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“I would just like to thank Sandy for again coming through for me. I looked for a week and a half for a last minute deal to take my husband away for a week to recover from surgery. As usual Sandy was beside me the whole way. Whatever we tried to book was already gone because of spring break, what a stupid time to try go away. Anyways Sandy managed to find us a last minute deal and it was a wonderful and peaceful experience. We went to Mexico in the Mayan and had great weather and really enjoyed our stay. Thanks again Sandy you Rock!”
- Rose & Frank Mc
“Hi Shelly; The entire trip was a breeze, flights were excellent, beautiful place and people, food, beach etc... We all had a great trip, thanks for your part..cheers... Roger and Trudie ”
- Roger, Be Live Grand Marien Puerto Plata DR March 2012
“Hi Shelly Great trip. Fabulous place. Spoiled rotten and we are now ruined for all subsequent all-inclusive experiences! Took a while to figure out the best a la carte restaurants but we managed. The place was only 40/50% full so we had the run of the place – people waiting on you hand and foot. Golf was great, Weather was great. Lots of fun. Thanks for hooking us up with this place. Definitely worth the premium we paid, and I am sure we’ll be back. Chris ”
- Chris, Iberostar Grand Hotel Paraiso Mexico March 2012
“If anyone is planning a trip I highly recommend you check with our travel agent...Shelly Monroe at Sweet Escapes travel agency...Email...smonroe@tpi.c​a...1-902-827-2347. We have booked two trips through her. She has gotten us excellent deals and we have no nasty surprises! Everything has been exactly as promised with no hitches or problems! Please check her out...she has a small home-based company and I like supporting anybody with a small business.”
- Mona & Gary, Bermuda trip March 2012
“Hi Marilyn: Sorry Marilyn. Been quite busy since I got back to work and only now getting the opportunity to send you a note. We just got back mid-afternoon on Tuesday (6th). Flight was delayed 2 hrs in Jamaica (unfortunately we didn't know until we arrived at the airport so we didn't get any extra time on that end - lol). This then caused us to get back into Hfx at 9:30 and it was snowing a bit (we were told heavier in Truro) so we decided to bunk up for the night there and leave the next day. Everything went smoothly with regards to getting there and back. We checked in online on both ends and it made it so much easier as we didn't have to wait in the lineups (will be doing that from now on if possible for sure). The Guest Services office was helpful in printing our boarding passes for the way back - not something that they advertise cause they don't want everyone doing that but we tried and asked and it worked. Loved the fact that the resort was only 20 mins away. The people (except Customs when we got off the plane -lol) were very friendly. The wx was amazing - all sun - no rain (well I think it rained in the morning on the day we arrived but it stopped before we arrived). The beach was the shortest we've been on - all 3 resorts had the same beach (Iberostar Beach, Iberostar Suites and the Grand). More sand farther down but less shade so I think we chose the best one. We did have access to the Suites for the Casino and Disco if we wanted. We did go to the Disco on our last night but there were way too many young ones for sure - start of the March break. Dates we picked to go before were great. We didn't get our king sized bed but we did have a great view of the pool and ocean and we were on the top floor. The fitness centre was really good - we both work out before we start our day and it was pretty good - one of the better ones except Mexico that we have been at so far. The food choices were great - had to book the day we got there for the a la cartes - lots of choices but filled up quickly. You would never go hungry there. Glad we had that Monday to figure everything out and then start our full day on Tues. Arriving there mid-afternoon is perfect. Jamaica is so relaxed and the people are awesome. This is the first time that the hotel we were at did not have the vendors come in for a night with their merchandise. However, just past the beach line, the locals had their huts set up so we went and crossed the line and made our purchases. They try to scare you away from going down there but they were harmless - some of them were a bit bossy but at no time did we ever feel threatened by them. We went on the Dunn's Fall River tour - did the snorkeling, catamaran and the Falls. It was great. Got to see a lot of the resorts along the way and it was in Ochios Rios (not sure of the spelling) - that place looked very busy and I think that's where you may be harassed by the locals more from what we saw (or so "they" say - lol). If/when we ever get the opportunity to go back that way, we would go to Negril and try out their beaches - heard they were the best there. Anyway, just wanted to respond back to you. Again, sorry for the delay. Thanks again. Have a great day/week. ”
“Carine was excellent, excellent, excellent. Not only did she save us money and get us better rooms, but the package right before we left just topped it off.”
- Andrew F - Carnival Conquest Cruise
“I just want to let you know that we had a fantastic time in Mexico!! We had a photographer take a few photos and we purchased 8 of them...I just want to thank you so much for all your help. When we checked into our room we had a nice basket of fruit and champagne waiting for us, I'm assuming that you had mentioned our anniversary to the hotel? If so, thanks so much..we had a private vehicle pick us up at the airport as well, that was very nice [:)] also we didn't have to pay for the safe, which saved us quite a bit of money! So thanks again're the best!!”
