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“Hi Carl, It really was a fantastic vacation. Thank you so much for your suggestions - you were spot on about everything. Looking forward to the next vacation ;-) ”
- Katey
“My husband and I had the opportunity to travel the Danube River cruise with AMA Waterways from Prague to Budapest. A wonderful trip made all the more exciting by the excellent tours, beautiful scenery, and wonderful staff. The boat more than met our expectations and we were pampered every mile of our journey. Highlights for us were Saltsburg, the Wachau Valley and Budapest lights at night when the captain treated us to a night cruise complete with Schnapps!! We highly recommend AMA as a cruise line and look forward to another river cruise in the future. Wendy was most helpful with our documents and travel arrangements even assisting us with plane reservations using our aeroplan points. Thanks Wendy – it was a great trip! Bev and Bob Grant ”
- Bev and Bob Grant
“Re: Our wedding at Grand Bahia Principe Punta Cana - Hey! Thank you so much! We had an Amazing time!!! The wedding day went off without a hitch! I seriously couldn't have asked for a better day it really was beautiful and I'm so glad we decided to do it that way. If I decide to make any group bookings in the future I will definitely drop you a line or recommend your services! Thanks so much for everything!”
- Mary Ernst
“Hi Pat, Everything went off with out a hitch, even caught an early flight in London and got our luggage as well! We had a great time, the director was wonderful full of great info. Looking foreword to booking our next tour, would definitely do another Trafalger tour again. Thanks for all the planing. Joan and Gene ”
- Joan and Firends May 2013
“Shelly it was wonderful. No words can describe it other than paradise. The Maui kamaole was a fantastic condo. There were zero hitches with anything on the trip. Flights were on time, made connections ok, luggage arrived, car was great (we upgraded to a soft top jeep wrangler) and the condo was so homey. Most comfortable bed I've ever slept in. Beautiful views. For sure would stay there again. We love Hawaii so much it is likely going to be our new vacation destination. Maui felt like a home away from home! Thanks for all your assistance!!! Erin & Ben ”
- Erin & Ben, Maui Hawaii May 2013
“Hi Shelly, The trip was absolutely wonderful! Everyone seemed to have had a fabulous time, the villas were all stunning, the weather was great, the drinks were flowing, and the company was the best. Thanks so much for all of your help organizing this. Escape Villas were very professional while we were down there, and our host Ricky was quite good, and eager to help in any way. Would not have changed a single thing about the trip. We've attached a picture of the happy crowd at Casa Fantastica! Thanks again for everything. Julie & Patricia ”
- Julie & Patricia & Dal Grad group, Costa Rica May 2013
“I would rec. Lana to anyone. when I called her about thing regarding cash and other travle things she promply reterned my calls and had sound edvice for me, (TELL YOUR FRIENDS)”
- Sharon & Ross - April 2013 - Iberostar Rose Hall Beach Resort
“Good morning Patrick, We are home safely after visiting Disneyworld. Everything you said was exactly right. We had a wonderful time and the itinerary was great -- we were kept on our toes and we knew where to go everyday. Thank you for your recommendations and we will be in touch to make plans for our next family vacation. ”
- Suzanne and Family Apri 2013
“Hi Sam, First off thank you for the beautiful card and gift certificate :) That is so nice of you. Sam I seriously do not know how to thank are seriously amazing to work with We had a beautiful wedding, the resort is quite amazing. I cannot thank you for all your help in helping us plan our special week! Susan”
- Susan Harnum
“We had the most amazing time! The resort was beautiful. There was so much to do and see. There was plenty of room at the many pools at any time throughout the day. There was tons of nightly entertainment and lots of little shops and open market vendors. The new addition of the kids water park is very nice. My 2 year old niece had a blast there. The staff were great, very friendly and happy to serve you. Most of the pool and food service staff could speak some English and were happy to try to communicate with you as best as the could. The rooms were a nice size and the maid took care to clean every inch of it. There was also a nightly turn down maid who made sure whatever I had thrown on the floor in a hurry was laid neatly on the tables or made sure my shoes were put away. I think I got a little spoiled while there lol. The food was great! I think of myself as a somewhat picky eater and I was never hungry. The wedding coordinator Roxana was awesome. She spoke very good English. She was very patient with us and allowed us time to pick out our flowers and other details with absolutely no pressure. She made us feel so comfortable and she appeared to be genuinely excited for us. Which was really nice to see. She took her time to explain what would happen and in what order things would happen on our wedding day. The set up in the garden grill was perfect. Everyone had nothing but good things to say about it. The cake was beautiful, they had personalize menus made for us and the party favors that I had brought with me were placed at each plate as I had requested. Roxana was there to welcome us to our reception and to make sure everything was to our satisfaction. Overall, We would totally recommend this resort to anyone and everyone!! We Loved this resort. I can't wait to go back again!! Thanks so very much for all your help and guidance. We both appreciate it more that we can ever say!”
- Holly and Don, Married April 2013

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