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“Thanks to Lois Barbour of TPI for arranging a great vacation. I was travelling with my 80 year old mom and it could not have been planned any better. We had a great time and I would highly recommend her to plan any vacation. Thanks TPI.”
- Barbara F - London UK Aug 2012
“Over the years, Sharon has booked many wonderful holidays for us. Mexican all-inclusives in Cabo, Mayan Riviera, Nuevo Vallarta, etc. All done with excellent service, knowledge and attention to detail. We are very happy with her service and we look forward to future travel adventures!”
- Maria & Dan, Vancouver, BC
“Sheila has booked several trips for our family. She always looks for the best flight times and prices if our schedule is flexible. Recently she booked me a flight I booked a connecting flight. There was a schedule change in my first flight which meant my connector flight would not work out. I couldn't get a refund for my connecting flight! Sheila advised me to check my travel insurance policy which I had purchased from her. As it turned out, my policy covered reimbursement for an alternate transportation method. I would not have known that if it had not been for Sheila and her knowledge. She was very helpful. We are looking forward to the group cruise she has planned!”
- E. Barber
“" thanks to Shelly, our dream family vacation was all ready to go. Our bags were packed and we were literally at the front door on our way to the airport when the phone rang. It was Shelly. She briefly spoke to my husband , in which he said "I' ll let you speak to my wife." this is never a good sign... Shelly, most graciously, told us that there was an outbreak of an illness at our resort and to make a long story short we could no longer travel to our destination. I was devastated and I could tell Shelly was as well. Shelly has planned a beautiful family vacation for us, specifically suited for our needs as a young family and we were all very excited for the experience. Within minutes of the phone call, Shelly was sending me new ideas of areas to visit that would accommodate our interests and be suitable for our daughter. In a very short period of time (literally a few hours) Shelly was somehow able to book us a truly unforgettable week- long family vacation to Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge. Some travel agents spend weeks and months planning a Disney trip...but not Shelly! ( Although I'm sure she prefers much more notice! ) Our flight, accommodations and activities were seamless- no issues, no worries and no stress. If we could do it all over again we wouldn't change a thing. I'm not sure what happened behind the scenes, but Shelly once again came through without breaking a sweat. We have come to experience that Shelly is a consummate professional and is perfectly suited for her job that clearly she enjoys very much. Her passion for travel shines through in her dedication to take excellent care of her clients. We highly recommend Shelly for any future travelers! Meaghan, Jason & Alexis ”
- Meaghan, Jason & Alexis Walt Disney World June 2012
“I've had the good fortune of Sharon's travel advice for over 20 years. She's extremely knowledgeable and goes out of her way to find good value for ones dollar. She's very efficient at booking with short notice and tries to give a few options for locations and/or flights. She's also aware of any good specials or deals and keeps her clients informed. Sharon is a great travel agent!”
- Lawrence, West Vancouver, BC
“Sharon has great attention to detail and makes booking flights, insurance and/or all inclusive excursions a great experience. She always looks for great deals and also looks into visa requirements. I've booked many trips with Sharon and have had nothing but great service and wonderful trips. She's always keen to know about your trip experience so she can pass that knowledge on to her customers. I'd recommend Sharon to anyone wanting a great travel advisor. (Past travel: Club Med Bintan, Cherating Beach)”
- Barb, West Vancouver, BC
“Travelling for past Christmas, Ms. Underhill seemed to be the only agent in Vancouver able to arrange a trip to Easter Island. I was most impressed when she phoned Easter Island then & there to arrange a most memorable holiday. On another occasion, she secured a full refund for me due to a mix-up by a local travel company who had ignored all my requests. Ms. Underhill is a very experienced & efficient travel consultant.”
- Sheelagh, Vancouver, BC
“South America – Galapagos, Machu Picchu, Norwegian “Round the Horn” Cruise, Winter 2010 After listening to all our travel needs and with your usual, calm efficiency, you showed invaluable expertise in putting together our three holiday destinations, the Galapagos, Machu Picchu and the Norwegian “Round the Horn” Cruise. As well, you managed all our complex air travel and hotel stays with ease. We were able to enjoy our entire holiday knowing all had been looked after by a qualified, caring travel advisor. It was amazing! Thank you, Sharon, for organizing our dream holiday to South America. (Previous travel arranged by Sharon: Australia/New Zealand, Amazon, Egypt, Greece, Africa, China, Costa Rica and more.)”
- Carol & Roy, Vancouver, BC
“Everything turned out great. I learned alot on this trip and have def clear ideas about how i would do the next one, with your help of course. I will be going on another break in the winter and to Cambodia as well with my mom. She just got a ticket but i will send you the dates shortly to see if you can help me find a flight. Thanks again for all your help, the service was nothing short of exceptional.”
- JS Vann
“Hi Nadia and Dave, Thank you so much for all your help, your information and for your patience. I will recommend you to all my family and guys are the best!! Thanks again!! Best Regards, Susie”
- Susie P

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