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“Dear Susan, We would like to thank you very much for helping us plan our trip to Jamaica. Neither one of us had been to the island before, and you helped guide us in choosing a gorgeous resort, the Riu Negril. Your prompt attention to detail and professionalism is greatly appreciated. Looking forward to booking our next trip with you! Thanks Again, Donal Black and Katherine Buzan ”
- Donal Black & Katherine Buzan - Toronto
“Susan Shanks, our travel agent, was prompt and helpful. It was she who found the South America/Peru G.A.P. choices for us. We thank her in particular for checking that our Air Canada seats were indeed together, both going and coming home. As well, she was able to reassure us that our travelling companions were in the same age bracket, which helped us to decide upon that particular trip.”
- Garth and Michelle Wilby - Toronto
“"Susan, on behalf of Lucy and myself, we wanted to thank you for all your help with arranging our Anniversary Celebration to New York City. We had a fabulous time. You did an incredible job in arranging our flight, hotel and Broadway show tickets. The show that you recommended was absolutely terrific. Thanks for booking the right holiday for the right price." ”
- Bob & Lucy Manson - Oshawa
“We are back home from Jamaica so I wanted to touch base with you and give you some feedback from our trip. Let me start by saying that you are the BEST Travel Agent that we've ever had! The on-line service with you was a breeze that surprised me. We appreciate your professionalism, promptness, & patience throughout this transaction. Susan, thank you for your support in getting us transferred to Sandals Negril. At first I did not want to bother contacting you since you had fulfilled your end of the transaction. I thought that you might be frustrated with our request.... But you came through as a dedicated professional, exceeding our expectations once again! Here's our review for Sandals Negril-Wish the whole vacation was here!!! Simply Beautiful!! Resort is spacious & creative layout, impeccable beach & grounds. No reservations needed for restaurants. Manager's Reception to get to know the staff (with wine & cheese) very classy!! In all, the vacation was wonderful!. We would have liked to "settle in" at one location for the entire stay, but it just didn't happen... Nevertheless, I can not emphasize enough about our gratefulness to you for everything! You went over and beyond to assist us in making things right, and we appreciate that!! We would consider returning to Sandals Negril for a future vacation, but we are also considering other locations for next year such as Costa Rica, Hawaii, or the Philippines. Wherever we decide, without a doubt, YOU will be our 1st choice for our travel arrangements!!! Thank you Susan!!”
- Ron & Maria - Sandals Negril, Jamaica
“Our trip was wonderful! The absolute best trip/resort I have ever been to. I have been to all inclusives in Cancun, Bahamas and Dominican Republic - and Couples Swept Away was significantly better than any of those. We even toyed with the idea of staying an additional day while we were there. There were several couples there that had been to other all-inclusives in Jamaica and they expressed their happiness with Couples. I can go on and on about how wonderful it was. The service, food, rooms (the hammock on the Atrium room was heaven, I'm so happy we decided on that), the drinks (plentiful and very strong), and the beach (oh my goodness- beautiful!)---- Everything was just wonderful! I am already wishing we can go back :) Thanks again for all of your help!!”
- Catherine & Mark - Couples Swept Away, Jamaica
“I would highly recommend this hotel for couples and families. The beach is man-made & quite small, so beach lovers would probably be disappointed. Everything else about the grounds were absolutely beautiful with many unique features. There is a wide variety of restaurants & the food was excellent at all of them...the best of any all-inclusive resort I have been to. Reservations were quick & easy... a dedicated concierge resides in each building & is available 8am-8pm. Service in all the areas was very good & the staff were very helpful and friendly.”
- Marion - Occidental Grand Xcaret - Mayan Riviera, Mexico
“Awesome! Although we have never been to any of the Sandals resorts, I HIGHLY recommend it and we cannot wait to go back! We were in the French village, and the staff was SO nice. Most of the staff knew us by name within a day or two, (partly because Steve does not meet a stranger) and what was neat is that the three other couples that rode with us from the airport to the resort ended up being great friends with whom we will keep in contact with. We went on one excursion to Y-S falls, and other than that we did not have a reason to leave the resort. I got my hair braided in the spa, we also went water skiing, sailing, glass bottom boat ride and attended every evening's entertainment festivities. They wanted us to stay until Friday, because Steve was a "sure winner" in the "Whitehouse Idol" talent show competition scheduled for Friday night. He sings karaoke and apparently they were very impressed with his voice! We shopped around on the internet for a LONG time, and your prices cannot be beat. Thanks again, and we will be in touch soon...”
