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“"Leah and I want to thank you Tony for putting together a wonderful experience in Cuba for us. We enjoyed not being regular tourists and having the chance to interact with Cuba and its people in a way that was unique and intriguing. The Casa Particular in Havana that you recommended to us was a fantastic opportunity to stay in a traditional Cuban home, meet the family and experience the splendor that was, and still is, Havana. Top that off with our tour of the city in a 1955 Chevy convertible, and it was like we were transported back in time. Our tour guide was extremely knowledgeable and his English was perfect, I would recommend him to anyone Tony! Your choice of hotels in Pinar Del Rio was perfect, we had an amazing few days in a part of Cuba that few tourists know about or get to experience. We will be back to Cuba for sure and we will be using your knowledge and expertise to make another unforgettable experience! Thanks Tony!!" ”
- Mitch and Leah, Toronto, Canada
“ If anyone wants a well planned vacation or business trip, You’re the girl to contact! Thank you Wendy, for planning the back-to-back cruises in the Caribbean and later the amazing Rhine River cruise. You listened to our " wants" and " don’t wants" and you came up with the most wonderful vacations anyone could ask for. We credit your diligence, your knowledge and your personal warmth for making our travels such wonderful and carefree adventures. We rest assured that with you are with us both at home and abroad. ”
- Brian and Patricia Francis
“From start to finish Dorothy is a true professional. Once again, our trip was a success due, in large part, to her skill. Thank you Dorothy! We look forward to taking advantage of your exceptional service in the future.”
- Cynthia N
“"Cayo Levisa is a family place, where children feel completely free, exploring the Robinson Crusoe inside them…. it is surely an experience that we all want to relive.” Cristina Gomez. For more about Cristina’s experience visit”
- Cristina G. - Lisbon, Portugal
“Hi Kelly, We had a wonderful time – you were right about the Princess cruise lines. The staff are exceptionally friendly, knowledgeable, competent, and in some situations, patient. The tours we took were awesome, and we couldn’t have asked for better weather – apparently we experienced unusually sunny and warm days in most ports. The ship was great, the food was delicious, the live performances and guest entertainers were great, and the scenery was amazing. I’d like to thank you again for your help in arranging this trip, and your recommendations. We spoke to passengers from other cruise lines in some of the ports, and those who’d sailed with Princess previously said there was no comparison in the quality of service you receive from Princess with the ships they were on. Thanks again, and we’ll be in touch when we plan our next vacation! ”
- Sapphire Princess Alaska Debra Parr
“Hello Patrick, Just wanted to say a big thanks for arranging our holiday. We had a fantastic time and everything that you planned for us was just perfect!! You really know Disney!! Thanks again Lori, Dan and kids ”
- Lori and Family July 2012
“Hi there .Well we were not disappointed about our trip. We are so glad we went, it was amazing. We seen things that we have only dreamed off. We have a lot of great pictures . Thanks for helping make a dream of ours come true..... Gord & Philomena........ ”
- Gord and Philomena May 2012
“Considering the many travel miles Joan and I have logged over the years we consider ourselves to be well ‘seasoned’ travelers. However, it wasn’t until six years ago we decided to work with a professional travel consultant and that’s when we first met Wendy. Since that fortunate meeting we’ve repeatedly gone to her with travel challenges requiring skills that only an expert can provide and she has always satisfied our needs. Also, when those skills are added to her pleasant personality it makes working with her on our plans a real pleasure. Therefore, we are pleased to recommend Wendy for anyone who is looking for a specialist capable of looking after their travel needs. Jim and Joan Lynch ”
- Jim and Joan Lynch
“Hi Susan, Once again you have booked us a wonderful vacation. After our honeymoon trip in 2007 went so well, we always said we would come back for the five year Anniversary. The trip to Sandals Whitehouse from June 16 to June 23, was the best vacation we have ever experienced. Our room had the most beautiful view, I think we probably got the best view of the resort. Although we are in Southern United States, the arrangements and correspondence you provide are almost as if we are in the same town! I would highly recommend your services to anyone, and have done so.. It's important to have a travel agent you can trust and one that will always steer you in the right direction. I would highly recommend the Sandals foundation reading road trip and the Pelican bar excursion and also the Mo Bay departure lounge. Thanks again!”
- Stacey & Steve - Sandals Whitehouse Anniversary trip
“Linda, Once again you sent us to a beautiful resort. I cannot thank you enough. The Blau Varadero is an excellent resort in a very interesting country. We might well have to re-visit sometime. I am going to put a mention of your services when I write a review for Travel advisor. That is now the second time I have relied on you for a good vacation spot and you have sent us on both occasions to fantastic places. You are the best and I very much appreciate your help. Would and will highly recommend you. Thank you sooooo much John ”
- Cuba

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