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“Hi Carole What a great vacation! A big thank you for all of your help in planning our cruise! What a hoot! Your recommendation to upgrade to a balcony cabin was well worth the money. We will be cruising again soon and will be sure to be in touch to book it with you! ”
- Gisele R. – Carnival Cruise on the Carnival Valour
“Thank you for helping us out with our air tickets to Puerto Vallarta on such short notice! You were a great help. Right down to recommending and ensuring that we had our passports renewed before we travelled so that we would be in compliance with the 6 month validity rule. Thanks again for being so thorough, we will be calling you again soon! ”
- Rudy R. & Anita B. - Air Canada Vacations - Puerto Vallarta
“Hi Carole, Thank you for all of your help in planning my vacation. I wasn’t sure where to go this year, but you knew where to send me without hesitation. Varadero was an excellent recommendation. The beaches were just as you said endless and beautiful. The resort was great and just as you described. As well, I did go on the tour excursion to Havana that you told me about. What a great tour! I’m looking forward to having you plan my vacation next year. Start thinking about where you are going to send me! ”
- Terry R. – Varadero – Playa Caleta
“Hi Carole, We’re Back!!!! Thank you very much for making all the arrangements for this trip and the flowers were beautiful. What a nice surprise when we got in. We had a great time. We had great weather and having a balcony was perfect! We did the cha cha, lined danced, watched movies under the stars, watched the shows, ate a lot of ice cream (Niki’s favorite) and then the last day lounged on the serenity deck. It was fabulous! We loved the islands and the excursions we booked. Again thank you for going above and beyond in everything you did. We really appreciated it. I will definitely contact you in the future for further traveling adventures. ”
- Diane & Nicole C. – Carnival Cruise on the Carnival Freedom
“Cheryl booked our trip to St Maarten and saved us $200. She was even able to co-ordinate our hotel room side by side with my sister's room. She really cares about your travel needs and pays attention to every request. Any time we had a question, we would simply send her an email and she always responded right away. We loved our stay at the Sonesta Great Bay Resort. The food was great, the weather spectacular and the people warm and friendly. We will definitely return again in the future and Cheryl's Travel will be our first choice for all our travel plans. ”
- Margaret and Brad Toronto - St. Maarten
“The resort was a $800 resort. The food wasn’t good matter of fact I lost 8 lbs from the trip. The staff was friendly, the rooms were good for the $800 spent. The buffet was small with very little choice of food. The beach was swept by a tractor every hours or so to clear the sea weeds from the beach. Couldn’t snorkel because of the seaweeds. Not a lot of food to choice from but the price wasn’t bad. The weather was great 30 or above. I know the others loved the swim up bar because they were there all day and didn’t leave. I know now why the pool was warm. Would I go again? Not sure because I haven’t gone back to any resort that we have gone to before. I don’t think I would go back but for the money and weight lose which I did need it wasn’t really that bad. At nights they had only one bar opened and everyone gathered at that area. The buffet should be called a buff because it wasn’t close to a buffet. At the BBQ dinner which was a reservation I had one piece of rib on the plate. I guess the local disco was opened to not only to the resort but also to the locals, which was known as a pick up spot. If you’re looking for a cheap vacation and not a lot of glitter then this spot could be a good spot. I know two of the others loved this spot but this was the first time south in the winter. I have gone south now for seven or so times and I know for a few hundred dollars you could go to a much better place. ”
“Thank you Marlene, for arranging our great vacation to BARBADOS this past February. The Accra Beach Resort (Rockley Beach area) was wonderful- we had a very nice oceanfront room. Beautiful beach, with a great boardwalk just down from our hotel. We didn't purchase any of the meal plans (expensive), but there were plenty of restaurants within walking distance or a short bus ride. The local people were friendly and helpful. The weather was consistently sunny & warm all week: 29C during the day, 22C at night. We had some rain on a couple of days, but the downpour only lasted about 10 minutes. There are many things to do and see on this beautiful island. We met many repeat travelers to Barbados. Thank you for all your help and for your fast, reliable and efficient customer service. Your work ethic is astounding! Debra & Andrew M. ”
- Debra
“Hi Shelly, We had a wonderful time in Punta Cana and are trying to adjust to the cold and being back to work. We had nice weather and great service. The food was good and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Our stay at the Majestic Elegance was wonderful. The food was good and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We are definitely planning on going back soon. Thank you for everything ! FYI we did get the travel bug!!! We are planning to return to the same resort next winter so you will be hearing from us! We loved our experience as well as your services. We have already referred you to friends! :) ”
- Helene, Majestic Elegance Jan 2011
“The trip was LOVELY! We had such a wonderful time, and we had excellent weather. Not a drop of rain, and lovely warm afternoons. Our last day there we got to spend 4 hours swimming and lounging by the was paradise. The resort was beautiful, they had excellent food, and the quick service meal plan was excellent. We only purchased one meal, and that was a character breakfast, and a couple of snacks the day we went to Sea world. The car rental worked out perfectly, and we were able to stop at the outlets in Orlando...lots of fun there as well. Thank you so much for booking everything for us. I wouldn't have done it any other way because staying on the resort is the only way to do Disney...or at least the most was awesome, and we would absolutely recommend you and book with you again ”
- Beth, Walt Disney World Caribbean Beach Resort Feb 2011
“Hi Shelly, We sure had a wonderful time! And personally want to thank you for helping us make it happen. The resort was like a Paradise and people were so friendly and helpful. It was amazing! We had ourselves a ball!! We toured the canal and it was very interesting but a little long. Paul took hundreds of pictures. It was very impressive!! Here’s a couple of pics of us at the resort! Yes it really was too beautiful for words and a good time for all! We will be sure to be in touch with you to help us plan our next trip…Many thanks for everything, ”
- Sylvie, Breezes Resort Panama Feb 2011

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