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“Lois Barbour was our travel agent, and she was top notch... she was awesome, right there to help with all our questions and any info we needed.. everything was so perfectly arranged and our trip was fabulous, no words can explain how wonderful it was.. the best 2 weeks of my life... and everything was planned so well and organized that it was amazing... I would definitely call her again to arrange another trip, as the service is the BEST!!!!. thank you...”
- Roxanne C. - Disneyworld Aug 2011
“Lois did a great job reacting to the impending Air Canada strike, which was to occur hours before our scheduled flight. She worked over the weekend to ensure that the entire wedding party was rescheduled and taken care of. She put everyone at ease and helped everyone through a stressful situation.”
- Christine H. Sandals Whitehouse SEpt 2011

“Hi Sylvia: just a little note to thank you again for the wonderful bustrip. Everything was so well organized and we loved the morning devotions and prayer at the beginning and end of the day. Also the singing, games and the snacks made it more "gezellig" and we had a great crowd. This was one of the best trips we did. See you soon, Bill and Agnes”
- Bill & Agnes B.
“Hi Sylvia : Just want to send you a hearty thank you for the Branson trip last week. Only knowing two people before hand, we most enjoyed the group. We have done "public" bus tours before but sure noticed that the common "Christian " atmosphere to be a plus. Keep us on your emailing list ! from two happy customers !! ”
- George & Jeanette A.
We booked our trip to the Mayan Riviera through Sheila in March 2012 and she was fantastic to deal with. I found her name and I am very glad I did! if she didn't have the answer I needed, she found it and called me right back. I was e-mailing Sheila and dealing with another agent at the same time, and the other agent only found me things when I was sitting in front of her. Sheila (who I never met) kept e-mailing me deals, and she went above and beyond. We were extremely happy and will continue to book future trips through Sheila!
- Sharon Winterink
“Hi Amanda, Everything went great! I wanted to thank you so much for all of your help co-ordinating our wedding in Punta Cana. The first week, everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The Majestic Colonial was great. The wedding coordinators were fantastic, the extra wedding costs were reasonable - we decided to go with the included dinner in the steakhouse so it wasn't that bad at all. We didn't have to book far in advance for the spa on the day of (could just walk in and they were always able to accommodate). Everything during the day just went smoothly. We did use a photographer out of Ontario, but there was one on the resort (Tropical Photos). The spa itself was good. Had a bunch of things done, massage, exfoliation, manicure, hair, etc., and all were great. It is a bit different than Canadian spas though, not for the most modest person! The service was great, the staff was all very friendly and the food was good too. Everyone really liked the Japanese restaurant. The French and Dominican/Mexican was also good. Many people kept going back to the buffet due to the huge selection (the buffet breakfast was my favourite). The rooms were super clean all of the time and so was the resort for that matter. The pool and the beach were amazing. We never had to wait for chairs anywhere and there was always something for people to do. It definitely helps going with a big group. It was busy visiting but enjoyable with so much family around. We went tandem parasailing (services offered at the resorts water sports on the beach) and had a blast. We did a couple of excursions - Reef Explorer - great for relaxing!! No alcohol or smoking during the excursion (1/2 day) so it was quite a break from the constant reminder that you could drink/smoke at will during the rest of the week. We swam with sting rays, nurse sharks, snorkeled, kayaked, had a massage, etc. We really enjoyed ourselves During our second week, myself and Mark went on the day trip to Santo Domingo and really enjoyed it. It went through a lot of the history of the island and the city. Beautiful sights and tours during the day. We did this with Hola tours even though we were booked with Sunquest during week 2, because Hola tours offered the excursion on Saturday. Our tour guide for Hola was amazing (Raul) and I would recommend that anyone going book with Hola, they were very professional and fun! Our second week at the Majectic Elegnace was also great. The resort is beautiful!! (an understatement). It was built in the last couple of years, so everything is just perfect. Personally, I liked the food on the Colonial side more (especially the buffet), but their Steakhouse was great! (we ate there a couple of times). I'm not sure what it was like for weddings. We did notice that the isle for the Gazebo was not as long as the one on the Colonial side. I loved the Gazebo set up on the Colonial side for our wedding, but didn't see a wedding in the Gazebo during the second week. The colonial junior suite was fantastic! It was worth the upgrade. We upgraded with that Holiday House elite package you suggested, so we had an upgraded mini-bar at the beginning: rum, scotch, vodka, coffee creme liquor, champagne. We also got a breakfast in our room and the romantic dinner on the beach. In addition to that, the internet was free (usually $10 a day) and free room service (worth an upgrade in itself). We decided that if we go back to Punta Cana, we'd stay at the Elegance in the Elegance Club (18+) section in an upgraded room. Many of the resorts as we walked along the beaches were HUGE! Like let's take a golf cart around because it's too far to walk huge. The Colonial and Elegance were perfect for that. You could walk from your room to the beach, poor, dinner, auditorium in no time and if you were with others in a group, you could always find someone easily. I would highly recommend either resort. K... that was a mouthful! hehehehe Thanks once again! :) Jodi ”
- Jodi & Mark- Yellowknife, NWT
“Hola Amanda Thanks for the welcome back. Had an awesome 2 weeks away. LOVED,LOVED IT. So relaxing and no stress. The weather was perfect. No rain at all. Everything went smooth. All your transfers and arrangements you did for us getting from the wedding to the cruise and back went perfect. No problem at all. It was a great adventure. Loved the parasailing. Loved the cruise and both resorts. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING YOU HAVE DONE YOU HAVE MADE OUR TRIP ONE WE WILL NEVER FORGET AND WILL DEFINITELY BE GOING BACK IN THE FUTURE. All went smooth with no problems. THANK YOU AGAIN. ”
- Maxine & Barry- Corner Brook, NL
“It was great, thanks for the well wishes Natalia. As a recommendation, if ever anyone needs accommodation near the Ljubljana airport, Hotel Penzion Jagodic was great. The dinner buffet for 8€ was insanely delicious. It was a much better place than Apartments Jana and with way more character (I'll send you some pics). Moreover, very clean, modern, and professionally operated; the value for the money was very high. Thanks again for all of your help and timely responses, they were sincerely appreciated.”
- Adrian S.
“Hi Jaime Just wanted to let you know that we had a fabulous trip everything was just perfect. Thank you so much for everything you did to make it so easy and stress free - just amazing! :)Tracey!!!!”
- Tracey Power, Newfoundland

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