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“Thanks to our fabulouso travel agent Shirley Noel of TPI...This was our 5th time back to Huatulco. And once again she made sure all went well for us to be able to go to Our home away from home. We have made many Wonderful friends with local families . The Barcelo once again provided us with EXCELLENT serviice!! All staff where friendly and courteous. The Bay tour never gets boring , something new to see every year!!! Thanks again Tony and Charlie....Do Not be afraid to go with the Beach guys . They are GREAT!! Better then any hotel tour for sure!! The rooms are immaculatley cleaned, lots of hot water in huge tub/showers.Yes it is an older building but very well kept...Lots of palapas and shade...The buffets are well stocked lots to choose from . Something for EVERY taste!!.. The ala carte' restaurants are a nice change as well, to break up the week. But do not worry about wandering into either town for dinner . We have found some wondeful places and have NEVER gotten sick eating ANYWHERE!!...away from the resort. Beach shopping is always fun and you can always find a deal.. Pepe and Sergio are Fabulous for haggling .. I always find something... get a few braids.. and a few trinkets ...wooden spoons ..combs.... Its why we are there ...most vendors speak enough english to understand what you want or need... Just please be polite... if not interested ,a ... ' No gracias" is all that is needed...This is not a party place .. NOTHING like Cancun ... if thats what your are looking for .. SORRY!!! .. Everything is quiet early...But tthats what we enjoy.... Beautiful Sunrises, we are early is on by main lobby which was also very nice!!”
- Marcella Gawryluk
“Thank you for all your hard work to ensure our holiday was the best ever! Hope you'll join us next year!!”
- Andrea S. - Beaches Turks & Caicos
“After spending two weeks and countless hours, scouring travel sites for a deal, Dorothy came to my rescue. I thank you for all your very professional and thorough service. I would not hesitate to use your services again and recommend you to others.”
- Heather H.
“Dear Coreen, Thank you so much for helping us put together our vacation. It all started with a phone call from Lyle and after getting some basic details you had ideas. It was great to get options for accommodations and to make a decision from just a few instead of being overwhelmed with a lot of choices. We appreciated the booking of any extras we wanted such as the lei greeting, car rental and our Pearl Harbor excursion. You paid attention to the "small print" for us and made me aware of what to do before heading overseas in regards to getting into our condo unit and about making arrangements for late checkout. You made it very simple for us to just go and enjoy our holiday - that is worth a lot to us. We had a fabulous time. Your web site was a great source of information about what there was to do on Maui once we got there, with the option of pre-booking if we wanted to do so. Maui is gorgeous. Our stay at the Grand Champions Condos in Wailea suited our family. We were fine with not having beachfront and enjoyed the quiet atmosphere; it was our home away from home for a couple weeks. I was reassured with your phone call the day before we headed out and knew that you were only a phone call away if anything came up. Thank you, Coreen! We will not hesitate to book through you for our next escape. Lyle & Linda ”
- Linda & Lyle Wilson & Family
“Hi Coreen Just a note to thank you for arranging our trip to Montreal. We enjoyed the tours you set up for us, everything went very well including the car rental for St. Jean. Our hotel in Montreal was great, we could walk to a lot of the sights in the downtown area. We had a great week. Thanks again Mary”
- Mary & Donald Mckibbin
“Thanks again for organizing the trip for us and going the extra mile to make it a wonderful experience.”
- Mike T.
“We booked our family vacation with Carine Taylor this year for the first time and were thrilled with the service she provided. She is simply the best travel agent we have ever used. Her personal committment and attention to detail are phenomenal. Thanks to her efforts we enjoyed a fabulous vacation that went very smoothly. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.”
- Michelle M - Beaches Turks & Caicos
“Hi Marilyn, Sad to say I am back from Santa Clara...our trip was awesome! The weather was great, no rain...resort was very nice and spotless...beach was amazing...the best beach I have been to yet...the only complaint about the beach would be that there were jellyfish...a couple of days were pretty bad but the other days there didn't seem to be that many. The food was good for Cuba although I tend to stick to the basics. The bus ride from the airport was about 1 hr 45 mins...some people thought it was long, glad it was daylight going to and from as there is a lot to see and the tour guide did a good job so it really didn't seem that bad...there is a small market there, not as much variety as the one in Varadero but good enough...The Barcelo Cayo was probably the nicest I have been to in Cuba, I went to Barcelo Marina Palace in Veradero and doesn't even come close to the one in Santa Maria. Anyway I just wanted to let you know how things went...funny I am not even back a week and thinking ahead to maybe getting a great deal in Apr...LOL ”
- FEB 2011 - SANTA CLARA - CUBA - Barcelo Cayo Santa Maria
“We just want to express our thanks for booking that wonderful holiday for us, we could not have had a better time. It is quite an impressive complex. The whole complex was clean clean clean, beautifully landscaped, food really good, huge variety, fantastic snorkelling...”
- Pam and Jim - Mayan, Barcelo Maya Caribe
“Thank you Dorothy for the detailed & professional service. You were a delight to deal with. Would highly recommend you to any of our friends & family.”
- Claire P.

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