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“Hey Natalia! Just wanted to let you know that we got home safe and sound from our trip to Mexico! We had a fabulous time!! The resort was great and I would recommend it to anyone. The services and the resort bent over backwards to make sure our vacation was a good one. Thanx for all your help in booking and arranging it!! Teresa”
- Teresa - Grand Sirenis, Mayan Riviera, February 2010
“Hi Natalia, Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Thanks again for your help. As for our vacation the hotel and the beach were beautiful. Some negatives- the food (3 out of 5 of us got sick) and the bus was 1 hr late driving us to to airport we were about to jump into a cab. I know there is nothing you can do about this but the front desk was not helpful in this matter nor did they accommodate our request to have rooms near my moms. But overall I had a good time. Thanks for your concern and follow up Nat”
- Natalie - 3 generation family trip to Mexico February 2010
“Hi Natalia, Just a quick note to thank you for the awesome recommendation. The Azul Sensatori was a terrific resort and we had a great time. The staff were super friendly, the hotel very clean & well organized, the food great (which I have yet to have been able to say at an all inclusive) and the kid amenties easy to access. It is a prettty quiet and small hotel, which was just perfect for us. I would be happy to tell you more about it if you are interested, but overall we really enjoyed the Azul experience and would be happy to return or recommend it to others. Hope things are well with you. Thanks again for planning such a great trip for us.... I'm already dreaming about our next destination!!!! :) Meredith”
- Meredith - Mexico Winter 2010
“Hi Natalia - We're back in Florida again for March Break - arrived yesterday and back on March 21st. You know I only have good things to say about you - so I'm happy to give a reference anytime. If they can't wait till I'm back - have them call me. As for Disney - the cruise was fabulous - we all had a great time. I wouldn't do it again cause you get so much more value for your dollar at an all inclusive. I find the cruise squeezes every dollar from you. For instance, crappy coffee is free and decent coffee you can buy at a coffee shop for 2.50++, we booked a educational session on beer and martini's and it was 15.00 per person for really small sampling glasses, 15.00 per person to dine at the fine dining restaurant, etc. In the end we had another 2,000 in incidentals (and we didn't drink very much) - 1 shore excursion for 4 was included and our gratuities. Pools were small and crowded. Weather was great for us (apparently the best in 6 weeks) On the flip side I would pay extra for the nightly shows - they were the best. Broadway quality - really great. Bottom line - the kids loved it so we did too. Thanks so much for your help. Next year - an all inclusive :) ”
- Yvonne - Disney Cruise January 2010
“Cheryl was a great help in planning our trip to Europe this summer. She constantly was giving us feedback about the prices for the flight until we had the price fit for our budget & always got back to us quickly when we had any inquiries. Without Cheryl our trip wouldn't have been the success it was. Cheryl will be the first call we make when we decide to travel again.”
- Kevin and Amanda - Amsterdam
“Hi Christine, Sorry for not getting back to you sooner, but just getting caught up on things now. Our cruise was great, really relaxing and enjoyable. If anyone flies into Seattle they can use Shuttle Express to Hotels, its like the Sky Shuttle in Edmonton. It is more expensive but really good service, we used them to go to the Pier for the cruise with return pickup. The Maxwell, highly recommend, the only thing is they do not have a restaurant but there are places to go around there. We appreciate everything you did for us and thank you for the flowers. ”
- Terry & Annette
“On August 15th 2010 at 6:00am, my wife and I left our holiday Inn hotel room went to Pearson International airport to clear through security and get our tickets from West Jet airlines. It was fairly early, passing through security and checking our bags at the airline went swiftly. However, our flight was not scheduled to depart until 9:15 and now we had over 2 hours to kill in the lounge area. Fortunately for us Cheryl hooked us up with passes to the VIP Premium Plaza lounge! We stayed there for the next two hours and enjoyed a hot breakfast from friendly, helpful staff. After eating to our stomach's content we reclined in some very comfortable chairs, and while my wife dozed and watched TV I accessed one of several desktop computers and used the internet. The VIP lounge was great and made our traveling experience so much better! Thanks Cheryl! ”
- Nathan and Sophie (Newlyweds!!!) - St. Lucia
“ Hi Sally, We both wanted to thank you for organizing our New York trip. The Sheraton was great, shows were fabulous. The hop-on-hop-off was a great idea. We really enjoyed the double decker bus. Thanks again Thomas”
- New York - Thomas Cook
“I have been watching your prompt, friendly, kind, enthusiastic support and help as they are making their plans. Even the tone of your emails says "I care". They are loving dealing with you and that you have made this process very easy for them.”
- Tom T.
“Hi Dawn: I got your confirmation and it all looks good. Thanks for your promptness. Punctuallity and promptness are almost things of the past, but they are both traits I appreciate. Thanks again. ”
- D.K., Calgary, AB

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