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“Lana provided us with wonderful service and we really appreciated her prompt responses. No matter what day or time of the day it was that we called or emailed at we always got an immediate response.”
- Matt & Maja - Destination Wedding - Dreams La Romana - January 2014
“Honestly, we have never experienced the level of quality service from any other travel agent. We are so pleased with your service and want you to know how much we appreciate it!”
- Janelle C
“Thanks Dorothy, we like the level of service you give that’s why we book you!”
- Frank and Robin R
“Hi, Corry. Thank you for the "welcome home" message (and for that matter, the thoughtful "bon voyage" too). Brian and I experienced the BEST TIME either one of us have ever had. And that is with me having been to 8 Caribbean Resorts and Brian twice to Hawaii and two cruises. So that speaks volumes. We will go back in a heartbeat. If you can be patient for a few more days, I plan to write something up for Trip Advisor and will copy you as well. And if you are interested, I'll send you some of our favourite pictures. The most important thing I want to tell you is, thanks for steering us to "ocean view" vs "jungle view". In our opinion, we had the best room (#4061) of the whole resort and in fact, I took a copy of the floor plan showing the room numbers on our floor. I will explain more about that later as well and why we felt it to be the best. As for monkeys, again you were right ... they were in the trees nearby but we also went to a wildlife rescue centre (that was not widely advertised) and spent an hour socializing with the monkeys, getting pix etc including a two month old and a three month old. The "awwwww" factor for sure! Just our luck but a nest of baby turtles hatched while we were there so we got to see them head to the ocean; and by pure luck as it is so late in the season, I managed to see a Female Turtle come to shore at night to lay her eggs. Pure awesome. I will continue this later but wanted you to know that you were instrumental in finding us a real paradise. Thanks (and hugs), Sue”

“Hi Corry! We’re back and we had a great time! It was a wonderful resort and we didn’t have one complaint. For your other clients, who may be considering going there, let them know that the food was great, the staff were pleasant and helpful and there’s lots to do without even leaving the resort. We did go to Playa Del Carmen, which was cool (even though one shopkeeper tried to sell us marijuana..haha). We took a bus there and it was safe and cost $3 each. A cab was $25 each way. The resort staff and security said that taking the bus was no problem. Thanks again for all your help on this! Todd”

“Good Morning Corry: Everything was great. We had a wonderful time. The resort was beautiful, the staff were very friendly and the food was great. Thank you for everything. We appreciate the great service that you provided. Shelly”

“Our trip was awesome. I will definitely travel with Sunwing and fly Elite Plus from here on out! Being able to go to the front of the line and having the extra weight limit was fantastic. We loved the extra leg room. T.V didn't work on the way down so the trip was pretty long. The resort was amazing. So beautiful. Everyone was polite and courteous. Getting lunch at the snack bar was a bit of a challenge. Some days we would have to wait an hour just to be served and it wasn't that busy. I call it Cuban time! Lol. The beaches were great. Loved having the bar right on the beach and the grill as well. Every morning we would wake up and put towels on chairs or else there would be none come afternoon. We did one excursion. The catamaran. Was great as well. I loved the entertainment in the evening. Dancing etc. One night they had a band in the lobby singing ACDC and other metal bands. Which I loved! One day we did some shopping and bartered with the locals. Overall I had a great time would go back tomorrow if I could. Thanks for everything. ”
- Terri, Playa Cayo Santa Maria - Cuba, 2014
“Hi Corry, Thanks for everything. Things went very smoothly other than a few weather related delays on the way out. We got on the plane in Mo-Bay at 29 degrees and got off in Toronto at -19, so the true value of the vacation was crystalized for us in that moment. The place was nice, the service great and the weather sublime. I was thinking about it as I was snow-blowing my driveway this morning. Enno”

“If you are not an experienced traveller, Lana is great to deal with. She provides lots of information and gives you lots of options to choose from. Her service is very friendly and completed in a timely manner.”
- Jeannie and Dave - January/February 2014 - Maui - Aston Kaanapali Shores Condo
“Hi Carl, Thanks so much!!!! We have found your services exceptional and certainly appreciate all you have done for us. Cheers, ”
- Anne

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