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“Hi Susan! Thanks for getting in touch! It was absolutely beautiful!! We had perfect weather - nice and breezy and it rained only some nights. The water was warm and we enjoyed some of the water sports, but other than that we just stayed out at the beach. It was very relaxing. The only bad thing was that we missed the kids. As far as the resort - it was great! Very beautiful and lush landscaping. The room was ok but it was the second room from the beach so you could hear the waves even when you sleep. It was just very beautiful. Even on the beach there was shade from the palm trees. The people were very friendly and the food was excellent. It's a good thing we didn't stay for too long because you just get fat from all that food! Anyways, thank you so much for helping us plan the trip. You were very helpful and we appreciate the follow-up. Once again, thank you so much!”
- Luda - Sandals Halcyon, St. Lucia
“We had an absolutely wonderful time. It was paradise!!! The weather could have been a little better but I am not complaining. We went snorkelling, kayaking and drank enough margarhitas to float a ship on. haha. Anyways, thanks for making our trip such a great one. I can`t wait to do it again.”
- Jamie & Yves - RIU Caribe, Cancun, Mexico
“Hi Susan, Wanted to let you know that we had a fantastic time. The staff at the Inn were AMAZING. We got upgraded to an ocean view room which was SOOOO nice. Thanks again. I will let you know when we are ready for the Cuba trip!”
- Nicole & Brian - Sandals Inn, Jamaica
“Dear Susan, Thank you so much for everything you did to help plan my wedding! You were an amazing help, with a lot of patience. You made my wedding day and our vacation so much fun! Everyone was so pleased with our resort and I couldn't have asked for a better place to get married! Thank you again for everything. It means so much to us!”
- Kathy & Mike Schmaltz - Barcelo Ixtapa, Mexico - WEDDING
“Our trip went very well, everyone had a great time and the weather was perfect! I was very impressed by how smoothly everything went. We ended up having two rooms side by side the third just down the hall on the same floor. The resort itself was amazing. The rooms were very nice and very clean. Everyting in the resort was well maintained, the grass was green, the pools were clean and everyting in general looked very nice. The resort itselef was huge, it took about 10 minutes to walk from one side to the other. The staff was very friendly. The only thing worth mentioning that couldve have been better was the beach. It was really small and somewhat rocky and visited by very few people. Overall it was way more then i expected and was extremely happy with how everything went. Thank you for helping us find such a great place we had a great time!”
- Wilson Hernandez - Plaza Pelicanos, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
“Susan, it was amazing. Just amazing! The first 4 days it was raining and cold, which kinda sucked, but after that it was just amazing! We loved the hotel. It was beautiful. Just flawless really! My new goal in life is to visit every single Sandals resort. Okay, really my goal in life is to live at Sandals but first I have to see which one I like best right?? Anyway, thank you soooooooooooo much. I will be in touch - hopefully - very very soon for the next one! You are my Sandals God!! Thanks again!”
- Marina and Viktor - Sandals Grande St. Lucian
“Well i would love to say that it is good to be home but really its not. I definitely could have stayed longer. What can i say about Ixtapa.....WONDERFUL....everything was so great, the weather was incredible, the beach was so nice, white sand and not a rock or stone to be found under your bare feet. The ocean was amazing, nice and warm. Parasailing was so much fun. I did not do any excursions myself but i did see what they were offering, the boys went deep sea fishing and they caught alot of fish, they seemed to have enjoyed it alot. The food was great and so were the drinks, Bahama Mamas all the way. About the excursions - very well priced, way cheaper than in the Dominican. We went into town shopping and that was lots of fun, the boys sat in the bar (Bandidos) while we shopped. Right across from our hotel there was a shopping market which we really enjoyed, being so close and all. The resort was really nice as well, we did not have ocean view but that's ok. The rooms were really nice and clean. We overall loved everything and hope to return someday. Thanks for everything Susan!”
- Ana & Lee - Barcelo Ixtapa, Mexico
“Las Vegas was awesome! I would definitely recommend running away to Vegas to get married!! A friend of mine was against the idea of a Vegas wedding...but she is now considering it. The chapel at the MGM was very classy and everything was so well organized. The MGM was a beautiful hotel, but it was almost too big. We had 34 people come, which amazed us both, because we only gave people a month and a half notice. Grant spent the majority of his money on the tables whereas I spent most of mine at the Outlet malls. All in all it was a blast!!! Thanks for everything!!”
- Grant & Jodi - MGM Grand, Las Vegas - WEDDING
“We just returned from our winter vacation to Sandals Negril, which we booked through Susan. Susan took the stress out of planning our vacation - she answered all our questions and found us the perfect resort at a fantastic price!! We couldn't have asked for a better vacation and would highly recommend Susan to everyone we know!!!”
- Jana & Danny - Sandals Negril, Jamaica
“My wife and I travel every year and have used a variety of services to arrange our trips in the past. We are quite specific regarding the details of our holidays which often makes it difficult to make all the arrangements ourselves. This year was no different. We wanted to arrange flights from Winnipeg to Roatan, HN, then book accommodations separately based on what we had researched. Although the internet provided excellent information, it became very cumbersome when it came time to actually book flights and resorts. After getting no help (actually no response at all) from 2 prominent agencies (one travel company and one internet booking site), a friend of ours suggested we try Susan from Jetaways. We did, and it took all the hassle out of booking this trip (for us anyway, but I'm sure Susan had some late nights!). After giving Susan our detailed requirements, she immediately began providing us with excellent options. No matter how many strange questions or requests we gave her, she always found what we needed, and did so very quickly. We're not sure when she sleeps since her emails would come at all hours of the day or night! Our flights were great, the hotel reservations worked out, and any payments/deposits were processed easily. In short, Susan got us what we wanted, when when wanted it, and at a good price. She completely managed all the details for this trip and took all the worry out of the process for us. We will definitely call her again when we are planning our next "unique" adventure. If you want a trip planned right and with no hassles, give Susan a call. You won't be disappointed. Thanks for everything Susan! Anders and Janet Balkaran (Winnipeg, 2006)”
- Anders & Janet Balkaran - Roatan, Honduras

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