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“Hey Maxxyyy, Vancouver was so awesome. We didnt do to much sightseeing. We just walked around the harbour one day then just did shopping and stuff. You are my favourite travel agent!”
- Shelby - Vancouver
“Mexico was awesome! We had a really great time. We went up to Sayulita, a little town just north of Puerto Vallarta, and stayed there for the majority of our trip. Everything was great!”
- Veronica - Riviera Nayarit
“. I really like the way your site brings up the flights. I don't think we would have gotten anything that good without the site. I sent your link to a couple of friends. I told them it's nice to book through an agent because you have someone to go to if you have questions or a problem.”
- D Potvin - Booking on my website
“In January, 2010, after years of dreaming of a trip to ISRAEL my husband and I at long last made this dream our reality. Since we considered ourselves to be savvy travelers we had decided to plan a self-guided adventure rather than be part of a tour. Two sources of information which we found extremely useful were our HP Netbook, which allowed us to easily access info from the Internet and a copy of DK Eye Witness Jerusalem. We flew Al Italia from Toronto to Rome and there switched planes, and flew on to Ben Gurion Airport. We spent a phenomenal month living in and touring Israel. We stayed in privately owned condos. For 3 weeks we resided in Jerusalem on the very same street as the Israel Prime Minister and then another 9 days in Tel Aviv near Dizengoff and Ben Yehuda Streets. We took two day trips with Ben Herim Tours, first to Massada and the Dead Sea, and the second one from Tel Aviv to the Rosh Hanikra at Lebanon – Israel border, stopping in Caesarea, Haifa, and Acco. Our third trip was by Egged bus from Jerusalem, to the resort city of Eilat. We stayed there for 2 nights and did a day trip to Petra, Jordan. At first, when we journeyed through Jerusalem we travelled by taxis, but as we became more comfortable and familiar with the city we would take public buses, and walk, as much as we were able to. We explored the 4 quarters of the Old City, journeyed up and down the Via Dolorosa, stood in the square outside the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, walked through the Cardo and along the rooftops of the Jewish Old Quarter. We were able to explore many of the delightful neighbouring areas outside the Old City such as Yemin Moshe, Nachlaot, Me’a She’arim, Ben Yehuda Market, King George Street with the famous YMCA building and Kind David Hotel, and the German Colony area. In Jerusalem we toured the Knesset, the Western Wall and the Tunnels below, Yad Vashem, the Israel Museum, the Menacham Begin Museum, went to the top of Mount of Olives, and walked down past the Garden of Gethsemane and the Church of Mary Magdalene. It is at the peak of Mount of Olives that we truly understood why Jerusalem is called Jerusalem of Gold. We shopped for prepared food in the local supermarkets and fresh food at the Mahane Yehuda market (souk) and shopped for souvenirs at Mamilla Mall, to mention just a few. In Tel Aviv we spent an afternoon at the Palmach Museum, toured the Diaspora Museum, wandered up and down beautiful Rothschild Blvd. explored old Jaffa, strolled down the Promenade which borders the beautiful white beaches of Tel aviv. In each of the major cities we rode the free city tour buses, round and round in order to get a sense of what treasures each city had to offerl We never encountered difficulties with only being able to speak English. Israelis that we met were always helpful. No where was our safety was a concern. We had the most wonderful exciting time and thus created memories for a life time. We have produced our own DVD which showcases our adventures in Israel, Jordan and Rome. We have included titles and text, Please feel free to ask Marlene Kosowan if you wish to view it. ”
- Judith & Jack L
“I would strongly recommend Shauna to my family and friends. She was very professional and personable at the same time. She was able to find us a balcony suite on the cruise ship when others I had contacted were unable to do so. Thank you very much Shauna, we will use your services again in the future. ”
- Steve Preston
“Thank you Cheryl for your great advise and personal attention to details, your efforts made us feel very confident and relaxed in the planning stages and the trip was amazing, thanks so much!!”
- Doug and Caroline (party of 6) - Varadero, Breezes
“Cheryl arranged a vacation to Florida for three of us, packaged the cruise, hotel, car rental, provided us with a lot of information on attractions there. Everything went very smooth, our son was very happy to meet Mickey Mouse in person.”
- Alexei and Family - Orlando and Disney Cruise
“Cheryl booked our anniversary trip to Breezes Curacao on Dec 5th. Cheryl looked after everything for us including getting us priority seating "silver service" on the plane. She also looked after booking us a hotel by the airport where we could leave our car for 8days, and the hotel took care of the shuttle to and from the airport. Our vacation was wonderful, very relaxing. Cheryl took the stress out of travelling by taking care of everything!!!! I would highly reccommend her, she was awesome.”
