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“It was really reassuring knowing that Lana would always get back to us as soon as possible unlike most travel agents Lana seems to work round the clock.”
- Larissa - February 2012 - El Dorado Royale - Destination Wedding Bride
“When you book a trip with Lana there are no surprises. Lana was able to find us a vacation that was within our budget. I would definitely recommend Lana for any of your travel needs.”
- Jaret - February 2012 - Gran Club Santa Lucia, Cuba
“Lana provides an excellent service as always! We requested a second floor room and we ended up being upgraded to a junior suite at our resort! The room was awesome and only steps from the beach! Lana provides the best travel service. She always goes above and beyond which makes every aspect I your trip run smoothly. Lana is always very informative of your travel destination and works hard to find a package that fits your individual needs. I will continue to use Lana's business for all future travel plans! I recommend Lana to anyone planning to travel!”
- Erin - February 2012 - Gran Club Santa Lucia, Cuba
“I couldn't print off my boarding pass and after a call to Lana she eazed my mind about the mix-up which was the airlines error.”
- Linda - February 2012 - Phoenix
“Lana is very easy to deal with and provides you with tons of info on your travel destination above and beyond my expectations!!!”
- Kelly & Shari - February 2012 - Barcelo Puerto Plata
“RUI PALACE TROPICAL NEGRIL JAMAICA Hi Valerie; We all had a fantastic time. The weather was great. A few clouds and a small amount of rain. The service wasn't like we remembered but they all work so hard for little money. can't wait for our next vacation...whenever that may be. Thanks for everything.. P.S. yes we did get a room (to use for our late departure), shared with 3 couples and the other room had 2 couples..we only used it for a shower before we left. $50.00 ...not too bad....Thanks again for everything. ”
“Hi Marilyn, We had a great trip to Cuba. We would recommend this resort to anyone. It was extremely clean, the staff were very helpful and friendly and we did not find it too large. We stayed in the first building closest to the lobby and big buffet which we found very convenient. We were overlooking the quiet pool which was great. We were only a 3 minute walk to the restaurants and nightly show , about 6 minutes to the party pool and only 10 minutes to the beach which was absolutely beautiful. We went to Veredaro twice on the double decker bus and enjoyed the markets for shopping. It was nice that the vendors never hastled you and it seemed no matter what vendor you stopped at the prices were set and the same. They would come down a peso or two if you bought more than one but usually the prices were pretty firm but everything was really cheap.My wooden carvings I bought ranged only from 3 pesos(dollars) to 7 pesos.The most expensive thing I bought was a bracelet made out of a sterling silver fork for 10 pesos.We also did a horse and carriage ride for 15 pesos which was a really nice .The buses to Veredaro were 5 pesos each for all day...on and off as many times as you want. The weather was 28 degrees every day except the last day which was 19....a good shopping day. We also did the all day jeep safari tour which was awesome and I would recommend to everyone who goes.A couple recommendations would be....if you like to snorkel do it early in the week...the kayaks and catamarans are free to use every day and they will take you on a catamaran off shore to a coral reef for 20 pesos for 2 hours (water is only 3 meters deep) . I only found this out on Friday and did use the kayak and was taken for a ride on the catamaran but booked the snorkeling for Saturday and both Saturday and Sunday were too rough for anyone to use the boats so missed out on the snorkeling there. So just plan to do one of your first days there. Another recommendation would be when you take things for the maid remember she is getting things every day from every room she cleans. Remember the people who work and cook in the buffets etc. They all appreciate a peso or a material gift. The last day I took a bag full of stuff we were going to leave and took it to the woman who made our smoothies every morning. She was so appreciative...I had heard she had asked someone if they had any children;s clothes as her children really needed clothes. We took only carry on luggage because of a short layover in Toronto but next time and there will be a next time we will check 2 bags with things to leave. Also on the jeep safari you will have opportunity to pass things out to children on the side of the road after you go through the town of Matanza. We were able to do just that and they were so appreciative even if it was only a pencil. Remember school supplies are hard to get and they appreciate medicines,pantyhose,eye makeup,nail polish, etc.Also we met people who stayed at the Rio a 5 star which was 2 resorts down the beach from us and the guests were mostly from Europe and Quebec and were very unfriendly, the place had garbage everywhere and they were covered in bug bites.No problems like this at La Salina.. Remember to take ant traps in case of sand fleas, bug spray and afterbite... we took everything we read on trip advisor and if we didn't need it we left it for someone there when we left. Another good thing to take are hard candies individually wrapped and suckers especially for the kids if you go on the jeep safari.Also remember your own first aid can leave that after too. We had a fantastic trip and would recommend Cuba and La Salina to anyone wanting warm weather,a relaxing vacation and an eye-opening experience when you get out into the country. There were also carts on the resort you could catch if you didn't always want to walk but we found we needed to walk after eating at buffets. The last 3 days we skipped the buffet at noon as we found we were eating just because there was a buffet not because we were hungry. We enjoyed the quiet pool the most as there was always loud Cuban music at the party pool and sometimes peace & quiet is what you really want. We only did the Japanese restaurant and it was the first choice by all and really good. There were a lot of Canadians at this resort and a lot from Ontario. Our price from Fredericton was not any more than their direct flight from Toronto. ”
“JANUARY 2012 Back safe and sound. Just wanted to let you know that the resort was awesome. Excellent place for people who like the beach, we were only a short walk to the beach which was wonderful, then the buffet restaurant was right there on the beach as well as the little canteen for the drinks and a hamburger,hotdog and French fries was right next to it so it was just perfect for us. The rooms were nice and clean and the maid was really good,first time i ever had swans and flower pedals on the bed and it was really nice. The trolley that takes you to the lobby was not long having to wait for it,they usually came one right after the other.It was a really big resort. There were flamingos,peacocks,and an echo trail to walk through, so it was really good. We walked the beach from one end to the other,we walked up pasted 8 other resorts and it seemed our was the only one that had a a lot activities right on the beach,and we had the best beach out of all of them. They all speak English which was really great cause last resort we were at no one could understand you. ”
“All in all a lovely time and Paul and I both want to thank you for sending us there. We will be using your services again! Thanks Joanne. Nancy”
- Nancy and Paul - Melia Las Dunas, Santa Clara Cuba
“Once again Lana has taken her service to another level -in assisting us with a difficult change in plans very close to departure. We so appreciate everything she does for us!”
- Le-Ann & George - February 2012 - Turks & Caicos - Ocean Club Resort

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