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“Thoughtful and constructive assistnce. I was thoroughly impressed and will likely deal with Chris in the near future.”
- Bob V
“Carl, Truly appreciate the personal touches - so thoughtful of you. I always feel secure when you handle any of my travel adventures. You always get it right Cheers, Luisa and Violet ”
- Luisa D
“Kim - thanks for all your help with assisting the eight of us on booking our trip to Vegas. I appreciate that you were always fast at getting information to me and I liked that we had different options to choose from. It was nice to have someone do all the work for us - all we had to do was get on the plane and have FUN! Will for sure be calling on you when we decide to go away again! Joni & Joe”
- Joni and Joe Ayotte
“Kim has organized and planned many of the trips we have been on including a couple of places in Mexico, and Las Vegas. It has always been an easy and stress free process. I tell her where, when and what I would like to do while vacationing and she sets it up for me. Not only that, I have always got the best price out there!!!!! She is dependable, professional and she makes vacations worry free. She will definitely be helping us plan all our vacations in the future!!! Thanks for all your hard work!!!:)”
- Valerie and Dan Skiba
“"I met Kim at a tradeshow back in the Fall, and she obviously made an impression on me as I kept her card just in case I ever needed help booking a trip. Sure enough, six months later, my boyfriend and I find ourselves planning a trip to Australia. I gave Kim a call and we chatted like old friends. She found us wonderful flights, at a great price and took care of literally everything. What could’ve been a daunting task was made a very delightful, prompt and stress-free experience. Thanks again Kim!"”
- Janice Shordee & Bray Hudson
“Hi Susan, We are back from our trip to Sandals Emerald Bay in Exuma, Bahamas. We had a great time. What a fantastic destination ! The resort is fabulous. Everything is so beautiful ! The room, the pools, the grounds, the beach.........! The beach is probably the nicest we've seen in the Caribbean (and we have seen a lot ): superfine white sand, long (1.5 km) and wide, it was great for running or long walks. Very few people on the beach (just Sandals guests) gave it the look of a virgin, unspoiled beach. The water of the sea was breathtaking: a beautiful turquoise blue, very unique to the Exumas. The food was probably the best we 've ever had in the islands. The service was very friendly and courteous even if sometimes it needed a little extra (but they were working very hard on improving). All in all, it was a great vacation. Thanks for booking those executive class airplane tickets: that was quite a nice experience. Not sure how we will ever be able to travel any other way ..........!! You will have to find us other similar deals in the future !! Our butler was quite good he was ready to serve at any time day or night. I had two flower baths. We did not use this service to the full extent but I think if you asked a butler to rub your feet they would! The weather was not great, a little cool and two solid days of cloud but the resort made up for it. They had problems with biting bugs/mosquitos and made a special touch of putting OFF in every room to help with this problem. Age range for this hotel was mostly older 40 plus to eighties. No real entertainment in the evenings so not recommended for people who want to party. Mostly returning guests of sandals whom had been to the higher end Sandals and liked Exuma the best. You have to go!”
- Syl and Gail - Sandals Emerald Bay
“Hi Lois, I just wanted to thank you again for all your help in booking our trip! We had a fantastic trip, and are already talking about going back. The food, people, and accommodations were out of this world…..we could not have asked for better. We will definitely be putting a review on trip advisor! Thanks so much, Courtney J ”
- Courtney & Stephen - Iberostar Suites MBJ May 2010
“Lois Barbour was not the first travel agent we have used, but certainly by far the best! E-mails, or any questions, were answered very quickly and promptly, anything we needed to know we were told, as well she gave us alot of general information so there were no surprises. We are still new travellers so we really appreciated the extra information!”
- Trina & Dwight - Sandals Negril Nov 2009
“Shauna is AMAZING!! She was really on top of everything, ALL the time! If I had questions about anything, they were answered immediately, and she went out of her way and did so much extra research for me to make sure that I would get the best deals along the way, and make the most of my trip. I would recommend “Rock-IT Travel TPI Ltd.” to anyone!! Thanks Shauna!! ~Heidi Smith, Scotland & England”
- Heidi Smith
“Great trip, great resort. Thanks for everything.”
- Andy

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