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“Wendy. I don't know where to start! My family and I just returned from an 8 day Mexican Riviera Cruise (out of San Diego) of which you arranged for us, and WOW, what a trip. The entire process of traveling is so much more enjoyable with an agent like you; even when our baggage was delayed from Toronto to San Diego, who calls to 'check in on us and our situation'? No other than yourself! I can't tell you how good it made me feel, to hear that 'you were there for us' if we needed your services (our insurance policy that you recommended, covered delayed bags!) Top Notch.the hotel, the cruise, and best of all, your personal service! HOW good was my trip?? I'm going again next month with a bunch of my girl friends! (okay.middle-aged married women.who need to get away from dishes & laundry!) J I know, that where ever I want to go, and whatever happens, it doesn't matter where I am, you're there for whatever we need. That means a lot when we all work so hard to save for these trips! I will always recommend you to anyone who wants to travel, and enjoys personal and professional service! Thank you.for everything! Sincerely,”
- Bonnie Sproule, Shane Provost & Family
“Wendy: You have been an excellent agent for us and we will certainly use you again. I am joining Charlie and will be retiring in March and Val will be following in 2 years. We intend to do a lot of travel at that time so we intend to keep you busy . Thanks again for all you have done. ”
- Barrie
“Just wanted to let you know what a great vacation we had. The hotel was lovely, beautiful layout on the ocean; food/drink/service were great as well as the abundancy of activities for kids/adults. We enjoyed swimming with the dolpins-think it was one of those unforgettable memories. We weren't disappointed at all and would return there again, so thanks so much for your help, it was a great deal, really got our money's worth and more. ”
- Patty
“Oh Karla! We had the most wonderful family vacation ever!!! The drive wasn't just so bad, but we had explained to the kids that we would drive for three full days - and so when we did, they were ready and didn't even complain about the long days. Las Vegas was something else!!! I'm glad we did it - but as a family, would never go back there. Excalibur was okay - I think if were driving again, we would stay in a hotel outside Las Vegas - because the outlet mall shopping was what really appealed to us anyway. The four days in California were amazing! We did Universal Studios the 1st day - great time there. And the next three were split up between the 2 parks in Disneyland. All four of us had such fun! The weather was close to +30 C everyday - and the line ups weren't just too bad. The Best Western Stovalls was perfect. It took us about 12 mins to walk to the park - but the rooms were spacious, it was clean and close to some pretty good restaurants. Thank you so much for all your work to make this vacation such a success. We are already planning our next family vacation... We were looking at taking a Princess Cruise Line 7 or 8 day Mexican Cruise with the kids. Hopefully in Feb 2011, if not then - definitely Feb 2012. I checked out a couple of them and I believe one of them leaves from San Diego - which would be perfect - as we did not get to San Diego this February. This time, however, we would fly to San Diego. Do you wanna help us plan this trip too? Nicole ”
- Nicole to LAS VEGAS/ DISNEYLAND 2010
“Once again we thank you for putting Vancouver & Cuba trips together for us. Vancouver was a blast . Going to Cuba by Sunwing was great. A great meal and good seat roominess. Although the weather was windy and cold, we still had a great time. I recommend to your clients, that a 5 star hotel is the best way to go. We heard stories about the 3 and 4 star hotels were terrible I also recommend this hotel. but not for a handicap or person who cannot walk. The Marina is a hotel that spans 2 kilometers and walking can be a problem. Great people,great food,great rooms and a great travel agent like you. Thanks Marlene for your support and fast action to make a great holiday. ”
- James & Jeannette
“Nikki Chafe-Gidney Thank you Heather for ALL your help, you have made our dream vacation so easy!! YOU ROCK!!”

“Robin booked a SilverSeas Cruise and all the private arrangements in each port of call. We were treated so well - it was magical.”
- P.F. UK
“Robin booked our 5* trip to Turkey and everything she said was true... We are looking forward to our next custom-made holiday, booking through her, of course!”
- C.B. Toronto
“"Robin has customized first class dream vacations in Cambodia, India, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam for us... they have been magnificent! ”
- J.H. N. Toronto
“I’m really thankful you put a package together for me that I could review at home! You’ve been great to work with and I have no hesitation recommending you to family and friends in the future. Thanks for your great customer service.”
- Christine E

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