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“Freestyle cruising is excellent. Did not have to dress up at all. We were able to go to many of the restaurants without dressing up. Jeans/Casual clothing were accepted attire. Everyone on the trip really appreciated the freestyle concept. All the restaurants had served excellent food.(we are all on a diet now.)The ships entertainment was absolutely fabulous. A really good range of performers, going from Broadway shows to hypnosis to singers to comedians, it was just terrific. They left us wanting more as the shows were always only one hour long. They also had excellent activities, from the work out room/facilities, to shuffleboard to table tennis to swimming, etc. They also had bingo's scheduled and scavenger hunts, shows with audience participation, such as the weakest link and the newly wed game, etc. They also had karaoke nights which was also fun. They also supplied free yoga and dance lessons for those who were interested. This was a really good variety and kept everyone happy. The spa on board ship was excellent. A few of us chose to go for massages during the cruise. They had an expert on board who spoke on the ships intercom about the glacier, when we got close. We all found this very interesting. Shopping was excellent. Souvenir stores and jewelry shops galore. Loved it! We used the shore excursions offered by the ship. We were told by many people that we should go off the ship and try to get our own excursions, but to be honest, it was easier to use the ships pre-planned excursions. The boat excursions were in large modern buses. I found that people who arranged their own excursions had rickety buses, etc, so I felt much more safe and comfy using the ships excursions.”
- Alaska Cruise - Norwegian Cruise Line
“First, let me tell you - the TRIP WAS FANTASTIC. We didn't have any issues at all - everything was as laid out and was easier than I could have imagined it to be. Here are some specific details of our vacation experience. FLIGHTS - Westjet was great. No issues with the flights or time. One point of information, especially in LA, when they say 2 hrs they mean 2 hrs. It took almost that amount of time to get checked in, put the luggage through the screening machine and then get through security. HOTEL - What can I say about the hotel. It was the BEST! The rooms were a good size, even the studio was a good size and a great deal for anyone who is traveling with say 2 kids and 2 adults. The 2 BR's are fabulous. Full bathrooms. The kitchen has a microwave, full size fridge with an ICE MAKER inside the freezer compartment, a dishwasher and a 2 burner stove top. The hotel cost includes a buffet breakfast. This was GREAT. Overall, Terry, this was a fabulous vacation and I am so glad we went with you and Fun Sun as our travel agent. It made it so much easier and hassle free. I had no trouble with the 'coupons' - everyone took them and took care of everything without question. We had a wonderful time and I want to thank you so very much for all the work and assistance that you did in helping make this dream trip of a lifetime for our grandchildren (and big kids too) such a wonderful experience. Our memories will last forever. Thank you for making those memories a possibility.”
- Disneyland - Fun Sun Vacations
“Well we just got back on Saturday night. The trip was fabulous. The hotel was beautiful and very accommodating. We had a room on the fourth floor which had a garden and ocean view. Cancun is a very beautiful location. As well, the night life was a lot of fun with many clubs in the downtown area and restaurants. The downtown was a fair distance from the Costa Real but the bus service is spectacular. It took us about 5 minutes by bus and there are so many buses that you don't ever wait. So that worked out very well. The food at the resort was really good and daily room service was offered at no charge. Also there are three additional restaurants in which you can make reservations. We went to one of the Italian ones and the food was amazing. The extra restaurants come at no extra charge unless you get lobster. The beach was nice and the pool was huge. One nice feature about the Real resorts is that they are all connected so you can access all the other resorts. The Gran Caribe Real was a little bit nicer resort as it was just recently renovated and is right on the main beach strip. You can use every single service at the other resorts short of having your own room. The Gran Costa Real was beautiful. The room was awesome with a huge king size bed a nice TV and DVD player. We had a nice little balcony and the room was always cleaned everyday by the housekeepers. I think that the four star description of the resort is very accurate. Thanks for all your help prior to the trip and I will book through you again.”
