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“I came across Susan just by chance a few years ago & was immediately impressed with her responsiveness. My friends & I went with her recommendations & booked a trip. The process was quick & seamless. Our vacation was one of our best ever!! I have since booked several other vacations through Susan & have recommended her to other friends ... none of us have been disappointed. Susan works with her clients to give them exactly what they want in a vacation & within their budget. She makes herself available at all hours of the day & night 7 days a week. A big thank you to Susan for all her help! I look forward to working with her to plan my next vacation. Thanks! Marion Fraser (Winnipeg, MB)”
- Marion Fraser
“The group of friends and family that we were going to Cuba with, lived in Calgary, Winnipeg, and Saskatoon. I was concerned at first, that putting a trip together for a large group spread across Canada would be a problem. Susan did an excellent job of organizing our flights and hotel arrangements so that we could all vacation together. Since this was my very first out of country vacation, I had a lot of questions that I related by several e-mails. All were answered promptly. I have been recommending Susan to my co-workers because of how pleased I was with her work. Thanks, Tom (Calgary, AB)”
- Tom Gallant - Varadero, Cuba
“Dear Susan: Thank you again, for all your incredible assistance in helping us plan our winter holiday. You have been an amazing help in planning our last three holidays, our girl's trip to Mexico, which you recommended the hotel and we have been back twice in one year, our romantic trip to France and our winter getaway with friends. Your recommendation for rafting in the Dominican was such a fun experience we have found a new love for the sport and can't wait to hear from you about our options for the Canadian tours that are available. Your experience and input is always appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you regarding our upcoming Canadian Rafting tour. We can't wait to go again! Thanks again! Sincerely, Catharine Beattie, Devoted Traveller”
- Catharine Beattie
“I had never spoken with Susan before in my life until recently when I called her with less than 14 days notice to fly my husband and I, our three kids and my mother from Saskatoon to Honolulu. She was so incredibly helpful and devoted to finding us the best deal and to assuring that we would be comfortable and well-taken care of enroute. I immediately felt she was a friend who related to my situation and really wanted to help. The trip was a great success and I will definitely be calling Susan for our travel arrangements in the future ... with more notice! Thanks so much Susan! Sincerely, Valerie Elliot”
- Valerie Elliot - Hawaii
“Paradisus Princesa, Varadero Hi Deborah, well we are back from a wonderful trip. Paradisus was very nice, and the food was great so that was nice!! Also, theres live music at the buffet everyday, and its just perfect for every meal, we even bought their CD!! The ALA Cartes were excellent too. The beach there is actually man made, with lots of crushed seashells, but still beautiful none the less. We went to Varadero a few times to the beach there, its even nicer, and a lot more powdery. The room was beautiful, very clean and cleaned well every day. The grounds were very nice. The people in Cuba are amazing, you can walk anywhere, anytime and feel totally safe, that in itself is a very good feeling. We met up with a guy from the resort and his wife in Varadero, they invited us to eat with them and brought us all over Varadero. We went bowling, did some mechanical bull riding, and went for a nice walk through a beautiful park. It was just ausome. We took a trip to Old Havana, and that was amazing, the city is beautiful, even though its falling down!! But the architecture there is just gorgeous. The water was a beautiful blue and crystal clear. I did some snorkeling almost everyday in front of the resort. Saw some huge starfish, and a few schools of fish and a couple sea slugs, but not too much else, its mostly all white sand, so not a whole lot going on down there!! There were a few jellyfish rolled up on the beach, but didn't see any when snorkeling or swimming. The weather was ausome, other than how windy it was there. Some days if you were in the shade, it was a bit cool due to the amount of wind, but that made great for playing in the waves. It was sunny everyday!! it was a bit cool a couple nights because the wind was still pretty strong, but most nights was no problem wearing shorts and a tee. (Someone mentioned that the week we were there was known as the windy week, Cubans know that this week every year is extra windy-- if that makes any sense?!!) The shows at night were actually quite good. The pool show and the acrobatics show i guess were very cool. We would definitely go back to Cuba, we both loved it, and we thank you for providing us with another perfect trip!!!! Attached are a couple pictures.. If you need to know anything else just let me know.. Thanks again, Renee and Shannon”
- Paradisus Princesa, Varadero

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