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“Thank you Sandy ! We had a wonderful trip and we appreciate everything that you've done for us. We'd like to keep in touch with you for any travel plans that we may have in the future! . The customer service that you have provided us from the planning of our vacation right up to being an advocate for us to the end and that was so very much appreciated!!”
- Peter & Molly
“Dorothy is brilliant! and took all the stress out of travelling. Everything I needed to know was presented to me in a clear and timely manner. I will not hesitate to use her services again.”
- Kathy C
“Thank you so much for that as well as all the other help you provided. Your attention to detail is amazing.”
- Rod L
“Hi Nadia & Dave, just got in about an hour ago from the airport! The trip was exquisite! The flight going & coming was smooth & on time, the hotel was beautiful, food was excellent, and we had the best weather all week, it just rained the day of departure!!! For a last minute trip you both took care of us & all the plans came to fruition with no hurdles or glitches,...., we even got two connected rooms so it was great with the kids being able to access us when they needed!!! I will be using your services again in the future & will highly recommend you to family & friends! Thank You for listening to my vacation requests & making our family trip a fantastic one!! Cheers! ”
- L.G. and Gamily
“My husband, my daughter and I just returned from Cabo San Lucas, a vacation that we booked through Sharon. It was actually Sharon who suggested going to Cabo and the MELIA CABO REAL. Well, it was AMAZING! We had such an awesome time that my daughter who is ten, made me promise that we do the exact same vacation instead of DisneyWorld that we talked about doing next time! We whale watched while eating breakfast every morning, the weather was awesome and the people were amazing, travelers and staff! Thank you so much Sharon for everything you did! I know you went that extra mile for us!! This was our first time booking through you and we will definitely book with you again!”
- Patti, Al and Asia, Coquitlam, BC
“Sharon booked out first vacation to Aruba 20 years ago and we continue to call on her to book our trips because she is wonderful! Sharon is reliable, searches for exactly what we are looking for in a vacation and always tries to get "extras" for her clients. For example, our last trip to the Bellagio in Las Vegas we were upgraded to a 1200 square foot suite. The suite was amazing: jacuzzi tub in one bathroom, steam shower in the second bathroom and even a third bathroom! Full living room, walk-in closet and king bed in the huge bedroom as well as a tv! And phones in every room. Sharon always goes the extra mile to get what she can for her clients. We will definitely book agian with Sharon! Thank you for your dedication and professional service. You always make our vacations better! ”
- Mike and Anna, Burnaby, BC
“So you want to go away on a Disney vacation? Look no further. I have known Corry personally and professionally since 2003 and there is not one person we have ever met that holds more comprehensive knowledge of a Disney vacation experience in Orlando. This is vital because Disney is a world entirely on its’ own ranging from theme parks, their own cruise lines, their own hotels, partnership hotels and resorts in the vicinity which range from RCI, Shell travel, Intrawest Extraordinary escapes and many others that one must be familiar with. Travelling blind into this destination can be costly and disappointing. This is where Corry can offer pleasant and helpful insight into creating a vacation package that meets your needs but will most likely be far more than expected. This has been our experience on two theme park adventures and two cruise adventures having her to guide and help us. Best wishes and Bon Voyage! Dr. MJ Shaughnessy”

“Customer Feedback: Overall Travel Experience Trip Type: Leisure Vacation Type: Package Holiday Ratings: Services of the tour operator: 5 Service of the resort, cruise or hotel staff: 5 Food choice and quality: 5 Activities and entertainment: 5 Overall impression: 5 How well did this meet your expecations: 5 Would you recommend this to others? Yes Additional Comments It was our second trip in 12 months to Costa Rica and the Riu resorts there. Both trips were wonderful and flawless. Our Service Ratings: Was your booking handled in a professional manner? 5 Did you find our service to be prompt and efficient? 5 How did you find our level of knowledge in assisting in your travel planning? 5 Would you recommend our service? Yes How can we improve our services to you? I can't think of any way this service could be improved, such is the perfection already displayed by Corry. Additional Comments Corry has organised four trips for us; one to Aruba, two to Costa Rica and one to Cuba. The personal touch and obvious genuine concern expressed by Corry ensures our continued patronage. This lady goes the extra mile, from the search to finding what we want, to completing the deal with extra information and being ready to answer all and any questions in a timely, satisfying manner. Bob Cooke ”

“Just wanted to post a "Thank You" to our Travel Agent Corry Ticknor! We just returned from a very relaxing vacation at Sandals Halcyon in St. Lucia! Thanks to Corry for recommending this resort instead of the one original one we were going to choose! The fact that Corry knows her customers and takes great care to place them at the right resort for them is truly impressive! Everything was taken care of by Corry, and it all went off without a hitch! She even booked our hotel in Toronto where we were able to park our car for the week, and also the private transfer to the Resort. If you are looking for a great, worry free holiday, at very competitive Corry Ticknor”

“Cor, You rock! Thanks for the info….only you are able to gather up that kind of stuff and I have no idea how you do it so thanks again. Sincerely, Michael & Liz ”

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