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“Jan's dedication and extra touches made the experience of planning a honeymoon extremely enjoyable. Guests that contributed to the Registry spoke of how wonderful Jan was and how she made the entire process so easy. We cannot thank Jan enough for all she has done for us. We have become great friends and share so many wonmderful memories ofr our Bridal Travel Registry adventure.”
- Kerry Collins & Suzanna Boyle-Collins
“As for the flight – can’t complain! All was well. We made it to the Sciphol (Amsterdam Airport) in good time and coming home and we were the first to check-in. It was great. Again, thanks for booking for us. It was a great trip of making some memories with Bram's family in Holland. We’ll likely be taking another trip.”
“I met Mary on the plane going to Florida and started discussing Travel with her. She is good and orgainzed and I have booked going back to Florida with her I have also referred others to Mary. I like her service.”
- B Campbell
“My daughter lives in Vancouver and I see her quite often and Mary always books my flight and when my daughter wants to come home for a few days she does that for her too. Thanks Mary. Love the Travel Professionals experience.”
- Gerard Lessard
“Question: I hope you have found my service to be satisfactory, and would appreciate any constructive criticism you may have to offer. Response: No criticism, only professionalism. I have been fortunate to deal with a pro both at TruServ and at TPI. ”
- Kenny M.
“Dene was amazing in helping to plan our trip to Egypt. I felt that she gave it the care and attention she would give to planning her own trip; in fact she was so excited it felt like she was coming on the trip with us! The flights Dene found us fit our needs and the Globus Tour was definitely the way to see Egypt. Thanks Dene for helping us plan a most memorable trip!”
- Kendra Gamble
“Hi Susan, I just got back from vacation but let me tell you Jeff and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves very much. The resort exceded our expectations, the service and the food was great, we really dont have any complaints, first class and the weather was hot as hell. They really took care of us, especailly in the concierge compound. The bus ride from the airport to the resort was an adventure itself, crazy drivers, but it was good. It was great, you have been a great help and i seriously think that you gave us a really good deal because we were talking to other couples, and we got more for less than others who didnt even have their flights included, and didnt have concierge service...i love that!!!! All i can say is thank you. thank you, thank you!!!!”
- Jeff & Kayla - Sandals Whitehouse, Jamaica
“As a 20th wedding anniversary treat, Steve and I booked a 3 day bus tour to New York City. We are so glad that we chose TPI because of their friendliness, excellent customer service and we were confident in both the driver's and tour guide's abilities. Richard, our guide, shared great travelling tips and highlighted numerous points of interest. Our driver, Robert, provided a smooth, safe ride. Information was provided to us clearly in both official languages, and we knew where and when to be for various venues. The hotel arrangements were quite adequate, and we felt very comfortable to ask questions or clarify information as needed during the trip. Our experience was very positive and we look forward to future trips with TPI. ...... Janet and Steve ”
- NYC BUS TOUR - Northcott, Steven & Janet
“Hi Marilyn: Sincere thanks for your "Welcome Home" message!! Hope you enjoyed your vacation too!! We had a fabulous two weeks at the Riu Yucatan! We were on the beach by 2:30 P.M. on Friday after-noon and had great flights. Our room was in Building 5 on the ground floor---adequate and clean--- so we were well pleased, as we were only steps from the pool, beach and the theater. We found the staff very friendly and accommodating and had no complaints with the amenities offered.....(first time we had a liquor dispenser in our room, but we only used it a couple of times) There were plenty of food options and it was good to have the choice of three restaurants. We especially enjoyed the food at the "Shanghai" and ate there three times!! We were happy just to relax at the resort, swim and walk the beach. Saw at least a dozen "beach weddings", and went shopping only a couple of times.....Had already visited the Mayan ruins, so didn't repeat. Enjoyed participating in some of the many activities organized on site. During one of our walks on the beach we looked in on the Riu Palace (relatively new I imagine) and were really impressed with the layout and the grandeur. No doubt it is a pricier resort, but a couple of the guests told us that they were able to get decent deals. We want to say sincere thanks again to you for your efficient and courteous service. If and when we get the yen to travel, we'll definitely be in touch. Kind regards, Bill and Donna ”
- RIU Yucatan - Mayan Riviera, Mexico
“Marilyn,, it was fabulous. I think it was the best resort we've been to, so far. The only real problem was that for two days, we had a problem keeping our towel quota up, and had to notify the rep. The drinks were watered at times. The food was absolutely wonderful. I ate smoked salmon and lobster until it was coming out my ears. And the lobster wasn't half bad. The fried fish was so tasty I had two orders at a time, instead of desert. Weather was great and staff very friendly and helpful. I'd go back in a minute, so let me know if the deal next year is to Playa Pesquero. The beach was amazing!!!! Can't say enough. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Brenda ”

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