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“Hi Sylvia. We are back from our vacation and it turned out great. We had no problem getting down there and getting our car, which was huge and great. The hotel turned out fine as it was centrally located and the free breakfast and dinners cut down on our cost. We went to Ft. Lauderdale beach, Palm beach (a lot of nice mansions!), Miami South Beach, Holiday Beach and the Everglades – not to mention shopping and chilling at the hotel pool. We were ready to get on the cruise ship by the end of the week. We got on the cruise no problem and got into our cabin by 2:30. We did our own shopping downtown in Cozumel as we were beached out at this point. Cayman Island we thought was the best. We only paid $10 each for a 2.5 hour tour (Hell/turtle/dolphin/beach), much cheaper than the ship was offering. We stayed at the beach for some swimming before taking the local bus ($10 total) back to the ship. Dunes Falls was fun in Jamaica. I am really glad I did not take the $120 tender back to Ft. Lauderdale as a limo van offered $80, which I talked down to $60 (1/2 price!). We were there 4 hours before our flight! Thanks for the fruit basket and soft drinks for the kids and all of your work for us.”
- The Weima Familly
“Please send any comments you want posted and I will add them to my site! Thank you! Leslie”

“My mother arranged a month long European vacation July 2009 for her and I. We toured through 7 countries starting in Frankfurt, Germany and ending in Glasgow, Scotland...our trip was packed with tours and excursions throughout many popular towns, cities and countries. It was the best trip of my life so of my favorite tours was hang gliding off of the Swiss Alps in Interlaken, Switzerland!!! Check out my flight with the link below.”
- Ryan Muirhead - Europe tour
“Great service as always Shauna ƒº Thanks for another great vacation. Las Vegas”
- Dan & Krista Dunstan
“THANKS again Shauna, you did a GREAT job with our trip! The Hotel was in a great location, close to the metro, shopping, restaurants, it had AC (major +) they were good to us and spoke good english! There was a little garden patio in the back where we could have drinks. The rooms were fairly small by north american standards but i would think average by european standards. Nice bathrooms. They were quite comfortable for what we needed though. The transfer company was very prompt. We will definitely use you again for our next TOUR!!!! THANKS AGAIN!!!! *Tours & Paris France”
- Shauna & Duane Steele (Country Artist)
“Thanks for all you did to make the vacation great! Kathy”
- Europe Cruise 2010 (Italy, Greece, Turkey, Croatia)
“Vivenne ,hello, thanks for that wonderful cruise. I enjoyed it greatly It was truly like a great family fun. would you belive I was having pains when in my hips when I started out? but each day Ifelt better. I came home a new person only it took me a whole week to recuperate from time changes. God Bless you, keep well thanks ”
- Europe Cruise 2010 (Italy, Greece, Turkey, Croatia)
“Nikki Chafe-Gidney THANK YOU so much Heather for helping us book our Mediterranean Cruise!! This is our dream vacation! We couldn't have done it without you!!!! Now, all we have to do is wait, as you have taken care of EVERYTHING else!! No wonder you come so highly recommended :) You are the BEST!! Thanks a million... Ian and Nikki Gidney :)”

“My husband and I recently booked a vacation. It was important to us that we found someone locally to help us with our trip booking! I found Kim and she was amazing. Day or evening I could send her an email or even give her a call and she was always available for all my questions. She tried very hard and did lots of searching to find us the best vacation in our budget and to find everything that was important to us. We will definetly book with Kim again and recommend her to all of our friends. Thanks so much Kim for all your dedicated work!! ”
- Darren and Charlene Henderson
“In 2008 my husband and I had finally decided to set a date to get married. Both of us knew we did not want the big traditional at home wedding. I contacted Susie Sarrasin. She set us on the path to finding the right destination wedding resort. We chose the Barceló Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic for its white beaches, restaurants, and the amenities. Dealing with the wedding coordinator was so easy. We talked back and forth through email, she accommodated some of my must have requests such as the specific flower that was not on the list. Once we arrived we were upgraded to a suite due to the package we selected, and the wedding coordinator greeted us later that afternoon. The only decisions we need to make once we were there was the restaurant we wanted for the wedding dinner, where we wanted the wedding, (of course the beach!) and what kind of cake we wanted! The staff were easy going and did their best to make every guest happy. On our wedding day we were treated amazing and even got to have our first dance in the theatre, on stage, in front of a crowd, with our 17 guests behind us. I would recommend a destination wedding to the Barceló Punta Cana to anyone in a heartbeat. My husband and I were so happy on our day and would not have done it any other way! Ian & BreeAnn Tait ”
- Ian & BreeAnn Tait

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