- Larry and Joan (Anniversary) Curacao, Breezes
“Just a note to let you know how much we appreciate your help. I should have known. You were a thorough and expert buyer, and bring the same traits and talents to the travel business.”
- Kenny M.
“We were at Temptations from Dec 6-13 2010. We were there for the 1st time last January, & we loved it so decided to try it out again. You really can’t get a better value on an all inclusive trip south. The place is great! Room check in was smooth, our room wasn’t ready until 3 pm, not a big deal. Room was very clean, the safe worked, comfortable bed, mini fridge stocked, hot water, etc. Not a super fancy hotel, but very comfortable. The staff was amazing, very attentive, all of the service staff seemed to love their jobs; we definitely tipped a lot, because all of the service we got was over the top great. We have been to quite a few all inclusive & we found this place to be top notch. Service around the bar & on the beach in the day, lots of bartenders, waiters etc. Restaurant service at the A La Carte restaurants & the buffets was always excellent. Food quality was excellent. We ate at the Asian, Italian, Seafood, Tex Mex & Buffet & not a complaint. Always lots of food, selection, etc. It is a nice choice to be able to have A La Carte for lunch or Buffet. The reservations for the Asian & Italian are kind of a pain, but totally worth it. You have to get there by 10 am to get a reservation, & if you can’t get one you can usually get on a wait list & they will give you a pager & call you when they have your table. We found them to be very accommodating. The entertainment staffs are hilarious. We laughed our heads off around the pool everyday. A few favorites were; on Friday’s they have a contest called “the perfect couple” (or something like that) it is like the newly wed game & they ask the couple questions about each other while the partner can’t hear, then ask for the answers from the spouse. They do all this in front of everyone around the pool on a mic & the main entertainment guy mc’s the whole thing & he is a riot. Quite vulgar so if you don’t like swearing you might not find it funny, lol. All afternoon Saturday they had a Dj’s outdoor patio party, it was excellent. Pretty loud music, you would more enjoy the quiet pool if you aren’t a music fan. We really enjoyed it. Lots of people dancing, having a few cocktails, etc. Also, a lot of topless & thongs, if you are prudish, you probably wouldn’t like it, lol. Night life at the hotel was a bit lacking. The disco was hardly open, & when it was they weren’t really talking about it so no one was there, but we made our own fun anyway. They use it some evenings for entertainment shows, but they aren’t usually all night, & most nights they were closed after. A few times they were playing music & we went in, but it was dead. We hung out a lot at the Pati O Lounge. It was quite fun. They had a video/DJ party one night it was excellent. The other nights they usually had bands. They usually shut the music off around 1 am, but people could stay later, some nights very late. While we were there my husband had a severe asthma attack. He was having a hard time breathing. We were very scared & not sure how things would go if we needed medical attention & were in Mexico. It was amazing care! I went to the front desk & informed them what was happening & they put me in touch with the concierge right away & he said they could call a doctor & have him visit the hotel for $100US. My husband felt ill enough that he wanted to call the doctor, he was starting to really struggle to breath. I spoke to the doctor on the phone within 5 minutes & explained what was happening; he said he would be there in 20 mins. He was at our door in 15. Right away, I knew he was going to help us. He came in the room with a black medical bag fully equipped, gloves, medications & new sterile equipment. He listened to my husbands breathing & said he had to give him 2 shots. One to help him breathe (steroids) & one for pain etc. Within 30 seconds of injecting the 1st shot, my husband could tell he was starting to be able to breathe again. The doctor stayed with my husband for 20-30 minutes to make sure he was ok, checked him all over again & told him that he was going to be ok. I got a receipt from him; the shots were $50, so total $150. He gave me 4 prescriptions & told me I could fill them at the 24 hr pharmacy across the street. It was literally right across the street. I got everything we needed (except for one thing a treatment inhaler, that I almost had to go to another pharmacy for, but a friend had brought one with him by chance & didn’t need it, & gave it to us, thanks Gary! G1) The drugs were $100. All of which will be covered. Anyway, in the end a horrible experience worked out amazing. He actually got better care than if he was home. The hotel handled everything amazing, & the doctor was outstanding. His name was Dr Tores, & he was amazing. My only complaint was when I came up to my room in the afternoon my maid had left the door wide open & was nowhere to be found. About 5 mins later she came up & said she did not speak English. The left open door really upset me, anyone could have cleaned out our belongings with ease. But, all in all, my review = you gotta try this resort! We took 2 friends with us this time & they are already thinking of going back in the spring. Loved it! ”

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