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“Hi Marilyn We had a great time in Jamaica! The weather was perfect really. We had rain one night for about 15 minutes. The rest of the week was sunny and high 20's! The driving is a little crazy! We loved the resort. It was a beautiful setting. We've found we prefer the smaller resorts. It had everything we needed though. The food was really good. We had our own section of beach which was never crowded since the resort was small. There were lots of larger resorts down the beach and their beaches were much more crowded. The rooms were nice. The staff were amazing. They were so accomodating. They were professional yet relaxed and friendly. They all seemed to love their job and it really showed in the way they treated the guests and the way they got along with each other. They always had some event or entertainment at night. There were very few children and I think it's because there are not a lot of activities for kids. It's more of a place to go and relax and enjoy the ocean and the surroundings. We went on two trips. One was horse back riding though the countryside. The other one was a boat ride down the Black River and then a trip to the YS Falls. Both were good. We would definitely go back, although there are other places to visit first :) ”
“I have to stay it was amazing and well organized. We had no problems are either airports i.e. getting tickets in Ottawa or leaving in Punta Cana like some people did. You had advised us what we needed to print and what money we needed. This was great as some people had to borrow money on their way out. Thanks for that info. I have to say I had a truly amazing time and most of it was because of your help with our travel plans and the information you provided. Thank you very much for helping us with this as it was truly a fantastic time. Just so you know we plan on going away next year so I will let you know what we plan. ”
- Darlene - Bavaro Princess - Punta Cana
“Hi Gordon, Just a quick note to say thank you for your help in booking our trip. We had a great time. We took a tour to Havana and it was an excellent!!! Our resort – Iberostar Almeda Playa was very beautiful, Clean, excellent food and drinks and the staff was amazing. It was well worth the extra money. The beach was incredible - or2 km long. The only hitch to the whole trip was on our return flight the Air Canada aircraft had a crack in the windshield. Safety first. I had to stay an extra night and wait for a flight and crew to be brought in from Canada. The Air Canada staff was very good at keeping us up to date and organizing us into hotel rooms for the night. They chose the Allegro for the majority of the passengers. I guess when you have 180 passengers to find rooms for one night, you will not get a top end hotel. Th wing they put us in was under renovation and my room was fine but other passengers had mold and ants in the rooms. We did not have water for 4 hours. I guess the water was turned off for the renovations. The lesson I learned from this was that I was glad that we had paid the extra money to stay at a higher end hotel for our trip. My recommendation is not to send anyone to that hotel. Thnaks agin for booking our trip and let’s hope spring is on its way. ”
- Les and Loranne
““I would strongly encourage anyone heading to Canada to give Janna a call. Not only was her service prompt and efficient, but she certainly went out of her way to help. Living in Australia and knowing very little about Canada, Janna's advice and enthusiasm was invaluable. She also has great specials and travel tips on her newsletter which is emailed regularly. Thank you once again for all your help.” ”
- Kerryn M., Bendigo, Australia
“"Have used Janna's services a couple of times and been very happy with the fast efficient service. Will not hesitate to recommend her and will be definitely using her again." ”
- JoAnne & Andrew, Oshawa, Ontario
““Since being retired we have found that we like to travel with our friends in a group, probably a travel agents worse nightmare. Janna takes very good care of all of our individual needs and our group motto is “we want no surprises”. We always enjoy our vacations knowing Janna has taken care of every detail.” ”
- Rita H., Port Perry, Ontario
““I was a traveller with very specific requirements not usually done on an international flight. For example... I am a smoker and wanted short flights with fairly long layovers. I wanted to layover in Iceland for a few days and then continue my trip. The other travel agents listened to my requests and proceeded to book me the usual way .... short layovers and straight flights. Even after several times trying to get them to listen to what I was saying, they would send me the basic same flights or offer lower prices and other incentives. Janna was the only travel agent who not only heard what I said but went out of her way to accommodate my requests. It took many hours and many days but in the end she found me several flights that were a perfect fit to what I desired. Therefore in the end, I had the vacation of my dreams with every one of my specifics met.” ”
- Charlotte G., Mississippi
“"I cannot begin to say how great of an experience I have had with Janna over the last couple years. I travel quite a bit each year and since switching to Janna, I have been so pleased with not only the great deals on my flights but also the customer service. Even while abroad when I have needed travel assistance with changing of flights etc, it has been so easy to communicate with Janna and get immediate changes without any hassles. I cannot recommend a better travel agent to anyone!" ”
- Kate G., Guelph, Ontario
“Hi Kelly, It was an awesome trip! Everyone had an absolutely fantastic time. We didn’t want to come home…. The Royal Playa del Carmen resort was above our expectations! The staff and guest services were exceptional in every way. The rooms were beautiful, the food amazing, the beach and swimming fantastic. I’d HIGHLY recommend it to anyone. You definitely get what you pay for here. We walked through the Gran Porto Real and although nice, didn’t come close to what we were getting next door. It was nice being right off 5th avenue too. Lots to see and do if you got tired of the beach and the resort. We did 2 excursions while we there through our Air Canada Vacations rep. One was a tulum + Xel-Ha day excursion with Best Day. Tulum was interesting but hot and very crowded (I hate moving along like cattle). The five hours we spent at Xel-Ha were really great! Unless you’re dead set on seeing Tulum I’d skip it and spend more time at Xel-Ha. So much to do there and 5 hours went by too quick. The second trip we booked was a half day snorkeling and catamaran trip with Fat Cat Catamarans. This one was really great! Very professional crew and LOTS of fun. Great snorkeling at the reef they took us out to. I would have loved to extend it to a full day with these guys. I’d also definitely recommend that people take advantage of the 48 hours in advance online check in. You get the best rooms that way as the resort is always full. The system lets you see your room and the view from the balcony online before you book it. If you don’t like your room when you get there, the staff at the reception desk were great at giving you alternatives to move when other rooms open up. Thanks Kelly for all your assistance with this trip! We loved every minute of it! Shelly ”
- Royal Playa Del Carmen in The Mayan Shelly Slobodzian
“I just wanted to let you know we had a great time!!! I also wanted to thank you for the little presents before we left they came in handy! We did end up getting a ground room. I think they could only get one on the sands side though. But either way still nice. We had amazing weather stayed in the shade a lot because of the baby but still got a tan. The food was good. the resort was the perfect size for us and the little coffee house "Mikes" was a great added bonus. Thanks again for all your help and booking us an amazing trip.”
- Hoover family - February 2011 - Ocean Sands Punta Cana

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