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“Secrets Wild Orchid Montego Bay, Jamaica...a beautiful spot and really high class. What I really liked was the location on a peninsula and no people on the beach selling junk. No bracelets or distinguishing of "preferred" from the the rest of us rabble. The extra for the Wild Orchid is worth it, as it is closer to the restaurants, as you suggested. In fact the "preferred" in the St. James section is further from everything. I also liked the 20 minute commute to the airport, which gives you lots of time at the resort. If you eat before 8:00pm, there is not a problem with lineups at the a la carte restaurants. Secrets resorts are wonderful for service and the staff are really friendly. Thanks for your help on this reservation Sam. Regards Gord. Miller”
- G. Miller
“Hi Sylvia! Everything was excellent. The kids had a great time and we relaxed and enjoyed ourselves. Dan and I just have an adjustment to getting our land legs back this week! We may do the cruise in 5 years. We enjoyed snorkeling. I woud recommend these islands to anyone. We did 2 excursions. We did not go into Belize but did a snorkeling excusion on a small island. We had to be tendered in and it was a 15 minute boatride. Grand Cayman is beautiful and Cozumel was our favourite. I would recommend walking up the hill in Roatan Honduras and getting a taxi. People we knew did that and got a better rate and got to know the driver. We have younger kids and were not sure when we arrived there. They wanted 20 dollars a person to go to a beach and then we would have to rent a chair and pay to get into the beach when we got there. We should have done more research before going to some of these islands or done an excusion. We did the stingray experience in Cozumel. The kids really liked this and so did we. Good time had by all. We just may stay on land for awhile. Thank you for planning our trip for us. Take Care Sandra and Dan Mattice ”
- March Break 2011 Carnival Cruise
“Thank you so much for such great service, always a pleasure dealing with you.”
- Larissa W.
“Hi Marilyn, just thought that I would touch base with you concerning our trip to Bahamas. We had a really great experience at Sandals, the food was excellent, lots of activities day and night. The island that is available to people is a dreamland and really makes the resort what it is. The rooms are not 5 star, they are a little worn, however, we did get our ground floor patio that we wanted. The people there are very friendly and accommodating. We booked an excursion to the Atlantis for the day – glad I got to see it, but would not be a place that I would want to stay. We also took the bus downtown to the strawmarket and did some shopping there. Overall, it was a great, relaxing vacation – perhaps too much money but, you only live once right! Now, the only problem that we had was coming home. In the Nassau airport, they did not have a seat for me on the airplane coming home! I do not know how that could happen but you could imagine my expression when they told me there were no seats left. Long story short – they found me a seat by asking somebody to give theirs up ( I don’t know what they had to offer that other person to do this, but I am sure it was something to their advantage). Charlie and I did not get to sit together but we were just thankful that everything worked out OK. I have heard from several people after telling them my story that Air Canada is famous for overbooking flights – but I still cannot understand how they could give away my seat? It almost sounds like first come first served. ”
“Could not of asked for anything more than Lana provided; information was A1. My suggestions to anyone wanting to book a holiday is book through Lana. She is extremely professional, pays close attention to details and assures you that what you are looking for is what she will find for you. I would NEVER book on the Web when I can have someone who is caring and experienced look after it for me. And to top it all off, her prices are no more than web prices.”
- Reg & Louise - Gran Bahia Principe Esmeralda - Punta Cana - March 2011
“Everything went wonderfully! We all enjoyed our trip to California and we never had a minute of trouble (which is amazing for our first trip ever). Thank you for all of your last minute arrangements-everything was GREAT! We will definitely recommend you to our friends and family!”
- Karen & Keith - Anaheim, California March 2011
“I have known Jeanette for many years and trust her knowledge of the travel industry, with her extensive travel experience Jeanette will be the best travel consultant for you and your particular personal travel needs.”
- Joan Aucoin
“We had a great cruise! We had done a cruise quite a while ago so we knew what to expect...........this was 10 times better than expected! The kids had a blast and could probably write a book on how to get the most out of cruise! We are already contemplating next year. Thanks for the help. ”
- MacDonalds- RCCL Cruise - Liberty of the Seas
“Bruce Pickett arranged a cruise for my family of 6 including air hotel, and transfers. What seemed like a complex puzzle to us, all fit together perfectly with Bruce’s expert touch. We were delighted with the experience and look forward to another opportunity to deal with Bruce in the future.”
- Bill S.
“Our trip was excellent. Thank you for making it possible. Everything worked out great!”
- Andy and Lillian

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