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“Hi Cory!!!!!! It was beautiful. We were a little apprehensive at first but thoroughly enjoyed it. Room was functional, exactly what we needed and we certainly didn’t spend much time in it. The food was fabulous…if anything the only thing I would truly do over again is booking only the Tepenyaki. The others we booked weren’t worth the extra money. We got the impression that they were just herding cattle through the restaurant and the food wasn’t any better than the buffet – this is what I thought personally. Everything we needed was available through the freestyle dining. It was very organized, could do as much or as little as you wanted. Booze was reasonable…I think you mentioned we had a $200 credit but were surprised when we had $250!! We aren’t big drinkers so this certainly covered that for us. The port stops were amazing and I am ranking them St. Thomas, St. Maarten and Nassau. Nassau was my least favourite – not as clean as the others and the big fat rat solidified it for me!!!!! St. Thomas was beautiful. I would go back there in a heartbeat. We caught a couple of the shows Illusionarium, Legally Blonde, Howl at the Moon and all very well done – professionally done I might add. Truly entertaining. Would we do it again????? Perhaps with the kids to give them the experience but I don’t think this is for us right now. It was a nice way to see three different areas and decide if you would go back. We really like being mobile and now that I’ve discovered snorkeling would like to do that more. So there may be another cruise in our future with the kids. This was my first time ever getting away during the winter and loved it. I think I got the bug…so you will be hearing from us again. Everyone I talked to who had been on other cruise lines said that Norwegian was their favourite. I was told for our first cruizin experience, we were spoiled….I agree. Thank you so much!!!!!! Lucia & Philip ”

“Hi Corry! The trip was amazing! We were so impressed with the resort for that price point! The kids had an amazing time and we were able to go out on two "dates" at the a la carte restaurants. The food was phenominal! The rooms were huge and the adjoining rooms were fantastic and enabled us to feel like we were getting a bit of down time as the kids crashed by 9 o'clock including the 15 year old! The beach there was gorgeous! The pool was just the right size to be able to see all the kids at once and the water park was a hit! We highly recommend this resort! We would love to go back!! Thank you so much for all your work in planning the perfect family vacation for our busy family. We are soooo looking forward to Disney in April. Jelena and Chris”

“Hi Corry, We had a wonderfully relaxing trip with perfect weather. The resort was clean and modern with great rooms and comfy beds. The food was abundant and quite good. The customer service was very good as well. The only thing I didn't see value in was the Diamond service. The Diamond beach area was packed by 6:30 with towels and no people. The service on the diamond was poor to non existent. The butler did absolutely nothing for us. We were supposed to have robes which he never did bring and a whole bunch of other perks which we did not get or see. Oh well, all in all a good trip. Thanks for everything! The Harris's”

“Thanks for handling this for us. It makes it so much easier when we have busy lives and a professional is able to look after the details.”
- Kelly P
“It was a wonderful wedding and everyone at the wedding department were amazing at the Barcelo and again thank you for all your help”
- Kendra
“Hi jenn our trip was soooo great I want to go back! Thanks for all your help everything went so smoothly there is nothing I would have done different. Thanks again and I will be calling you again!”
- C
“Hey Corry, Thanks for welcoming us home. We had a wonderful vacation!!! The weather was perfect! It literally rained for maybe 10 minutes in Cayman Islands and that was it. The rest of the time it was sunny and hot! We really enjoyed the boat. We never had a problem finding a chair by the pool. The water slides were good and gave us something to do on the boat. The food was excellent as always. We didn't eat at any of the specialty restaurants but the garden café and the Manhattan were both excellent. The shows on the boat were also very well done. We saw the Blue Man group and the Legends which were both excellent. The Holiday Inn that you booked us in for the Saturday night before the cruise was very nice as well. The only disappointment on the trip was American Airlines. I don't think I would ever fly with them again. We have had a problem with them in the past and this time as well. However, all in all it was an EXCELLENT vacation. Thank you so much for booking it all for us as! Much appreciated!! Sincerely, Nathan ”

“We have just arrived home from our cruise to Europe. We had the most incredible time Michelle at TPI did a wonderfull job making sure our holiday was stress free. Flights , hotels , transfers and the cruise we didn't have to do anything except have a good time We will definitely use Michelle at TPI again , in fact we are talking about our next trip and we will be seeing Michelle . Thank you Michelle we had the time of our lives. ”
- D.H.
“Hey Corry! You have been amazing! I TOTALLY will refer you any time I can. Thanks again! Adam ”

“Hi Corry, So sorry for not getting back to you sooner, Life has been crazy since I got back from Vegas! WE HAD A BLAST!!!! WE have no complaints, we had an amazing time, had a day by the pool, saw Michael Jackson One, Cirque d'Soleil show. Nice dinners, and spent one night on Freemont Street and loved the band that was playing so we followed them the next night to Margaritaville and watched the show.. We had so much fun, it tooks us all nearly a week to recover. :) We started our trip by meeting the Captain of the flight, who let us sit in the cockpit and take pictures, and then bought us a round of drinks! Sweeet! They didn't have our rooms connecting when we arrived, so we were on opposite sides of the hotel for the first night, but moved us the next day, and upgraded us to a strip view room. All good, we are pretty easy to get along with. Thanks again, I will be bugging you in the new year for some travel options. Rob and I are planning a 5 year wedding anniversary trip (already.. wow) We wanted to go to Los Cabos, but with the recent hurricane, don't think that will be an option, so we will have to put our thinking caps on. Have a great day. Michelle”

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