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“Medical 1. Classic Medical In a medical emergency while travelling, you want to have the coverage you need to ensure you are properly cared for. Recounting their harrowing tale, this couple was relieved they could rely on RBC Insurance®. A 50-year-old man and his wife were cruising in the Mediterranean when, at dinner one evening, the husband began to choke and became unresponsive. The ship’s physician was quickly called in to treat him. Fearing the man may have food in his lungs, the physician decided he needed to disembark at the next port to get emergency medical assistance. The couple got off the ship in Greece, and the man was treated at a local hospital, where he remained for seven days. Going through this ordeal, the wife felt reassured that RBC Insurance was with them every step of the way. She could not believe how great they were. She said it could have been a terrible situation, but everyone was so professional and efficient. They really made a difference. Claim value: C$13,589.89 in medical expenses Non-Medical & Medical 1. Deluxe Package Sometimes a human touch can make a world of difference in a tragic situation. As this client found out, RBC Insurance gives more than just financial assistance. A mother and daughter were travelling in Hong Kong, both covered under the RBC Insurance Deluxe Package. Two days before returning to Canada, the mother became so ill she had to be admitted to hospital; and tragically, 20 days after her admission to hospital, she passed away. The daughter had delayed her trip to be with her mother while she was in hospital, and now had to return home without her. The daughter appreciated RBC Insurance being there for her during this difficult time. After the claim was completed, she sent a note saying, “Thank you for showing me such kindness and compassion during an extremely difficult and painful time in my life. You were my one true constant during my ordeal in Hong Kong. There were days when I felt so alone, and I recall thinking I must call. Time will heal the sadness and the sorrow, but I shall always remember your kindness.” Non-medical claim value: C$2,034.77 Medical claim value: C$9,682.52 ”
“Hi Loretta, Sarah and I had an amazing time on our trip. The resort, people, food, everything was outstanding. We ended up getting upgraded to the Grand. We were suppose to stay at the Suites but the Grand was absolutely beautiful. The resort was really good, the service was amazing and the food was to die for. The room was pretty good accessibility wise, was spacious but for anyone who cant get in and our of their wheel chair, there was a step down to go outside onto the balcony, but the bed and bathroom were level. The hotel was also accessible, by the pool was pretty good, all the dining areas were good, the disco was good too but there is a back way for wheel chair accessibility to go to the disco and still a few steps to go up, so again if you can't get out of your wheel chair and do a few steps the disco wont be possible. We were able to get around the hotel no problem what so ever, the hotel staff were very kind and made sure we could get around the hotel to the fullest and drove us around in the golf cart if it was far or at all a challenge. So overall it was an amazing time, we would recommend this place 100%, we didn't want to leave. lol We also went off the resort and partied in Margaritaville, and had a really good, safe time there. We also did the Dolphin Cove tour, we swam with dolphins, sharks and rode camels. Those places are some what accessible but if you can't get in and out of your chair, it will be little difficult to do the things we did. I am fit and young and was only able to get around because of that outside of the resort, but was safe and a lot of fun. I will absolutely recommend you to anyone I know that is traveling or thinking of, you were very helpful. Thank you. Jess ”
- Iberostar Grand Rose Hall January 2012
“Receiving Lana's travel emails was very helpful in choosing a great package that met our needs to take a week's vacation. I can't wait to use her service again in the future.”
- Marina & Tim - February 2012 - Orlando - Mystic Dunes Resort & Golf
“Hi Dave Everything was wonderful. The flight, the hotel, the staff and the food was great. Our only complaint was it went by too fast!!! Thank you again for all your help and your patience was greatly appreciated. Looking forward to booking our next vacation with you.”
