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“Punta Cana - Gran Bahia Principe Ambar - was the most relaxing wonderful vacation I could have imagined and nothing was left to chance. I would recommend it to anyone wanting a beautiful beach, wonderful food and the friendliest people I have ever met. Shelly was fantastic in helping book this amazing vacation and made sure everything was arranged and that I knew everything I needed to to have an amazing and relaxing vacation. Shelly provided tips for me, first time traveler to somewhere hot, and made sure I was confident in where I needed to be and when. ”
- Nina, Punta Cana March 2011
“We really appreciate everything that you did for us Shauna!! You were so thorough and available when we were going through the process of choosing a destination! We also appreciate the help that you are giving us as we negotiate our way through the airline drama that occurred when we were departing Calgary. It was great to have someone to call and to assist us in the follow up paper work. You rock!! ƒº”
- Henry Family
- Peter Wilson Air CANADA
“II cannot thank you enough for all the work and extra effort you did for me over these past couple days. It was stressful enough not to have to add the extra stress of my passport. However with your help, and the speed of our Halifax office I have the passport and am on my way to the airport as we speak.”
- Sean M.
“Thank you again for everything you did! I appreciate it so much! I'll definitely be passing your name along if anyone is in need of an agent, and I'm sure you'll hear from me again soon! I've got the travel bug again!!”
- Kaitlin M. - Caribbean Paradise Inn, Providenciales Turks & Caicos
“There is nothing regarding your travel arrangement any of our travel party could complain about you did your job 100%, would use Lana again for any travel plans in the furture.”
- Anne-Marie - Sunset Beach Resort - Jamaica - March 23, 2011
“As this was our first trip, I cannot compare to anyone else but I do know that we had the best time possible. Lana kept in contact with us right from the start with helpful reminders on when to do things and how to do them. Without these tips we wouldn't have had a clue. We would definitley call Lana in the future when we plan another vacation. It was absolutely beautiful. Lana you did an awesome job. This was our first trip but I do not think it will be our last. We would gladly contact Lana Keyes again to help us.”
- Ann-Margaret - Sunset Beach Resort - Jamaica - March 23, 2011
“I love this place!!! You did a great job! NO complaints. Great room, right in the front near the swim up bar. Great view. Great food. Great weather. Free internet...for "Gold Club Members"... Dinner reservations were waiting for us, as well as our keys for our the bus at the airport. No need to check in...just arrived and went to our room. Joining rooms with Steph and Ronny. Thank you so much for everything!!!!!!!”
- Lesley M. - Gran Bahia Principe Jamaica
“OMG, they are both soooo different! We loved them both and would book again just like this year! The food is amazing, the staff friendlier than we have ever experienced, the beach at CSA was perfect & the pool and guests at CNG were sooo much fun. What a great holiday! Worth every penny!! The clientel at both were very different, we can discuss that in person though”
- Couples Swept Away and Couples Negril in Negril Karen Veldkamp Perry
“Hi Kelly. We had a wonderful time!!! Our flights were on time (and served wine), weather was HOT (31) and the hotel was excellent. The kids really liked the snorkeling right on the beach. Our beach was actually the best, compare to the Tulum hotel. The buffets were probably the best I have seen so far-I had a lot of sushi, kids had tons of desert… As far as the A la Carte restaurants go, it varied; the service was great in all of them but the quality of the food wasn’t always what the menu called for… For example, pork tenderloin would turn out to be a cheaper cut of meat in the Mexican restaurant Tequila, but it tasted pretty good. My favorite was the Arlequin restaurant; 5 course meal and very fancy! The Japanese one was yummy, seafood one pretty good and the Brazilian was ok. We did 5 A la carte restaurant even though they say that you can only go to 3. The booking is nice because you go once and do all of your bookings in the lobby; no waiting in line daily…. very helpful and friendly staff. The only thing that surprised us was that they did not have any bartender going around to serve us; this is the first hotel that I go to that does not offer that service, and it is 5 stars… Not a huge deal but we did notice. This place is massive and you would have to stay for 2 weeks to try all the restos and bars… My family really liked this place. I think I liked Catalonia (last year) a little better (except for the crappy wineJ), but that is a close call…For the price we paid, it was a steel! Thank you for your help againJ Can’t wait to see where we go next year… ”
- Gran Bahia Principe Akumal in The Mayan MJ Morneau

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