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““ From the first meeting , we knew we were in great hands. Traci was amazing, knowledgeable and helped us and our 25 guests book an amazing 2 weeks for our wedding. We continue to book our anniversary trip each year with her!” Heather Delo and Joe Grant, Halifax, NS”
- Heather Delo and Joe Grant, Halifax, NS
“Lana provides a very personalized service and will see her always for my travel plans as I have not had a problem ever with any of the arrangements that she has made for me. I would recommend her to all my friends and family. She is a true travel professional! Thanks again Lana”
- Brenda - Dec 2011 - London, England
“This has been the most amazing experience we could ever ask for. Once we arrived, we were seated and told to wait for our Butler(s). We thought this was for everyone, but was moved to another lounge with one other couple to wait. Once introduced to our Butler, we were given the grand tour of the resort. We were not informed that we were staying in a suite with two personal butlers! I think we stayed at the Ultra Luxury Beachfront Suites of Bay Roc Villa - UB. The pictures look like the suite we stayed in. Our butlers were just absolutely incredible! We had little surprises left for us each day or evening, and a personal cell phone to call them if we needed anything. They even had a dinner plans setup for us for our entire stay, having reservations made if necessary to certain restaurants for the evenings. The Oleander Room was way beyond our expectations. The gourmet food was spectacular. Most amazing steak we had ever tasted. Every restaurant was just absolutely amazing between the food and service. All the staff, from the butlers to the bartenders to the maintenance were extremely friendly and made us feel right at home. We met so many people, having many couples to converse and share the excitement with. Unfortunately we never took advantage of the other resorts, but we found there was just so much to do at Montego Bay we did not need to go anywhere else. Each night, there was different entertainment; Monday night was our favorite, which was the Beach Party. Everything was absolutely spectacular! This was a vacation we will never forget and hope to go back soon. Again, thank you to Travel Time - TPI and Sandals for such an amazing experience. ”
- Danielle & Justin - Sandals Montego Bay Dec 2011
“Upon arriving at the Hotel (it was around 1:00 am).....we arrived to a very dark hotel, no greeting,nothing. Looking around we were little disppointed (can't reallly blame us we stayed last year at the Sunset Princess Mayan Riviera) But we had to give it a chance, we knew that the hotel was older........but it still felt a ghost town..... We checked into our rooms (we had 3 rooms total) all the rooms were the same, nothing fancy, clean, well everyone but Kyli's & mine our bed was not to our liking but we survived............warn people when travelling to this resort (especially if sharing a room), the shower & sink have NO door, the shower has a curtain, but you basically have to dress & get ready in the room, Kyli & I had no problem and either did my parents, however my brother having a 14 year daughter had some issues...easy to take care, he sat on the balcony while she got ready or she came to our room......I feel that this should be mentioned to other families as it was a complaint we heard from several other guests. We walked around, although it was dark, the grounds & beach looked nice. We went to the Sports Bar for a drink......... We thought oh no, this is not going to be good, again comparing it to the Princess (LOL) we go into the Sports Bar, only place other then the Disco you can get a drink after midnight (no one under 18 can go into the Disco). The Sports Bar had basically the same thing the Sunset did Pool Tables, TV's with Sports etc, except HotDogs, Sandwiches, Burgers are in a fridge, you take them out and there is a Micorwave to heat them up, Nachos are terrible so we the Sunset you order your food and they cook it fresh LOL By the next morning we came to realize that the Food is very very good, this is my 4th trip to an all inclusive but this by far had the best food, we all said that, the only complaint with the food is that it was always cold but other then that it was so good The resort had 2 retaurants that you had to reserve, we usually don't go to these because we usually are disappointed but we heard nothing but good things from everyone so we went.....both were very very good, 2 sittings 6:30 & 8:45 and you can only book the day off but we had no problems, just be in the lobby by 7:30am The beach was really nice, one of the nicest along the strip & we walked both ways for along way...........we even checked out the other 2 Riu (vallarta & palace) and alhtough they were newer, I really do not think that it would be worth the extra 350.00.....if you stay at the Palace you can come to our resort & the Vallarta ...we noticed everyday, at the pool, the beach, restaurants, people from the Palace at our resort, so maybe ours was better LOL.......Kel you can tell anyone booking, if they are deciding between all 3, there is nothing wrong with the Jalisco..we had the nicest & biggest beach front...just the other 2 were newer, so I would imagine