- Susan and Corrado
“Shelly, Things were great...nice resort and we had a great time! Having been to the same area now twice I will be trying another area of Cuba or another country next time. Thanks again for your planning...I love your service:) ”
- Sheridan, Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba Jan 2012
“We loved our vacation! It was wonderful, thank you so much for all of your help in making it so great! The resort was fantastic. I have some pictures I will send you when I get home from work. The resort was very clean...I would put my empty glass down and within 2 minutes someone would have picked it up! The food was pretty good...I loved the different restaurants...they were all themed and decorated so nicely. They had a beach buffet thing, where you could just grab a pizza or sandwich...I really enjoyed that. The room was stocked everyday with treats, pop, and water. The room was gorgeous, they had a sign on our door saying "honeymooners" and in our suite was wine and fruit. We also got a free breaskfast in bed. I was really glad we did the 18+ resort, there were mostly older people there and it was pretty quiet...a lot of times we had one of the pool to ourselves! The shows at night were very well done. We were only going to go to one but we ended up going to all of them because they were so good. The had the Michael Jackson show which we loved. My favorite I think was the circus one....they had a special "pool side supper" then the circus show after. They had different things offered everyday like horseback riding, bike tours and spanish lessons which we intended to go to but got too lazy at the pool:) Overall I was very impressed with the hotel, we couldn't of asked for a better vacation. Thank you again for your help, you have been so great! I will send you some pictures tomorrow:) Chelsey ”
- Chelsey, Honeymoon Excellence Punta Cana Jan 2012
“Hi Shelly, Our trip was fabulous! All are back home, no lost luggage. For a group of 13 the all-inclusive option was perfect. The weather co-operated, warm with a few drops of rain only occasionally. We felt very safe and children were allowed to walk around the resort alone, back and forth to their rooms from the pool and restaurants, order food on their own. Staff were very courteous, attentive. Food was delicious, accommodation deluxe. The $1500 credits meant excursions were enjoyed with only minimal additional charges for food and water. We enjoyed the spa using credits; services were excellent. Wanted you to know that the Cozumel Palace was an exceptional vacation destination; all went out of their way to make our stay an experience to remember. Thanks for all you did arranging our special vacation, ”
- Joyce, Cozumel Palace Jan 2012
“ Truly, it was one of the best weeks away we've had. We were delayed almost 3 hours leaving due to weather, but that just made it all the more sweeter to be going away. The resort is immaculate and just about every detail is taken care of. The food was delicious ... it was like eating at a 5-star restaurant for every meal. The staff was great and really made an effort to learn our names and everyone always said hello, even the maintenance crew. Our room was terrific, and we had a really nice view of both the resort grounds and the Sea of Cortes, including a wonderful Jacuzzi tub you could sit in and gaze out at the ocean from. We had absolutely zero pressure from the on-site condo sales representatives, and in fact, aside from being approached directly at the airport as soon as we landed, we were never bothered by anyone. It is a very small property, surrounded by 2 - 3 story villa condos, but that just made it feel really exclusive, which I enjoyed. In fact, Oprah's former chef was staying there and did a few cooking demonstrations at the grill restaurant on the beach, which was a neat experience. Thanks, once again you found us a perfect resort. Mich”
- Zoetry Los Cabos
“It was great Anne so thank you so much for the recommendation! Most exxxxcellent and much better than anticipated for sure, since the Esmeralda was a very very smart choice – better even than Amber too in our opinion. Very nice/new rooms, pool area/stone work, architecture, lounge chairs and buffets in Esmeralda area were also very nice too, yet the girls could easily walk to the other adjacent BP resort pools too if they wanted to and all resorts shared the karaoke and disco and theatre facilities so it really was ideal, and so much worth the 60 extra per person for the week. Dave says he would have paid 600 more! Also pool towel service is not policed; they simply replace your towels when dirty and don’t count every one either. Perfect. There were even lots of pool chairs while the other BP pools seemed super crowded and rowdy – with the types that bring their own thermoses so they don’t get small plastic cup drinks. Only downside for us was the fumey tram that you have to take to get to the main lobby areas at night, but not really a deterrent for most I am sure. The upside is that when we took a walk around the property for exercise it was a decent walk since it was so large. Anyways, we really liked it – perhaps more than Magestic since it was so nicely appointed while the Colonial rooms were quite tired. Thank you, Janice ”
- Bahia Esmeralda
“Hi Anne: Just wanted to say that we had a great time down in Mexico. The staff at the resort were very pleasant and accommodating (we were good tippers which probably helped...). The weather could've been a little nicer. It was cloudy a lot and the pool water was a little on the cool side without the sun to heat it up. The accommodations were fine, the meals were pretty good, the entertainment was good... All in all, a good experience. Isabel ”
- Now Sapphire Preferred Club Mayan Riviera

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