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“PARIS FRANCE, LOURDES, FRANCE AND ROME, ITALY DECEMBER 2010. Thank you very much for planning this trip. My mother and sister and I made a pilgrimage to Lourdes, France and to Rome, Italy. Our trip to Lourdes, France was superb. The hotel was very quaint and the hospitality outstanding in Lourdes. The train ride from Paris to Lourdes was filled with beautiful scenery from end to end. The Pyrenese Mountains are magnificent. The shrine in Lourdes is something to behold. We were speechless to its beauty. There are not enough words to describe the beauty and the history of Rome. From the Coliseum to the Vatican Museum, we were in awe. We made two side bus trips to Capri and to Pompeii, Italy. Again, the beauty and the history was magnificent. Thanks Joanne for arranging a trip we will never forget.”
- Tessi and Maxine Stoppa and Barb Denis
“Hi Carole! I had a WONDERFUL time!! Thank you for all of your help in getting me booked in with such short notice!! I think I'll be hooked on winter vacations now! Thank you again, so so much! ”
- Pamela K. - Barcelo Karmina Palace in Manzanillo
“Thanks for booking my flight! You found it for a much better price and with a better itinerary than I was able to!”
- Jeana - Australia
“Hi Sam! – just wanted to let you know that we had a great time at the Ocean Coral in the Mayan Riviera! – the resort was more than we expected – weather was great – a totally relaxing atmosphere – would definitely recommend – even to our friends! Thanks so much, as always, for making our trip smooth! Cheers – Val & Joe”
- Val & Joe
“Hi Joanne, We had an amazing trip - things are a little hectic now that we're back, but it was worth it! The kids (who am I kidding ... all of us) had a ton of fun on the waterslides. The food was great. The theatre shows that they have 4 nights a week were amazing - all put on by the staff at the resort and family-oriented. I would definitely recommend this resort to others - with or without kids! Thanks again for finding it for us - we all enjoyed it. ”
- Shannon - Sea Adventures - Cancun
“Aloha! We're back from our trip to Hawaii. We were happy with our United Airlines flight. There were no delays and the flights were bang on time and our luggage wasn't lost which was nice. We have heard of some lost baggage and delays lately with Air Canada flights. We were pleased with the Marriot hotel as well. They have extra perks which we appreciated. Courtesy freezies at the poolside, free use of their massage chairs, we were also able to store our luggage in their lockers on our last day after check out. At the end of the day we were given access to their courtesy hotel room for 1 hour where we could have a shower and freshen up before our flight home, that was a nice feature. Good hotel. Our trip was nice. One week wouldn't have been long enough so we were glad with the 14 days. The first week it rained for 4 days but we did have some nice weather. I enjoyed seeing all the trees, hedges and shrubs in bloom. Just the vastness of the trees is something to see. Majestic! Anyway, we got back Friday afternoon and we're still adjusting our bodies back to a routine. Still tired! Thanks again, Tracey P”
- Tracey P
“Good morning Dawn, We would like to thank-you for the service you provided and the recommendation to the Royal Plantation! WOW...!!! We loved our vacation. The resort was amazing. The service, view, meals, and comfort were truly perfect. I was a little uncertain if it would be too formal, not at all, we were both very comfortable there. Other customers may have that same thought, please let them know otherwise. Thank-you again for helping us have a wonderful 20th anniversary! Shawna and Bill”
- Shawna & Bill, Edmonton, AB
“Kelly We had a great trip the weather was superb, the hotel and food were very good. It is a beautiful area. We enjoyed a few day trips around the region and into the town of La Crucecita. It was safe and clean and a really good taste of Mexico. We both would definitely return there. Thanks Mark ”
- Las Brisas Huatulco in Huatulco Mark Shepherd
“Carl, We received the travel information package that you mailed to us. It is a pleasure to have courteous and professional service. Thank you for your prompt response and your help. ”
- Justine and Earl
“We have received your package which included the Travel Documents and all the great information in a cute little special ....makes it so personal... love it. Thanks again for everything. ”
- Claire P.

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