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“Hi Anne. Well, Trix and I are back, tanned, relaxed and very thankful for the trip you organized for us. I am very happy that we didn't change our mind and try to go elsewhere. The Westin is a beautiful hotel. While it is true that the staff is largely new and still learning, they try hard and went out of their way to help us. The rooms are awesome! I'm not sure if you arranged the oceanview room for us, or if it was the luck of the draw that got it for us, but it was just fabulous. As you had said, the views of the bay and the entrance to the canal with all the ships lining up was so wonderful to see. Trix and I particulary liked the fact that we were able to enjoy a number of excusions to see the canal as well as the old city. One additional comment is that the beach, while not the beautiful white sand of the Caribean, is great for walking and the absence of vendors on the beach makes it a very relaxing stroll. Low tide was also a great time to explore as we could walk far out onto the exposed tidal flats. While I understand that some people had some issues with their rooms, the hotel was very quick to address their problems. The negative comments on Trip Advisor had to be from people who have no concept of what a new hotel is like and no patience with a new staff. As for Trix and I we give this hotel a 5 out of 5. Now if I had only remembered that my iphone was in my pocket when I dove into the pool even that part would have been perfect! That was the only casualty on this trip. Thanks again for all you did for us to give us the perfect getaway Anne. If you ever need a reference, all you need to do is call or send me an email and I would be happy to send one along. Best regards, Ed and Trix ”
- The Westin Playa Bonita
“Hi Anne! So now that I'm a week back, I can talk about my trip without getting too upset ... I mean that in a good way! We had such a fantastic trip, it was really, really difficult coming home, so I've avoided thinking about it too much! :) The resort was just amazing. I would say one of the best ones we've been to. Every little detail was thought of, and the staff really went to great lengths to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Here are my thoughts on things: We enjoyed all of the restaurants, and only missed out on one - The Grill - for dinner service. You have many different options for meals depending on your mood - a la carte for breakfast, lunch and dinner, or buffet if you prefer, or even room service. We took advantage of room service a few times, and they always delivered within 30 min, and set things up quite nicely in your room. Our favourite restaurant was Spice for dinner and The Lobster for breakfast and lunch. The buffet at Toscana for breakfast and lunch was quite extensive, and you were guaranteed to find something even if you were a picky eater! The resort is quite secluded (you go through 3 security gates!), and there's only one other resort which seemed quite empty, so there was plenty of room on the beach. I believe because of the distance from Cancun and the fact the resort was so secluded, there were absolutely no beach peddlers like you normally would see in Mexico. There was the usual "reserving" of premium chairs and palyapas early in the AM, but if you didn't particularly care, there was plenty of room for everyone. The pools were gorgeous, and lots of chairs to be found as well. They even had really cool beds with shading, or hammocks strung over the water for alternative relaxing :) Drink service was pretty good regardless of where you were sitting, but if you were absolutely dying for a drink quick, there was usually a bar within a few metres walk. The rooms were wonderful, and had all the amenities you might need. We really enjoyed the Jacuzzi tub after a day of sun bathing to relax before getting ready for dinner, and the view we had was really nice as well. We were in building 6 and could walk out to one of the lazy river / pools. We were in the quieter end of the resort, which I appreciated so if we didn't want all the noise around us during the day, we would park ourselves just outside our room at the pool, instead of heading down to the beach or main pool. Every evening they had a theatre show which ran about 45 minutes. I have to say, we REALLY enjoyed these shows. Each evening was a different theme / show and we had a lot of fun. I took some great photos of the acts. You were right, we also really enjoyed flying executive class, and I have a feeling we'll probably want to go that route from now on. Once you've experienced it, it's difficult to imagine going back to coach unless the prices are THAT much different. :) Thanks again, for giving us a wonderful holiday. Michelle ”
- Excellence Playa Mujeres
“Shauna from Rock-It Travel was the best. She spent time researching different options for us and I had her check out a lot of stuff for us. She did a fabulous job and was always available for any questions I had. She also took care of any problems I was having when trying to arrange my wedding at our resort. I would recommend her for any of your travel needs.”
- Sherry - Wedding Client
“We are home and had an absolutely AMAZING trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Words cannot express how awesome, special, memorable, perfect the whole trip was. The resort was better than we could have asked for. The service in my opinion was the best we've ever recieved on a trip. The staff went above and beyond. The rooms were beautiful. Big and so clean. Bathrooms were enormous. Food was super...all 3 a la cartes were out of this world. The town of Manzanillo is a special little place...very much "Mexico". Shopping was super fun and got lots of great memorible souvinears. The excursions were super fun and very, very resonably priced. The wedding was so incredible...Mildred was great. There was a wee bit of a language barrier but we got it figured out. Once we were down there we got everything we asked for and more. They threw in so many little extras and the day turned out so great. It was super easy and awesome. ”
- Christy & Ryan - Manzanillo Wedding
“A wonderful, knowledgeable advisor who provided top-notch service.”
- Marlo & Joe - January 2012 - Jamaica - Iberostar Rose Hall Suites
“HI Kathryn, I just want to thank you for giving me the best trip of my life. Nothing will every top this trip. This is much more than I could have imagined. I'm so happy. I'm sitting in a grass hut on a white beach in Zanzibar typing this. I can't wait to see what is next. Again. Thank you so much, I will write again when I get a chance. Cheers from Zanzibar. 25Jan2012”
- Karen S
““Traci has arranged several travel plans for us, both business and holidays over many years. Without hesitation we have referred our friends and colleagues, who hold Traci with the same high regard as we do! Her attention to detail and personal follow up service are the reasons for sharing our opinion.””
- Roger and Cathy Hamilton - Dartmouth, NS
““ Thank you once again for your exceptional service that you provided my friends and I throughout the year. It’s always a pleasure dealing with you for any type of vacations from a sunny destination, golf vacation, Europe and even our New Orleans trip. One of your great qualities is that you listen and consider your clients needs.  When dealing with you, we feel valued and appreciated as clients.  We are fortunate to have you assist us when planning our vacations to ensure that it meets our needs and expectations.  When we book with you, we know what to expect and know that if we need help when we are away we can reach you by e-mail or phone.   My husband and I are grateful to have you to help us with our many trips. You go above and beyond to ensure our trip is what we expect. We have often refer friends and family members to you and they were always impressed with the service received. Once again thank you and looking forward to booking some more trips for 2012!””
- Charlotte Demers-Doiron and Michel Doiron
“Excellent job in providing us the information in a "super" timely fashion. It is Most appreciated. Have trust in your opinions and advice. ”
- Robert R
“HAL was the Best Choice for this cruise because some members of our party were first time cruisers. Dawn Uchida professionally organized the 7 members of our group into the perfect staterooms for each of our needs. She was also able to negotiate and offer special bonus discounts on the onboard services to us! We all had a great time and are looking forward to our next cruise. Service was Excellent! Dawn Uchida made herself available to our group of 7 for bookings late in the day because of all our different schedules and locations. Thanks Dawn!”
- Mrs. Kim Lee

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