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“Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Absolutely gorgeous place (Riu Ocho Rios) - beautifully kept gardens, pools, beaches. Rooms (adjoining, thanks so much) were beautifully decorated - neutral colours, gorgeous wood, crown mouldings, beautiful marble floors, plantation shutters, lovely balconies orverlooking flora - refridgerator stocked with water, beer, soft drinks and an array of full size bottles of liquor at our disposal. Bathrooms were beautiful too - all marble and slate! Food was very good. Very European which wasn't a surprise considering the Owners and the majority of the Clientele (Spanish, German, and Portugese). We felt right at home with the cuisine considering out backgrounds. There were alot of activites throughout the day for those who wanted to participate, but we pretty much did a lot of laying about whether it was on the beach, or poolside, ate way too much and dare I say, drank way too much. Everyone was very polite and service is definitely a major priority. Plane rides, as well as bus rides to and from the hotel were comfortable, educational and very pretty. Thank you so much. It's exactly what we wanted to give our boys and what we wanted for ourselves. Here's to our next trip. Martha McGee”
- Martha McGee
“Hi Vivenne, "I would like to send you a BIG thank you! Pat and I are very happy with the information that you provided to us and your professionalism! You are a big reason why I am excited to get back into our wedding plans. " Rosie ”
- Destination Wedding 2009
“Just dropping you a line to tell you how much we appreciate all your help in planning our Disney Vacation. All the information you gave us was a little daunting at first but you made it so much easier to go through. I didn't have a lot of time to do all that reading so it was great as you guided us through it. It was so convenient that you were able to come to our home and meet with us. Now that's sevice!!! Everything worked out perfectly on our Vacation as we planned. I would not change a thing. I just gave your name to 2 more people this week and I will surely pass your name along to anyone else I know that needs your services. Best of Luck in the future Lois. I hope to avail of your service again soon. Dale Power ”
- Dale P. Disneyworld - April 2008
“Barcelo Maya Tropical Resort - March 25 - April 8, 2008 Lana from Blixhavn Travel, provided exceptional service. She assured we received everything in regards to our trip, put together an information package for the destination we were going to visit. We had several first time travellers in our group of 12, and she reassured them by making sure everything was in order for our trip. She even got us all on the same floor, very close to one another in the resort. I've used Lana for 3 previous trips and plan on keeping her as my professional, excellent and exceptional travel consultant.”
- Reg & Louise Roy - March/April 2008
“The property was lovely, clean, good food and good service. Nothing was very far away - no more than a 5 minute walk to anywhere you might want to go. We would recommend the hotel to others. The trip went very well and we had a great time. Thank you, Adriana ”
- Grand Sirenis-Mayan Riviera Mexico
“Hi Gwen, I am so sorry it has taken me so long to email you. I have been meaning to for weeks. I just wanted to let you know that our DisneyWorld trip was fantastic! The kids had a fabulous time. The best was seeing their faces when they saw the Castle for the first time. Kiyah had so much fun at the Princess Tea Party you booked for us. It is amazing how well Disney treats their guests and how great everyone is with the kids. They treat the kids like "royalty". So thank you for all your hard work. You made the trip easy and there were absolutely no problems. Me and my family really appreciate everything you did. I cant imagine putting that all together myself. Kiyah asks me absolutely everyday if we can go back. Take care Allison ”
- DisneyWorld Florida-Disney's Port Orleans Resort - Riverside
“We Joined the Carnival Freedom cruise organised by Dorothy from here in the UK. We would like to thank Dorothy for her excellent organisation from hotel bookings to cruise bookings etc. We found her to be exceptionally helpful, informative and she supplied all the info we needed for a straight forward and stress free journey from here in the UK to join her party from Moncton Canada. We would certainly highly reccommend her service to anyone seeking a stress free holiday.”
- Annette & Colin Blann, Southampton England
“Hey Diane ! I HAD A FABULOUS TIME !! I found everything to be satisfactory and I was really well taken care of. I remembered requesting from you to have a room away from the Disco and the funny thing was I was at the disco EVERY SINGLE NIGHT !! So much fun ! We got to know the entertainment guys quite well and even hired the DJ to take us on a tour of Havana. We rented a car and he had his drivers license and he gave us a personal tour. He took us to meet his mom and dad and sister that live in Havana as well as to his home in Santa Cruz to meet his wife and five year old daughter. I really enjoyed this as I felt it was the REAL Cuba and not just the touristy places. We did go to the famous Cemetery for a while as well as to the markets for souvenirs. So if anyone asks you please send them to Erik the DJ. He loves to do it and it is a great way to earn a little extra cash on the side too. I also went on the Catamaran tour which I really enjoyed and had my first experience up close with a dolphin. I really wanted to go on the excursion for the snorkelling but the day we went there was an undercurrent and there was no fish to be seen. So that was disappointing but the tour was worth every penny. We had lunch on Cayo Blanco beach and had time to suntan (or in my case BURN) and frolik in the ocean before heading nice. The snorkelling at Cameleon Villas is AWESOME !!!! The fish were amazing ! I am hooked !! Because the resort is so small you really get to know the staff. I had my favorite pool bar bartender and he took really good care of me. He knew I didn't like a lot of alcohol so I didn't even have to watch him that closely - he always made it to my liking....some of the others just make them the way they want even if you request 'poco rom'. The waiters at the buffet were awesome too and we even had a lobster meal made special for us one night by one of the cooks. It cost us 12 pesos but was worth EVERY PENNY and I would have paid more if he would have asked ! There again it is a way for them to make a little cash on the side but everything was hush hush so they don't get in trouble with the government. Thanks so much for hooking me up on this holiday. I remember not being sure at first because of the distance from the airport but it was just fine. Following the ocean and the hills on the other side makes for a great trip and after seeing resort on resort on resort on the way to the marina (in Varadero) for the catamaran tour I knew that I was in the right place. So quiet (except when I was in the disco - ha ha) and friendly. If anyone asks I highly recommend it. There was more of an 'older crowd' but there were families with kids there too and it looked like everyone had a great time. Ciao Heidi ”
- Heidi - Varadero, Cuba - March 2008 - Nolitours - Cameleon Villas Jibacoa 3*
“Barcelo Maya Colonial Resort - March 25 - April 1 Lana was amazing, she knew we wanted to spend time with my brother. My family booked last year and yet she still managed to book a week with them at the same resort only 4 weeks before leaving. She made sure that we were on the same flight out and that we were at the same resort. This was all done in a day. I was so happy that she could answer all of my questions to make my trip easy and stressless. I will definately have her as my agent for all future travels.”
- Joel & Michelle Durand - March 2008
“Thank you for everything you did for us. You really made our lives so much easier! I would have been totally lost with booking everything, so, Thanks! Sandra, this resort was UNBELIEVABLE!!!! We have no complaints what-so-ever about this place. Everything was spotless, the food was endless and amazing, water was very blue and clean and the service was fantastic. We were thrilled that we got to go for 2 weeks!! It was an amazing honeymoon. Thanks again for everything." J & J from Brantford who honeymooned at the Excellence Rivieria in Mexico.”

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