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“Seeing this snow reminded me of what you did to get us out of here next week & that I did not thank you! So………….Thanks! will toast you with a drink or two(haha) & when we get back will let you know how it went! Cheers!”
- Val Matthews
“Wow! What an amazing place!! The weather was great and the resort grounds were incredible! The food at both buffets and all 3 a la cartes were always excellent with a great selection. We managed to get reservations to a la cartes on christmas eve and christmas day so that was a bonus. The nightly entertainment was very good and all the staff at the resort were so friendly. The beach is a little small as it is basically a gulf cove but it was fine for us!The whole family cannot wait to go back! It is outstanding. I cannot imagine anyone not liking it. The service is just outstanding and quality of food is amazing. The beach is not that big and there are some stairs that the odd person with knee problems was complaining about but we would certainly go back - TOMORROW. Very sad to leave. I could write forever. Yoga on the beach in the morning with an added bit of a hands on back massage. Lots of kids activities and the shows we really cute in the evening. ”
- Barcelo Karmina Palace in Manzanillo Joaane Holt.
“I was planning a trip to go out west over during the Christmas season. I had Cheryl take care of all my travel arrangements including plane tickets, finding the best deal on car rentals and finding a hotel for us to stay. Being the Christmas season, the hotels were all booked up, but Cheryl worked very hard to find a hotel arrangement that worked well for us. Her experience as a traveler gave us some helpful tips when we had decisions to make. I found Cheryl both professional and very patient. Not being a seasoned traveler myself, I asked a lot of questions that most people probably know, but she answered them all very efficiently and politely. Everything went smoothly from the planning stage right through to our arrival back home. We had a wonderful trip. Thanks Cheryl !!!”
- Louann and daughter - Calgary
“Roy planned our Italy trip for our 30th anniversary. He was great. What a fantastic vacation. We would highly recommend him. ”
- Frank and Barb Zarboni
“We were looking all over the place for information for our destination wedding. Roy did all of the research for us and forwarded all of the information so that we could make the best decisions. What a great help. ”
- M.D.
“Hey Shauna, We made it back and had a great time. We want to Thank you for all you did to make our trip as pleasant and worry free as possible. Everything worked great. Flights and hotels were all bang on. We can’t Thank you enough for catching the “free” Disney Dining plan for us, we ‘cleaned’ up on that deal saving about $150-$200 for every buffet we ate at and I think our last count was 5 character buffets. The kids still love their Disney characters and we like the bill that comes at the end that says $0.00 !! The Disney Port Orleans Riverside was a great, quiet hotel with lots of amenities for us and the kids. We liked being able to take the riverboat to Downtown Disney instead of driving or taking the bus. Our hotel in St. Pete’s beach was picture perfect. Once the weather warmed up we enjoyed some well deserved RnR on the beach and in the pool. The Sandpiper is great with being able to access both of its resorts and there are lots of restaurants to choose from in the area. (We highly recommend “Crabby Bills”, a picnic type atmosphere with speedy, great and generous portions of food). Thanks again for all the hard work you did to prepare for us a great family holiday. I will send some pictures once I get organised !! Geoff and Glenda Bacchus and kids. ”
- Bacchus Family - Disney
“Hey Max! Thanks for booking my flights for me! I didn't even know that Prince George had an airport!”
- Sharlene - British Columbia
“LOVING the cruise... tons of fun and with great friends... its a good life. The weather has been incredible and the panama canal was unbelievable!! Thanks Max!”
- Colleen - Panama Canal Cruise
“We're back!!!!! 14 wonderful days on a ship and lots of fun with 6 great friends, life is pretty darn good. The Panama Canal is an amazing trip! Thanks Maxine for all your work on this trip, you've done good!!”
- Cathie - Panama Canal Cruise
“Maxine has now booked my two vacations this year and both were fun and stress free! When we went to mexico we had airport transportation to our hotel making it easy to find where we were going. When we got to the hotel everything went smooth and we were able to start our vacation! Leaving the hotel back to the airport we also had a complimentary vehicle. It was so nice to not have to worry about finding a cab and paying extra fee's to get to and from the hotel. Our second vacation to LA was also very smooth. We did have to find our own transportation to the hotel but it was very easy to do. When we got to our hotel we were very inpressed. Check in was easy adn the rooms were fabulous. Maxine also helped us with all of our activities before we left on the trip, getting us better deals then if we would have bought all our tickets in LA. We did a medieval dinner (i highly recomend!), we did disney- we paid for 3 days there and got 5, since our hotel was only a block away from disney it was very useful. We also did universal and a hollywood tour of the stars homes and the shopping outlets. It was a great holiday and it is so nice have all of the tickets we needed before hand. If your looking for a true STRESS free vacation.... book with max!! She will spend hours upon hours making sure you are going to have the best vacation, Thanks Max!”
- Kat - Puerta Vallarta and Disneyland

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