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“Our family has been using Liana to book all of our vacations for several years now. She is truly dedicated to her job and clients. From planning to booking she has taken care of every detail for us and has always gone above and beyond to make sure our vacation is everything that we wanted it to be. We have enjoyed stress-free trips to Disney, Atlantis, Las Vegas, and Mexico all with her invaluable expertise & attention to detail. We love booking vacations with Liana because we know that it will be a stress-free process, no deal will be left unturned nor detail left hanging. She is wonderful to deal with and that is why we constantly refer our friends and family. The Trimm-Magill Family”
- Sandra Magill
“LOVED the resort!!! L O V E D it! We were so thankful for you and talked about it many times!! Thank you so much for finding us this place!! The reviews are accurate. The food is out of this world, the accommodations were amazing, the check-in process was brilliant and relaxed (they take you to a patio or a bar (inside or out, you choose) and bring you drinks and cool cloths and bring a person to you with a clip board to check you in). There's no standing in a line at a front desk! Getting to the sister resort is a breeze and the private beach club there for Residence guests only is AMAZING!! Beds with canopies and lounge chairs with waiter service bringing you drinks and food. We were upgraded to a two-bedroom suite so our little one had her own room which was perfect. There was a %20 charge on anything ordered through room service. It's a wonderful place we would return to. Liana, you were a HUGE help. It took so much pressure off of us to know that you were working on our plans for us. We had never used engaged a travel agent before but now we know it's the way to do it! Thanks for all the time you spent making sure that all our needs would be met! Samara”
- Samara Newman
“I've been going to Liana for all my travel needs ever since she came highly recommended by a close friend. She single-handedly helped my husband and I figure out where we wanted to go for our destination wedding, along with managing the whole booking process from flights to accommodations for about 50 of our guest. To this day I continue to trust Liana for all my personal and business travel needs knowing that she has my best interests in mind.”
- Claudia Hung
“We have now booked 2 trips, including our honeymoon, with Liana and will continue to do so in the future. She understands our traveling needs no matter how complex the trip, and is always coming up with new and exciting places to stay and things to do based on solid knowledge of the area and local recommendations. She will go the extra step to make sure the trip is a success and responds to questions and concerns in a timely manner. I highly recommend using Liana for your next vacation!”
- Kimberley Harrison
“Hi Liana, I wanted to say thank you!! Thank you yet again for preparing my trip as if it were your own experience. I appreciate your amazing following up and thinking of all the details I couldn't have thought of. Its great working with someone who passionate about her business and cares so much that you even followed up when I was at the airport to be sure all was going smoothly! As you know I wholehearted recommend you to everyone I know! You're the best! Gratefully, Keiran”
- Keiran Glynn
“Booking a holiday can sometimes be overwhelming with all the different options and websites out there. Anita made our experience nothing less than a pleasure. We knew that the Dominican was our destination, but where to stay?? She provided us with many different options for resorts in our price range and she was very prompt with her replies. sometimes emails would come in the wee hours of the night! Our number one must have was a white sandy beach that felt like icing sugar under our feet and an ocean to die for. Well, needless to say we got that and much more! We will definitley go back to the Dominican, and definitely use Anita to book our holidays for years to come. You can't beat such a happy, energizing and fun lady to work with, and who loves her job so much. We will be recommending Anita to all of our friends and family!”
- Kasia
“Hi Amanda, We had a great trip to Cayo Coco! The weather was mostly cool and cloudy, but we also had a few really nice and sunny days. The Blue Bay Resort was really nice. It was clean and the beach was amazing at low tide. You could walk about a mile up the beach to a point where you could snorlek on reef. (It's not the type of bright colourful reef you'd see in pictures. The reefs in Cuba are grey, but there are still quite a few fish.) The pool was not heated and it was really cold. The service was excellent, theres almost nothing you can do for yourself. For 6CUC you could buy 1 hour of internet time, it was dial up but served its purpose. Our room did not have the outdoor shower. It was a king size bed, with a sitting area (chair and hide a bed). They called it the mini suite. The ones with outdoor showers were also called mini-suites. We didn't mention this to the front desk, we just didn't feel like moving. The food was really good. I heard others complaining on the flight home about the crappy food at their resorts and then people from Blue Bay saying that their food was great. We took an excursion on Christmas day on a catamaran to snorkel on some of their best reefs. Again grey (but still nice diversity). The boat also took us to Playa Pillar (supposedly nicest beach in Cuba). This cost us 75CUC each. Not a bad price, snorkels, fins and and on-board lobster/shrimp and chicken drinks! On the bus ride we got to see other resorts and ours truly looked newer and nicer that the few we drove by. It was a great place to unwind and have fun, thanks for you help in arranging it. Let me know if there's anything else you would like to know about the place. Krystal ”
- Krystal, Winnipeg, MB
“Hi Amanda: We had a great time in Honduras! Barefoot Cay is fantastic! The staff was great - very friendly and personal. A few comments to pass along to those that might be interested: 1.I don't think I would recommend it to families (unless the kids are older - say teenagers). For the most part, the guests were in their late 30's to 60's. It is a quiet place, great for divers, or if you just want to chill. Not the place to go for parties. 2.Speaking of diving - Coenraad was quite impressed with it. The staff is very knowledgable and there are many different diving sites. 3.Accommodation is nice and clean and quiet. Our room was perfect especially since we had the meal plan. Maybe next time I would like to try to Bungalows, but for the time we were in the room, the master bedroom was perfect. 4.It is located in an "industrial" area. The distribution centre is next door. Really doesn't impact the view any cause I choose to look out towards the ocean and you really only notice it when you are taking the little barge across to the main island. However, Mel told us that some people do complain about it. So, depending on the client, I would highly recommend it. We are planning on returning, but it won't be until 2013. Thanks Amanda.”
- Karen Humby, Calgary, AB
“Hi, Amanda. The Cayo Santa Maria was lovely , the beach was awesome and we had a good time. John and I rented a car and drove into "Crab Town", I don't know the name of the town but it is about 50 kilometers away. We just wanted to see what life in Cuba was like. The weather was awesome. Thanks Sue”
- Sue, Thompson, MB
“Hi Amanda We had a great time in Grand Cayman, the Reef Resort was fantastic. The only comment we have is regarding when we checked in. The staff was not really up on what to do. It took a couple of people a while to find our package and get us all signed up. It is not a resort with only all-inclusive, in fact there were not that many all-inclusive mostly owner and time shares, so that is why probably the confusion on check-in. The room, beach, bar and resturaunts were great we really enjoyed it. All the staff we very friendly and willing to help at anytime. For anyone wanting a relaxing vacation we would recommend The Reef. Brad and Donna”
- Brad Bartel, Winnipeg MB

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