- Karen C - Gran Bahia Principe Tulum
“Just a few words to let you know that we have enjoyed the Panama 14 Day Cruise very much. It was a very well organized trip and an excellent choice. We were greeted at the Los Angeles Airport by some employees of the Coral Princess and brought to our Marriot Hotel by bus. This hotel is a beautiful one and the personnel very helpful. Princess employees were again on hand the next day to have us transported to the Coral Princess ship. From then on, we found the days very busy and entertaining. We chose to walk on the Deck 7 just about every morning, go to culinary demonstrations, spend some time in the library, go to the musicals, movies, the piano bar, as well as listen to comedians, the magicians or spend some time reading on our balcony. We visited the photo counter, the art shop, the jewellery store and others on most days. We were also happy to meet other Canadians as many had been in the education field as well. On warmer days, we also enjoyed sitting by the pool and not to far from the ice-cream bar. Speaking of food, we had chosen the traditional dining in the Bordeaux room which we found to be very interesting; as we could meet again the two other nice couples who were sitting with us. We also went to the Provence room, and could not resist going to Sabatini’s for Italian cuisine, the Bayou Café and Steakhouse for Cajun food and to the "Afternoon tea". We felt very spoiled at all these places, as all the servers are very well organized, know and explain the menus and never rush anyone. They seemed to have all the time in the world just for us, and this goes for all the employees, no matter their job, on the Coral Princess Cruise. If we did not participate in any of the sports, seminars or games, it is mainly because we did not find the time for these activities. We took one tour as option, to see Aruba which we were happy to visit. It goes without saying that the main attraction was the crossing through the Panama Canal. It is without doubt one of the engineering feats of the world. We are very happy to have been able to see that. Again there were Coral Princess representatives to meet us at the boat and have a bus drive us to the Sheraton Hotel in Fort Lauderdale where we enjoyed 6 more days of leisure. Other things that need to be mentioned because they were of help for us, are as follow: The “Princess Patter” which was put under our door every evening and enumerates the activities the following day. The “Wake Show” starting every morning around 6 o’clock on Channel 21 where more explanations were given. This channel was exceptionally good on the day we were crossing the Panama Canal. We could listen to the comments from our chairs on the balcony. We also want to congratulate the Princess Cruise Company for their “No smoking policy”. And finally and not the least, we would like to thank you Tracy for all the work you did for us. We are sure that you went out of your way to make sure that everything and we mean “everything” has been dealt with. At no time, did we have to say “Tracy should have told us”. We feel quite lucky that La Maison Gabrielle-Roy had this opportunity to work with you and the Company, Travel Professionals International (T.P.I.). Normand and Léonie Boisvert March 12, 2012 ”
- Normand and Léonie Boisvert
“Roula was very helpful in researching and demonstrating knowlege and expertise on the resorts and locaitons, when we were deciding where to go. When we encountered a problem at the resort, Roula was easy to contact via e-mail and she dealt with our issue immediately and went above and beyond to contact Sunwing offices directly. Thankfully everything worked out, but it was not without the professionalism and knowledge of our great travel agent Roula. Thank you so much for making our vacation a relaxing and enjoyable one. Lisa & Jeff, Bolton, ON Punta Cana, Dominican Republic February 2011”

“Trip was really good value for the money. The beach was absolutely beautiful and the Memories resorts are on the best part of the beach by far. Staying at the far end of the Azul (thanks for that tip by the way), was better than the Paraiso because we were very close to the beach where there was snorkelling and the beach was pretty quiet at that end. The accommodations were quite good. The bed was good, comfy pillows, clean, air conditioning worked, satellite TV, mini-bar (although this didn’t get stocked one day and there was no way I could get anyone to come and take care of it till 5 pm the next day LOL) and there was hot water. We didn’t up-grade our room so our balcony looked over a treed area which I enjoyed because there were all kinds of birds and butterflies. I suspect that rooms that did over look the pool area would have been really loud and no privacy. Ours was very quiet. The booze was not bad. We quickly figured out which bars made the best drinks and that Bucanero is the best beer! Nightly music in the bars was repetitive but okay. They encouraged guests to come up and sing or play with the band and we heard some awesome music a couple of nights. Didn’t go to the theatre shows because they were just too loud. The resort is huge but there are carts running around all over the place or you just call and they’ll send one. Lots of activities (tennis, badminton, shuffleboard, pool, etc.) if you are so inclined. Free catamaran rides, short but fun anyway. There is a small shopping market with restaurants and bars connected to the resort. Drinks are really good and cheap there but hours are hit and miss. There is nothing much to buy so if you see something, buy it! Didn’t take any tours but there is a public double-decker, open roofed bus that drives around the island every hour or so. For 2 pesos you can go ride that bus and see the island and check out the other resorts. Kind of goofy but fun. There is nothing much to see on the island itself. We never went on any of the tours so can’t comment. Food wasn’t great although there was always something to eat. We made good use of the a la cartes because the “trough” (ie. Buffet) was hard to take for supper. Breads, cheeses and pizza were really good. People that we talked to who had been to Cuba before said the food at Memories was actually pretty good for Cuba. Sunwing flights were fine. Left Winnipeg right on time. Got to Cuba in the dark but were settled in our room by 2:30 am which I didn’t mind. Slept till 10 and had a whole day. Better than getting in at 2 or 3 in the afternoon and essentially losing a day. We were supposed to leave the resort at 9pm on Friday night but the plane was delayed. Didn’t get out till 9 am Saturday. They just gave us all rooms for the night. Worked out fine because we got to do the 2 hour bus ride to the airport in daylight. Not much to see but you get a good idea of Cuban life from the bus ride because you go through 3 towns. Lots of mosquitos at night that you can’t see. Bring bug spray and spray your bare body parts, even your legs under your skirts! All in all, I’d go back to this resort for the price. ”
- Memories of Azul Beach in Santa Maria Mary Ann Sledgers

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