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“Hi Marlene, Well we are back now one week and I am ready to go back to the ROYAL SUITES (PUERTO VALLARTA). Have to tell you the place is beautiful, not too big just the right size. They have a mini zoo there and its just great. When we arrived we got to our room to find out they gave us two double beds, well Gerry wasn't too happy, we called the front lobby but none were available to maybe the next day. We didn't unpack instead we went for lunch then back to the lobby to inquire. They were very good and said they were sorry, but could offer us an upgrade for $70.00 a day to go to the Royal Suites. We went over to see them and fell in love. So we upgraded. The Royal Suites part was amazing. Hue room, full bar, fridge was full at all times. Jacuzzi tub, separate shower, a butler to accommodate your needs. Private pool, bar and al a carte restaurant. Food was amazing, and the staff was great. Staying at the Royal Suite sure spoilt us, having all these extra luxuries. We would definately go back to this resort and stay in the Royal Suites. Even when we went to Bucerious (the town) the taxi from the resort stayed until we did our shopping so we didn't have to get another taxi to get back to the hotel. We thought this was amazing. We can't say enough about this resort. Again, Thanks We are so glad that we found this deal on TPI”
- Diana & Jerry
“Hi Lois, I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for setting Chris and me up with such a wonderful honeymoon at such short notice. The resort was perfect and we both had such an amazing, relaxing time. It was the perfect place to unwind after the stress of the wedding was over. Thank you so so much!! Jodie and Chris ”
- Jodie & Chris - Cancun 2011
“Thanks for your extraordinary efforts. We will not forget.”
- Daryl and Lynne from Ontario
“Thank you so much for all the work you've done. It has made my journey so much easier.”
- Mike from Manitoba
“Thank you for all of your help with our trip and our wedding. We really appreciate the extra lengths you went to. It was a wonderful trip and the best wedding day. Thank you for helping to make the best memories.”
- Sabrina and Chris from Saskatchewan
“Thank you for going the extra mile with out tour arrangements. Canada is such an amazing country.”
- South Devon Group
“We can't thank you enough for all your help in choosing a honeymoon spot for us. It was such an amazing time and far exceeded our expectations. You played a very important role in our honeymoon planning and you made it stress free. Thank you.”
- Sarah and Greg from Manitoba
“Than you for putting together the trip to Egypt. We had such a wonderful time, a trip of a lifetime. We also enjoyed all of our travel mates-many new friendships made.”
- Bob and Betsy from Saskatchewan
“Thank you again for the time and effort you afforded us on our Mediterranean Cruise. We had a wonderful time and appreciated the suggestions on what to do/see and what to avoid.”
- Karl and Dianna from Manitoba
“Cheryl booked a trip for me to St. Marrten April 1st, 2011. There was six of us in total who travelled together. Although Cheryl only booked four of us, she still managed to get all three rooms side by side. Cheryl goes way beyond what is expected from a travel agent because that is the kind of person she is! Cheryl also informed us about very important info regarding the beach conditions of the original resort we planned on staying at. We were ready to book the Sonesta Maho beach when she found out the beach was eroded due to a hurricane! We immediately changed our plans and switched to the Sonesta Great Bay!! We are so glad we did, we would have been unhappy with our origianal choice. We took the bus to Sonesta Maho Resort and sure enough--their beach was boarded off! Couldn't even use it! We all had such a great time at the Sonesta Great Bay. All thanks to Cheryls hard work and determination to make sure everything went smoothly!! GREAT JOB TO CHERYL MUIRHEAD!!!! DO NOT HESITATE TO USE HER AS YOUR VERY OWN TRAVEL CONSULTANT!! JOAN”
- Joan and Larry (party of 6)

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