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“ Hi Kathy, Just wanted to say THANK YOU! We had an amazing time in Jamaica at the Sunset Jamaica Grand. The people were fantastic and it was more than what we could have imagined. The food was excellent too. We went on a few excursions. We did the Cool Runnings tour with climbing the Dunn's River Falls and snorkelling. We climbed the falls in the rain which was really great in the warm rain and then danced after the snorkelling on the way back to the resort, with the help of some rum punch! We also went the the Luminous Lagoon... THAT is amazing and it doesn't have the PR it should. I would recommend to anyone going to Jamaica to go to the Luminous Lagoon. We also took a cab up to Shaw Park which is the site of one of the original resorts and is now owned privately and had a tour of the flora and fauna in Jamaica. We saw the largest tree in Jamaica. the banyan tree which is HUGE. I will send a few pics for you of our trip. Again... thank you SO much for all your help and personal service! The stay in Toronto with a couple hours sleep and a hot shower before travelling was also WAY worth it. Forever grateful for your advise and help!”
- Jen & Bob
“Brian, Thanks for always taking care of all my booking needs. You always have great suggestions and are always available even called you once from Costa Rica and you were so helpful. I love how you email deals geared to my travel needs. I’m today busy at times, and it’s nice that you keep me on top of things taking away the leg work. Thanks again for all your hard efforts. Tyson I rely on Brian to arrange my business trips that sometimes include 4-6 internal flights within another country. He always responds quickly with a few options and good advice. He even contacted me out of concern when he noticed that I didn’t make it onto one of my internal flights. Sheldon Hi Brian, I hope all is well, my friend! I can certainly say I have received excellent care when planning our honeymoon and you went that extra mile to make sure everything went smoothly. We have been booking all our business and personal travel with Brian and are very satisfied with his service and level of expertise! Bo Brian did a wonderful job in arranging one of my business trips that involved stop overs, different airlines and connecting flights. I could not have arranged the trip without his assistance. Thank you. Alex Woda Brian, Thank you so much for all of your help in planning our recent trip to Greece. We had a fabulous time! I have not one negative thing to say about the entire experience. Our flights were on time, our car rental was arranged for, and we especially loved the resort and Hotel you recommended. “Sofitel” was everything you said it would be – convenient, the food and accommodations were above average, and the staff was exceptional! After making a spur of the moment decisions on 2 occasions to take a Family getaway, and figuring out that planning a trip was tougher than I initially thought, I was extremely fortunate to come across Brian and his amazing services. I was on a huge time crunch, due to the lack of planning on my part, and also had several time restrictions due to work, however, Brian listened to my needs and led me not only in the right direction, but also the BEST direction. Brian is knowledgeable, helpful and always responded very quickly to any questions I had. He was an amazing communicator, and sent me several options to meet my requests; including several listings of available cruises, resorts, and hotels, what each had to offer, what flights would look like to and from, as well as taking care of the ‘extras’ such as arrangements for car rentals. Our trip was planned out for us from beginning to end in record time and exceeded our expectations! Initially I was hesitant about using a travel agent. But, after working with Brian, I look FORWARD to taking another trip and the opportunity to work with Brian again!!! There is no doubt in my mind that he can put together the best trip possible for me and my family! Gina I found booking a trip with Brian to be a very pleasant experience. He is extremely knowledgeable, helpful and provides practical advice – particularly when you are booking a vacation to a destination that you have never been to. I would recommend Brian in a heartbeat! Amrita Hi Brian, Just a quick note to say thank you. Your attention to detail in arranging our trip to the Dominican in March 2013 was great. The attention received from all concerned for my husband due to his disability made a trip that could have been tiresome for him a wonderful experience. We will be contacting you again for our next trip. Not sure if it is back to the Dominican or another island at this time. Kathy Hi Brian, I would like to say thank you so much for arranging my flight last minute and taking the time to help me. Overall, everything was satisfactory and was done in a timely fashion. My trip was a memorable one and there were no surprises. I enjoyed working with you and can’t wait to book my next trip with you again. Thank you once again. Kind Regards, Kalid I came to Brian with the impossible task of trying to find a quick getaway for my sister and I to celebrate her 50th birthday. Of course our budget was downright infinitesimal, but Brian – being the humorous chap that he is – charmingly and wonderfully played along and actually gave us some viable options instead of laughing in my face. The fact that he was so kind, gracious and helpful about my request spoke volumes about his character and his excellent customer service. You are in GREAT hands with Brian! Teresa Brian, Thank you for taking the time to make suggestions on great places to visit, to stay, to eat, and even for providing a weather forecast! The weekend was perfect. It was just what we needed; relaxing, exciting and lovely. You went above and beyond and we truly appreciate it. Have a great day and thanks very much again, Sabrina”

“Hi, Corry. Thank you (and Tim) for making the extra effort to deliver our travel package. You are just awesome! We really appreciate all you did for us and will be sure to share details of our trip with you on return. As well, we have referred you to family in Calgary. Cheers! Sue”

“Regarding the First Annual Ladies Weekend Getaway..... "Carolyn created an exciting adventure for us: wineries & tastings, harbour tours, site seeing, fabulous dining & shopping! What more could a girl ask for?! Carolyn is an excellent host & takes care of every detail to ensure the group is having a great time! Can't wait for the next one!"”
- Charli Mac
“Lana has done an excellent job organizing and finding our destination resort. We travelled as a group and she promptly found many resort options and pricing for us to choose from. When we were searching for pricing or options she always returned our emails with answers within hours and usually the same business day. Overall she was excellent to work with.”
- Rick - December 2013 - Iberostar Quetzal - Riviera Maya
“Regarding the 1st Annual Ladies Getaway Weeknd Great " girls" trip ! Meet new friends and trip was well planned with flexibly that suited all! Highly recommended!!”
- Lisa Kolybaba
“The vacation was just what the Dr. ordered – it was great. Weather was fantastic, islands beautiful, ship very nice (smaller than Freedom), and food fantastic. Only down side was the trip home due to bad weather in Toronto – which we had the better deal being stuck in San Juan. West Jet was accommodating by providing food vouchers for both lunch and dinner due to the delay. We didn’t get home until 5 AM Monday morning (landed around 2 AM?) Take care and thanks again for your help arranging the trip. Excellent job as always!”

“Hi Corry, We had a great time thanks. Windsong accommodations were by far the best we have ever had. There is not much going on there compared to other places we have been but it was quiet and relaxing and we enjoyed just chilling. There is only one small café on site so we knew the menu well by the end of the week. Cost of taxis on the island were our biggest surprise – it cost $60 for us to be driven to church (5 minutes from resort) and picked up again. Sarah is all settled and once we got the good byes over with I think she was better. Good bye was very difficult and emotional for all of us but we text and facetime every day and she is happy. She is doing great with the left hand driving with the right hand steering wheel and we found a Harvest Bible Chapel that she will attend. We went there on the Sunday and again on Christmas Eve and the people were very welcoming and took Sarah under their wings. We so appreciate all your work on our behalf to make this trip. Happy New Year, Kim”

“Seriously you are the best!!! We love how you help us with vacations.”
- Norma N
“Hi Corry We had a wonderful time in Punta Cana. Our relatives and friends really enjoyed the place and couldn't believe how spotless it was. The meals were delicious, the weather was hot, and everyone had a great time. Mark did some deep sea diving and we enjoyed just relaxing. Would recommend this resort to anyone. Thanks for you hard work. Only 9 more weeks to Mexico for Amy's wedding. Can't wait Take care and have a wonderful Christmas and all the best in the new year to you and your family. Thanks for the Christmas Card Dianne & Len Flood”

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