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“We just returned last night and we all had a fantastic vacation! The stay at Vista Cay was lovely. After the cruise, we were given an upgrade to a fantastic 3 bedroom premium condo. We enjoyed 3 lovely nights after the cruise before flying home last night. I loved every minute of the vacation and the weather was great. Thanks for taking care of our vacation plans once again. The Freedom of the Seas was awesome and the service was exceptional.”
- Dawn and family, St. Johns NL
“We're back!!! We had a fabulous time on our vacation, however I think I need another more restful vacation now! Ha!! It was excellent though and we had such a great time, met a fantastic couple from Ireland on the cruise. Everything went very smoothly, loved Barcelona and it was such an easy city to navigate, with the help of the lonely planet travellers guide. We even took the subway and explored lots of the city. We had such an amazing trip though, LOVED Barcelona!!! Thanks for arranging everything, it went so smooth!!”
- Nisha and Jeff, St Johns NL
“Hey, Lisa. Back from our wonderful trip to Italy. We had a ball! Everything went perfectly, quite hectic, but saw and did amazing things. We met some great people and now have invitations to Mardi Gras in New Orleans and vacations in Australia! Thanks again for everything you did to make this an amazing honeymoon. We will be in touch and keep an eye for some of our pics on facebook.”
- Dave and Brenda, St Johns NL
“Hi, Lisa. Thanks for the lovely note on the hand made card. A rather nice touch, we thought. Just a few words of feedback. Having had virtually no experience with trips to Disney World since our Heather was a child twenty some years ago, we did indeed entrust you with arranging what we had hoped to be an unforgettable experience for our two grandchildren and ourselves. You selected our resort (even the location within that resort), you selected where we would dine and made reservations for us, you set up all the necessary passes, etc., to ensure that we had transportation and complete access to all things Disney during our stay, and you provided an excellent itinerary for us to follow that allowed us to maximize our enjoyment of all that Disney World had to offer. All wonderful choices! You provided us with good advice in terms of proper preparation for our trip, etc., which we found quite useful. Also, due to a last minute change in our air travel schedule (arranged by us through Aeroplan), you were asked to make a last minute change to our dining arrangement for the evening of our arrival. "Raglan Road" was a superb last minute substitute. We have to say, Lisa, that, aside from the weather-related delay in getting out of St. John's, our Orlando connection in Halifax, our trip was absolutely perfect. The kids had a fabulous time and we all enjoyed our Disney World experience immensely. We'll be doing it again for sure in the next couple of years and we'll definitely be looking to you to arrange our trip. Thanks so much, Lisa, for all your excellent work. We certainly appreciate it. We'll be recommending you to anyone we know who's looking for excellent travel advice and assistance.”
- Bob, Louise and the grandkids, Paradise NL
“The Panama trip was fantastic. The RIU is perfect and can’t recommend it enough. The cruise was also great and the food was great and service as well. The itinerary of ports was excellent, lots of time and I arranged a great tour of Cartagena. Thank you SO much for the bottle of wine. It was excellent and totally unexpected. Thanks for all your help.”
- Jeff and family, St. John's NL
“Just wanted to thank you for assisting us with our travel and cruise. We had a wonderful time and all our connections, hotels and cruise went really well. Our thanks to you for taking care of the details. It was great to simply show up at airports, hotels and the cruise ship and have people tell us that all arrangements had been made. A special thanks for the last minute change to our departure from Gander to Deer Lake. Once we arrived in Halifax, we noticed that the flight from Gander had been cancelled because of the snow. We will certainly be recommending you to any of our friends who may be planning to travel.”
- Bob and Sheila, Northern Arm NL
“Sorry to be so long sending our thanks to you, because we really do appreciate all that you did to help us plan our amazing vacation! It was definitely a trip-of-a-lifetime for us and we enjoyed every minute. The NCL Spirit was a lovely ship, even though she is "smaller" and a little older, and I certainly wouldn't hesitate to recommend her, especially on the Mediterranean cruise itinerary. Her decor is classy (not glitzy) and the staff were amazingly friendly and provided supreme service. As for the cruise itinerary, all we can say is WOW !! Everyone asked us what our favourite place was when we returned, but we couldn't pick one -however we so enjoyed our two days in Venice before the busy cruise. We had our 25th anniversary dinner at an outdoor cafe on the Grand Canal, right next to the Rialto Bridge - how much more romantic can it get :) We sometimes have trouble remembering all the wonderful things we did, because there were so many, but we have lots (1000+) of pictures and memories to treasure. Thank you again for all your help and patience! Thanks also for the lovely note that we received when we came home. And now all we have to look forward to is ... another cruise next Easter - YAHOO !!”
- Heather and Greg, CBS, NL
“I just want to let you know the cruise was awesome and we had the trip of a lifetime. The ship, the service, the ports of call, etc, was awesome and we all loved it and will definitely do it again. I cannot compare ships or cruise lines but was told by many long time cruisers Celebrity is rankes high and to them it was the best. Thanks for everything, talk later and for sure to book our next vacation.”
- Barry and Wilma, Torbay NL
“I just want to send a big thank you for arranging my travel plans again this year - once again, I had a GREAT time. First of all, 10 days is awesome. I will definitely do that again! The Blau: what a great spot!! I actually really liked the food. I know many people don't come back from Cuba saying that, but the breakfast and dinner buffets in the main dining room were awesome.The rooms were Great, housekeeping was great - she did tons of towel art, The Beach was great, lots of chairs. The grounds are lovely. We did the Jeep safari excursion - which I highly recommend because it's got a bit of everything. All in all - an awesome trip .... again!”
- Emily and friends, St. John's NL
“Thanks again for all your help with this family vacation. We couldn't have done it without you. We are all really excited. I look forward to receiving the documents and will definitely let you know if we need anything else. You are the best travel agent ever.”
- Janet and family, Goulds NL

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