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“**************************** “Even though my husband and I are experienced travelers who have made four trips to Thailand, three to Australia and countless others to England, Europe, US destinations and several cruises, we still enjoy using the services of Terry Baldwin for our trips. We have never had problems meeting connections and our stopovers are about as good as they can get with just enough time between flights to have a peak in the airport shops and feel comfortable that we have enough time to get to our next flight. We don't go on vacation to feel the stress of travel and when we book with Terry we always feel that we don't have to worry about anything. On our last trip to Thailand, we had the unpleasant experience of having some items stolen. As we had never had anything like this happen before, we really didn't know what we should do from our destination. Since we had purchased our RBC Travel Insurance from Terry (as we always do) we sent her a quick email to ask if we had to try and sort out the insurance situation while on our holiday. We received an immediate email back from her telling us that she had already contacted the insurance company and that she had started our claim and the paperwork would be waiting for us when we returned. How relieved we were that everything had been taken care of for us and that we could put the theft behind us and continue to enjoy our holiday. We feel that our long distance trips require the expertise that only a travel agent can offer. We have had Terry book our hotels for years and we have been so happy with her advice. She found a hotel in Bangkok for us years ago that we loved so much that we have returned to it for all our trips to Bangkok. We were part of a 22 person group Caribbean cruise several years ago which involved people travelling from all over the country to meet up for a special occasion and everything went as smooth as silk. We all had a fabulous time and probably had no knowledge of the amount of work that she did to get us all there and home and have a wonderful time in between. I couldn't even imagine how much work was involved to organize such an undertaking. Would we book our trips on the internet? Not on your life! We want our holidays to be worry-free and to know that if we do have problems we can phone our travel agent and that she will look after us.” Lynn and Murray Flanders Calgary, Alberta **************************** “I highly recommend Terry Baldwin of Travel Professional International - TPI. We have used Terry’s travel services for 10 years now for our family’s vacation needs. Terry has arranged family vacations to Walt Disney World and Disneyland, Cancun, Maui, Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico and cruises. She booked us wonderful accommodations in our price range catering to our family needs. We tell her where we are looking and the services we require within our budget. Terry then offers us a selection of a few hotels and packages which saves us hours of searching on the internet in a full, easy to read quote. Terry always makes transportation to and from our hotels a breeze. Our family are avid computer users and we do most of our daily tasks and work on the computer, but when we are booking our vacations, we prefer the trust, knowledge and convenience of Terry’s services to ensure our vacation is booked with attention to all details and feel confident our vacation will have happy memories. We know that when we book with Terry we don’t have to worry about a thing and if we encounter any problems, she will rectify the matter!” Roxanne Domes-Wilkinson Calgary, Alberta ”

“Thank you Carine for organizing such a wonderful trip for us! Excellent planning and you had done this with great care. It made our trip very memorable. Kids as well as the adults enjoyed it. Thanks once again!”
- Anoop P - Disney World
“Arrived back home at 3:00 A.M. today. Had a wonderful trip with our son and family. Everything went well. Even the weather was great!!! Thanks so much for your effort in making this a memorable trip.”
- Wallace & Lenie R - Disney World
“Dear Sandy: Thank you for booking this resort for us & for rescuing us when we called you the evening of April 16th from the Vancouver airport and taking care of our booking problem even after we were en route as our flight was delayed - you notified the rental car agency in Kauai because you took the time to call them they stayed open to greet us and so we could get our rental car after hours. This resort The Outrigger Kiahuna Plantation on Kaui was perfect for us. It was just the two of us this trip but the resort would also be good for family groups staying as well. It was totally quiet, the security keeps it this way. The reception for Outrigger resort was very helpful, they had to stay open till 1:00 AM for 8 people coming from our flight. The staff that book excursions had an orientation hour the first morning that we were there. This was valuable to attend. These staff were extremely pleasant and very busy. The resort is huge. The shopping mall, golf course, pool and most of the restaraunts were across the road which is what kept the traffic and noise out of the resort. This resort has a laundry for guests to use themselves and also large BBQs placed throughout the plantation. We had a king size comfortable bed and our condo room had everything we needed. The grounds for this resort were amazing, the most beautiful we have seen. The orchid display had visitors from other resorts. Yes, we would go here again and would love to take our family. Thank you again. Greg & Cathy ”
- Greg & Cathy
“Hey Lois thanks once again for everything the trip was amazing and we had a ball with the group. Any of our trips in the future we will definitely be seeking your advice for and I will mention your name to all of our friends. Thanks once again, Brad and Heather ”
- Brad & Heather - Sandals Royal Caribbean April 2012
“Great holiday, thanks Sandy. All your arrangements for me worked flawlessly! I will certainly be back to you when I'm ready for my next break. Thank you.”
