfortable in the evenings. You had to stay by the pool or the ocean to remain sane. Again great holiday but I would not recommend it to anyone who does not like average 36 C and humidity over 100%. ”
- Dan & Vivian S.
“"We were hosting a large workshop with over 30 people coming in from all across northern Canada and they all needed flight and hotel arrangements. The task to make all the travel arrangements was made easy and economical by hiring Diane from TPI to take care of it all. She did an amazing job and was a great part of our team. She was efficient with the arrangements, communicated with us on a regular basis, patient and courteous with our participants' many travel requests, and responded to our emails promptly. We gave Diane the budget and she contacted the participants and did her best to accomodate all their travel requests while working closely with us to keep the costs on budget. The participants were in Winnipeg for four days and had great feedback on the whole experience. We know Diane was an integral part to the overall success of this workshop. Thanks Diane! You're amazing at your job!" -Shaunna Morgan, Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources ”
- Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources - NOV 2009
“You did a fantastic job of organizing our visit to Lancaster. We enjoyed everything. Thanks for your hard work. What a fun trip - so many laughs and good memories. Both shows were exceptional. Like you, I felt the touch of the Lord during Miracle of Christmas. I felt comfortable inviting our friends knowing they would have a good time, but as you probably have seen, they had a SUPER GOOD time! May our Lord bless you richly, as you continue to serve Him.”
- Bettee and Al D.
“Hi Heather, Sounds great to me! . Go ahead and book everything else though. I GREATLY appreciate all your help Heather! You are truly the best! Sheri”

“We stayed at the Palladium Vallarta in early January 2009 and loved it. We did not take our kids and it turned out to be a fabulous place to go and get away. Service was excellent, weather was perfect at +30 everyday, water was great, tour options were lots of fun, flights were all on time. Everything was just great. We could watch the hump back whales from the adult pool at the hotel almost everyday! Restaurants were excellent at the resort. Portofino was by far my favourite and I HIGHLY recommend anyone staying at the Palladium to go to the Beach Barbecue which was amazing!! All in all it was a great retreat for us. The line-ups for the restaurants can be long, but you are on vacation so what else are you doing? It is a huge resort so some people needed to relax about how fast the staff could clear tables during the dinner rush. We thought everything was just perfect for us but we were just happy to be gone. Best to get a beach chair in the morning or else you’ll be out of luck for the whole day. The entertainment nightly was great, always lots of fun. We wandered up and down the beaches to collect sea shells and even THAT was excellent. I emailed kids everyday and although dial-up is slow and tedious it was nice to have the option, although I may take a laptop on any future vacations! I had one day when the internet wouldn’t work and it wasted almost all of my paid time trying to load and the front desk simply replaced my time card with a new one. I would recommend everyone learn a little spanish, even if it is just to say hello. They really liked laughing at our attempts to master it. Leaving $2 tip on your pillow every morning ensured extra care to your room and extra water in your fridge!! This was great because it was HOT outside. And the staff appreciate it as they don’t make much. I suppose the only things to remember is 4.5 stars in Mexico is really about 3 to us and life is way more laid back there so you just need to go with the flow of things. I recommend a small bottle of hand sanitizer in your beach bag. You never know what you are touching and you do not always have time to go wash your hands. Do money exchange before you get to the hotel. They will do it at the hotel as well, but the rate is NOT good. It is a convenience thing. The resort is only a 15 minute bus ride ($1 per person) to Bucerias and they have an awesome flee market and we enjoyed spending the entire day there shopping and eating and just wandering around. We also did a boat tour of Bandaras Bay and saw the whales up close and saw some amazing marine life snorkelling! Didn’t care for the food on that boat trip but it was the ONLY downside. I would not recommend the hotel to anyone with disabilities or even small kids as there's a lot of walking to do, but for couples or older kids it was perfect. Those wanting close shopping and do not want to use taxis or the bus should not stay either as it is "out of the way" which is why we picked it. Thanks again Marlene for a wonderful vacation. ”
- Dave & Renae
“Dawna we can not thank you enough for the amazing service and the wonderful trip you planned for us. You were there for us from the get go.Your advice ,service and knowledge was beyond expectations. Our time in Hawaii was so romantic and beautiful Dan and I would recommend it to everyone. We are looking forward to planning our next vacation with you. Thank You once again ! Dan and Sara”
- Enjoyed our Holiday!

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