- Stacey & Steve - Sandals Whitehouse, Jamaica
“We're back from St. Lucia now. I just wanted to give you the rundown on how the trip went. The resort was wonderful! Upon arrival at UVF, we got through immigration and customs, checked in with the Sandals desk in the arrivals, and went over to St. Lucia Helicopters. They didn't have my online reservation on file, but that wasn't a problem at all. They readily take walk ups anyway. We were able to board an awaiting helicopter with all of our luggage. Normally, there isn't enough room, as luggage would travel by bus, but we were the only ones on board, so it worked out very well for us. It appeared they needed to get the helicopter back to SLU to pick up another group of people. The views from the helicopter were amazing. After landing at SLU, there was a car ready for us to take us to the Grande. This was a very nice way to start out a holiday. The Sandals staff took us up to the concierge lounge, poured us a glass of champagne, and got us checked in. Here they handed us the envelope with the $100 spa gift certificate. Thanks! We used it for a nice massage. We didn't get a room upgrade, however, the room we ended up getting was still one of the best of the bunch for that category. The William Jefferson Clinton Presidential suite was across the hall. The particular building we were in is 4 stories high, whilst the rest of the buildings are 3 stories. Being on the top floor provided a magnificent view. I would understand being in a different part of the resort, the view would have been less impressive as tree cover could obscure it, and also one building would end up overlooking a parking lot as well. The Grande was much bigger than the previous Sandals we stayed at, Sandals Montego Bay. The main building and lobby area was larger. I've read this resort used to be a Hyatt Regency, opening around 2000, but closed a couple of years later when travel dried up after 9/11. It has much more of a modern feel with the room doors in interior hallways rather than opening up to the outside. We dined at the other Sandals resorts, the Halcyon and the Regency, and preferred the Grande. It was livelier, and looked much more impressive, probably because of the newness. The Halcyon was quieter, some people may prefer that. The Regency was also large, but more spread out. The common pool areas were smaller. Sandals actually has a shuttle going from one end of the Regency to the other. The beach at the Regency is a bit rougher, more wave action, than the calmer beach at the Grande and Halcyon. It appeared there were plenty of people from the other resorts that went over to the Grande during the day. We did get a reminder that we were still in a developing nation as during one night, as we lost running water and power briefly, though that was quickly restored. It wasn't a problem. All in all, we had a wonderful time there and can't wait to do this again!<”
- Andy - Sandals Grande St. Lucian
“The trip was FABULOUS!!! We had such a good time! Thank you for all of your help! The service there was wonderful and it was so relaxing! We were in the Italian Village and I would recommend that as well. Everyone has ocean views...our view wasn't perfect, but it was okay. Things were very clean and the people that work there are wonderful. Thank you again and we talked about going again next year...maybe Antigua?!”
- Robyn & Louis - Sandals Whitehouse - Jamaica
“Thanks for asking. The trip was excellent. Once on the resort everyone was very friendly and accommodating. The weather in May would be the only question mark. It rained every afternoon. We had plenty to do though. Golfed 2 days, I would recommend taking the first shuttle in the morning, we finished before the rains hit. The course was nice and it was the first time that we played with a caddie. Good experience. We did all of the water sports except scuba, climbed Dunn's River Falls, (negative experience with the venders, steer people away from them), sunset cruise (would recommend this one) ate and drank. All inclusive is the way to go. We did not have any unexpected expenses or surprises. Thanks for preparing us for the trip. Your communication was excellent and made me feel comfortable when booking and after booking the trip. Your documents and trip tips were received by us in plenty of time. It was a great time! Thanks for your help!”
- Wayne - Sandals Grande Ocho Rios, Jamaica

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