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“Thank you for the kind welcome home, Corry. Aruba was fantastic and the resort location breath-taking. The trip was great and the RIU Palace amazing. While it wasn’t perfect (what resort is?) It’s a place we would re-visit. As soon as we can get ourselves adjusted to being back home, we’ll be making a posting to Trip Advisor, when that’s done, I’II send you your won copy for reference, probably with a bit more insight not included in the public posting. We have pile of photos. We (I) did have some initial apprehension about flying Skyservice, knowing they tend to jam passengers in. But it was better than expected. We also were provided with quite edible food both ways and, despite some lateness, would fly with them again. More to follow. Regards, Bob ”

“Hi Shelly We had a fantastic vacation, great reunion with our friends. The resort was really nice, clean and lots of food. I was fussy when it came to the food, but there was all kinds for different cultures. The resort was kept clean, there were maids though out the resort cleaning all the time. Yes there were areas that were a little dirty , but nothing major. Our room was always well kept, lots of towels fresh linens in the beds. The key down there is to tip your maid and the person that stocks the fridge. That resort is huge, but it’s not cramped together, spread out nicely over a big area. I can’t say anything bad about this place, we would go there again in a heartbeat. We had nice weather while we were there, one night of rain and into the morning then cleared off for the afternoon. We left the resort several times and went to Varadero on the double decker bus. That was nice, we could get on and off. We had more control of where we stopped to get off then on the excursions. The jeep tour was ok, but found it a long day. A lot of the reason was others taking longer than scheduled to do their own exploring. I found the airport a little intimidating with the military presence there, but once we got out of it everything fell into place. The Sunwing rep was there, directed us to our bus, the bus rep got us settled and off to the resort we went. Maureen can probably add more, but that sums it up for me. Two thumbs up Shelly, Thank you very much for all you have done. We will recommend you to others, and we will go through you when we travel again. Thanks Kent & Maureen ”
- Kent & Maureen, Riu Varadero Cuba March 2013
“Vegas was awesome! We had soo much fun and the weather J Caesar’s Palace blew our mind, we had a beautiful room to start but there was a letter on the desk explaining that the water was going to be shut off so we went down and the changed all our rooms to the Augustus tower! Well the rooms were to die for and they were very apologetic… We walked around quite a bit and the sights wow! Freemont street was something else. We took the bus to the North end outlet shops and did the tourist thing. We took the airplane tour to the Grand Canyon and our pilot (who was cute ;-) invited us up to the cockpit to let all of us see their view…Breathtaking does not do it justice!! We had no problems with any of our flights except we did not want to come home! Thanks so much for all your help and I hope that you had a wonderful trip to Europe, need to see some pics on facebook ”
- Julie, Las Vegas, Nov 2012
“Everything was great and worked like clock work. Disney is a well oiled machine. Loved the timing as it was not busy at all and the weather was great. Don’t think I would change a thing. Hope your trip was good. Thanks for everything Shelly. ”
- Judy, Walt Disney World Dec 2012
“Josh and I want to thank you for our awesome trip to Seattle, WA. We had a fabulous time and everything was that much better because of the information and assistance you provided. We had an absolutely terrific time. Very much appreciate you going above and beyond as you always do. Thanks and thanks again! ”
- Paddy
“Hi Joanne, We had a fantastic time! The kids really enjoyed it, as did we. We would go back! Thanks again for all of your hard work & help! Have a great day! Shannon”
- Shannon and family, Varadero March 2013
“Hi Joanne, I must tell you…CUBA was SUPER FANTASTIC! I loved everything about it! I would recommend Sol Palmeras to anyone! The people were great, the accommodations were rustic, but clean, the beach was AMAZING, and the food was actually very good. It was my worst fear that we’d get there, and the food would be as terrible as everyone warned me it would be…not at all the case. Always something on the buffet. The a-la-carte restaurants were great! I wouldn’t believe it unless I tried it, but the Chinese was DELICIOUS Thank you for all your hard work…the family came home with great memories, and are looking forward to another trip! We are hooked! Luisa”
- Luisa and Family, Varadero March 2013
“The trip was awesome! When we first got there we kept comparing between this hotel and the last one we were at, but all in all this was so much better. Our rooms were amazing, the shows were like our nac performances, really well done. The food was great, 2 buffets, a hamburger and fries place on the beach. We tried 4 of the a la carte restaurants, and on the menus they all had gluten free options. The food there was really good, we were all pleased. Once again Joanne this trip was wonderful, and all went according to plan. I loved the extra day on the beach and taking the late flight. The Princess Bavaro will most likely be the only place I'd want to stay for next time. Thanks so much Joanne, your service was truly wonderful! Hope your cruise went well, take care til next time. Chiara”
- Chiara and Family, Punta Cana, March 2013
“We have only known Gloria for a few years but have booked a few trips with her help and have found Gloria to be the best Travel Agent we have ever dealt with. She is very professional and goes out of her way to find the best deals and options for us. When we tell her where and when we plan to travel, she begins to check out options and deals for us and has always found what suits us best. She has provided us with valuable advice and guidance to make our trips enjoyable, safe and rewarding. She understands our needs and works hard to meet them. She is always there to answer questions or to reassure. There are a number of us who travel together and at times, we are sure, it must be like trying to herd cats, but Gloria always comes through with a smile. Gloria, we think you are wonderful. Thank you for everything you do for us. Sandra and Denis”
- Sandra and Denis
“ Thank you so much for the wonderful card. It was very kind of you and a nice surprise upon our return. After our wonderful experience we vow never to travel without your assistance and to continue to refer you to our friends and family. I’m getting the vacation itch again as it was so much fun. Keep us updated in the early fall if any offers or deals come out for any Sandals resorts. Thanks again for everything. ”
- Amanda and Keith, St Johns NL

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