- Margaret F
“We stayed at the Gran Bahia Principe Ambar Apr. 18-25, 2012 with a group of 11 friends/couples over age 49-55 and had a great vacation. We found the Ambar section relatively small but the whole Bahia Principe resort is very large. You can access other areas of the GBP by getting on the tram by the lobby. The Ambar is for adults only. The Ambar section had 3 a la carte restaurants, main buffet, two smaller buffets by the beach, lobby bar, beach bar, and bar service delivery on the beach. You can eat at the other a la carte restaurants located in other sections of the GBP. The entertainment area- theatre, karoke bar, Japanese restaurant and shops are located in the Pueblo Principe section- get on the tram by the lobby as its a bit of a walk. Check the schedule they give you at check- in for entertainment. ROOMS - good size rooms, bed was comfortable compared to other resorts in the DR and Cuba - good pillows but the mattress was a bit hard, clean, tile floors and bathroom, large walk-in shower, tub, double sinks, balcony, beach towels in room (exchange was down by the pool), coffee maker, umbrella, mini bar with water, pop, 3 mini bottles of liquor, 2 beer, also 2 large bottles of water in room but the maid has more if you need it or leave a tip in the mini bar with a note.. aqua (water) etc. and you should get what you want. POOL - swim up pool bar, large, clean looking, several loungers, small shop with sunscreen, hats, etc Beach food buffet - not too bad for the DR but no BBQ, buffet only :( BEACH - excellent for swimming, 40 min. walk down to a market on the beach or you can take a water taxi, lots of shaded areas, the Ambar section was not as crowded as the rest of the resort sections - we didnt go to the beach til after lunch but we always got a lounger. Don't forget to take a large insulated mug for your beach drinks, they also had a water and juice stand right on the beach, bar was by the pool but not too far away from beach and they have servers on the beach! LOBBY BAR - premium liquor available, if you want an expensive liquor - ask the bar tender as they may not show it on the shelf, they had good scotch, DR rum, bailys, absolute vodka but we could not get any rye whiskey- or Captain Morgan rum so you may want to bring your own in your luggage, they also have good cappacino coffee available after 10 am. - enjoyed this with some bailys, the main food buffet is located close to the lobby bar - in the lobby and is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. KAROKE BAR - fun time! take the tram as its a bit of a walk, I think it opens at 10 pm. DISCO - quite big - located close to the Karoke bar in the Pueblo Principe area - take the tram A LA CARTES - we emailed the resort a month before we went and made our a la carte reservations. Don Pueblo Gourmet - excellent fillet mignon and chateau briand (recommend this- 5*) , food was good but service was terribly slow... 2.5 hrs. to eat but we did have a group of 11. Mediterranean - located beside the beach buffet- good food and good service! chicken supreme and the beef tenderloin with sauce were excellent! they also had an large appetizer buffet with good calamari etc. Steak House in the Esmeralda section - good food and good service - beef fillet and rib eye's were good, ceasar salad, take the tram from the Ambar lobby #1 - Japanese Tepanaki- excellent food and service ! you must go to this one ! It is located in the Bavaro section, take the tram from the Ambar lobby Italian in the Esmeralda section - food wasnt that good and the service was very slow... over 2hrs! I had the seafood lasagna and didnt care for it, not sure what the others had but on one raved about the food here. We didn't try the Italian restaurant at the Ambar. MAIN LOBBY BUFFET - only ate here one night but food was good- roast of pork, grilled seafood-shrimp etc, pasta bar - but I didn't see any meat or seafood to put in the pasta, only saw the vegetables to put in it. Good made to order omelets in the morning. LATE NIGHT FOOD - located down by the beach to the right, they only had hot dogs, chips, small salad bar, small bar.... this could be improved! However, our friends called room service and got a club sandwich and fries delivered to their room as our flight arrived late at night. INTERNET - free wifi in the lobby area if you want to take your IPad ,laptop, smart phone, free internet computers available in the lobby, $10.US charge for 3 days of wifi in your room (thinks this includes 24hrs of time used over 3 days) STAFF- overall very friendly and spoke fairly good english, special mention to the beach servers - Yunior and Kelvin and the front desk staff ! I rated the Ambar a four out of five mainly due to the slow service in two of the a la cartes, no blender drinks, and the food could be better for a 5 star resort but it is the DR. I found the food better at the bahia principe resort in the Mayan Riveria and at other 4, 5 lstar resorts in Mexico. Hope this review helps and I highly recommend staying in the Ambar or Esmeralda sections of the GBP and don't forget to tip the staff as they work for low wages, they also appreciate small gifts, cloths etc.”
“WOW WOW WOW thank you so much for making our wedding dreams come true! We could not have done this without you!!! You were excellent to deal with and can't thank you enough. We wish we were still in Cuba but I guess it's back to work we go. We will talk to you soon for our next vacation, thinking Las Vegas.”
- C. McIsacc
“Hi Samantha, Thank you so much for planning my "vacation" and your patience with my questions. You certainly made it so easy for me to go on this trip with your follow-up and assistance. Again thank you so much for your support and information . I will certainly call on you for any future travel plans!! Sincerely, Gladys”
- Gladys
“Hey, Just wanted to let you know we had an absolutely fabulous time at the playacar palace. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone. The location can't be beat and the service was un real. Rooms are very nice and all have beautiful views Thanks again for all of your help. Candace”
- Candace D.

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