- Cancun - Transat Holidays
“I called in early fall to book a ticket with Ms Neagu on Malev Airlines to fly to Europe and they have cancelled their operations for the winter from North America to Europe. Monica helped me to rebook another ticket on Air Canada/Lufthansa which was cancelled by mistake, by the supplier. A couple of days prior to the departure, she noticed there is no ticket or tinerary and she found me a good deal on Delta airlines to travel back home for holidays. I am very happy with the new ticket and itinery offered at a lower price than the orginal 2 tickets and am awaiting refunds for the first 2. I have travelled before on Alitalia to Europe and when I have advised Ms Neagu, that I was not happy with that particular airline, she has offered me other choices, and 3 tickets later I went finally home. I will always use Monica's services as she works very hard and will get me the trip that I wanted, at a reasonable price.”
- Best travel services so far, that I have received,Mr P Achimescu
“We are a group of 11 passengers, who booked through Monica Neagu at T.P.I ,to stay at the recently opened hotel Grand Sunset Princess In Mayan Riviera, Mexico. Ms Neagu has advised from the beginning, that a newly opened hotel such as this one (who opened on 12th December 2007) might have some faults and she was right. We went on the 19th of December 2007 and the rooms were OK, the hotel is supossed to be 5 stars, but the smell in the bathroom was very nasty. The food was good (still far away from the 5 stars that they claim to be), we were allocated another room,but the stench in the bathroom was still there, probably coming from the local sewage. Entertainment was not very good, but all in one, we had a good time there. Next time we will travel, we will book agaian with the same Agent and take in consideration, the input that the Travel Agent has on certain countries and resorts that she has been to, will recomend or not. M. M. , R.N from Toronto”
- Very good Travel Agent services , hotel needs improvment
“Hi Susan! We had a wonderful time on our trip! We were definitely ready to come home though. We missed our kids terribly!! We both really liked Couples Sans Souci but we preferred Couples Ocho Rios just by a hair. You certainly can't beat the grounds at CSS though and we had a very nice room with one of the best views of any room we could imagine. It was a very nice trip. Now we are back home to 7" of snow!!! What a shock!! Thank you again for all your help in organizing our trip. You did a wonderful job!! Our next trip will be as a family and when we are ready to book that, I will certainly get in touch with you!”
- Angela & Peter - Couples Sans Souci, Jamaica
“Thanks for the newsletter. I appreciate the time you put into it and liked the content. We don't travel a lot but keep them coming and I will certainly call if I need help. I appreciated your help with the Regina Jazz band trip last year. Elaine ”
- Elaine
“Our trip to LA was Fantastic. Thanks to you everything went smooth. It was perfect. The best part for us was the amusement parks and the beaches.”
- Ken
“Well... we had a vacation of a lifetime! We LOVED it! The ship was beautiful, the ports were great and the service was simply outstanding. In fact, our daughter is still talking about the characters and the shows. Our pictures will keep the memories alive for years to come. I have a attached a few....we took over 500! We will cruise again in the future. Please don't hesitate to send us info relating to other fabulous vacations as we trust your judgement completely now! Take Care, Katrina ”
- Katrina M. Disney Cruise, 2007
“I knew you wanted to hear back from me and I want to tell you that Blau (rhymes with now) Varadero was absolutely gorgeous. It is nothing like a 14 storey office building. Actually both the front and back of the building slant in like a pyramid. Inside there's a hugh open area with a big bar, etc. and it's entirely open to the top of the building. There are 2 elevators on each side and they are like big glass bubbles so that you can see everything when you're on them. The buffett was very extensive with lots of variety at each meal. The a-la-carte restaurant was white glove service with extremely well presented meals. The entertainment was great and the employees were all extremely nice. We ended up changing our rooms simply because we didn't get out on Sunday because of fog and they gave away our room but they had another one just one door away which we took for 2 days. Anyhow we were all happy and the staff was very accommodating. Sun Wing was fine - no complaints. All in all we had a fabulous holiday and want to thank you for your help. I think we were really lucky to be moved to the Blau. If you want any more info - give me a call at home anytime. Thanks, Robyn”
- Robyn - Cuba 2007

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