the rooms would be nicer but how much time are you in your room. I did notice one thing at the Jalisco that I never noticed at any other resort......if you did not tip the barternders here, we found that they ignored you, infact I wouldn't even order from this one bar...just got tired of tipping every time I ordered a was very noticable maybe it was just our visit. They had good entertainment every night, we took in the show every night we were there. We walked down the beach (approx 45 minutes) to the town of Bucerias, nice town,carry your shoes walk down the beach and then walk up to the town, very cute, we walked through the town and then went to the careful what you buy (price & watch the silver) but it was fun...we walked back, good thing it was in the afternoon (we left about 10 & were walking back around 12:30)..the sand is very hard to walk on when you get closer to Bucerias but because the tide came in, we walked back on what use to have the water, so the sand was hard. We only did one tour which was to P.V,.......we only went because the cab fare would have been close to $50.00 and we wanted to see P.V........Kyli & I really didn't want to go and we really didn't enjoy it but we were the only ones...... Tour was $50.00 person, you went to P.V...........walked through the board walk, went to a Silver Store, then to a market...from there you went back on the bus, went way up to other small town and a vey nice lunch in some Mexican Restaurant in this village, it was clean & good..then from there you continued to a Tequila Distiller...........lots of samples LOL, then it was full of alot of info, lots of history..oh we got to go to this famous Catholic Church in P.V. that everyone talks was so if you like that sort of thing it was me & Kyli well it was like school LOL One tour that we heard was amazing , you went at night time was the Rythme Of Nights......we just ran out of time by the time we head about it, it ws booked up and we were leaving, so book this one when you get there There were some good vendors on the beach (just make sure that they had their picture & license around their neck).........all good stuff & priced well We heard that the staff was bad at stealing in the room......we had no trouble at all, but we were on a beach with people from Chicago and they came back to their room and found the maid going through their closed luggage Every morning @ 8:00 we went down to reserve our chairs on the is busy by then, we never had a problem but tried doing this a few times at the pool (the one with the bar) and had issues with people moving the towels......we heard from other people as well So to sum things up we were pretty happy and I would go back....I might try the Vallarta only because of the rooms......but not a huge issue.”
- RIU Jalisco in Riviera Char Kothe
“Dear Ruxandra Nicolescu, I am Anisoara Constantinescu, professor at Bucharest University, faculty of Physics and, most important now, your first (very first) client at your own travel agency. I want to express my gratitude to you. You helped me to choose the best ticket for my travel to Canada, to achieve the best travel insurance. All these with promptitude and charm. So you made more easier for me this adventure: to travel, at 72 years, to Canada to meet my dear nephews. I wish you all the best for your activity in the benefit of all people who like to travel through the World. Best regards, Prof.univ.dr. A.Constantinescu ”
- Anisoara Constantinescu
“You are absolutely the most pleasant person to deal with in the world! I appreciate this so much! and I will be recommending EVERYONE that is even thinking about going anywhere to you, the service is exceptional!”
- Heather Martinson - Clarke Insurance
“ me to sign up for your newsletter and I must let you know how much I am enjoying them. I rarely read newsletters but I find yours interesting and packed with great tips about traveling.”
- Laila R
“I just wanted to ensure that you know we had a wonderful trip. Paris was fantastic and our hotel, in terms of amenities and particularly location, was perfect. The hotel in Juan les Pins was probably the nicest hotel we have ever stayed in, with an incredible room and pool, great staff and a delicious breakfast each morning. We loved all aspects of our trip and your assistance was invaluable in planning our trip.”
- Graham and Melissa Y
“The trip was absolutely amazing. We had a blast. The resort was fantastic. Totally exceeded both mine and Claudias expectations. We got lots of pictures, a few good stories and amazing memories. I would recommend this resort to anyone. It was that good. So basically this is how it went down. The sun was hot for 7 days, the drinks were strong, the food was so good. Claudia and I got a deal for this one. 5 star 100%. ”
- victor speciale
“The trip was absolutely amazing. We had a blast. The resort was fantastic. Totally exceeded both mine and Claudias expectations. We got lots of pictures, a few good stories and amazing memories. I would recommend this resort to anyone. It was that good. So basically this is how it went down. The sun was hot for 7 days, the drinks were strong, the food was so good. Claudia and I got a deal for this one. 5 star 100%. ”
- victor speciale

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