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“We would like to extend a sincere thank-you for all the planning and phone calls you made! Every which way we turned, there was someone waiting to take care of us! (The suite in San Diego was awesome, the view great!) Registering on the ship took no time. You really did all the work! You will be sure to get a call from us next time!”
- Dwight, Debbie, Marilyn and Sue
“hi karla,just a note to say that our trip was fantastic,Dru was totally amazed with all of it....Dinner with the characters was beautiful as she met all the princesses,got photos with all as well as autographs..she met other characters in disneyland as well as at universal..we really enjoyed was a long day as we were picked up early and got back around midnight. Dru's favorate ride was Splash Mountain as she loves water.our hotel was wonderful,a few steps from the pool as we spent time there. We had a birds eye view of the fireworks every night right out our door. I guess you can say we left LA with a shake as when we were waiting at the airport the earthquake happened. Dru and I would like to thankyou for putting a wonderful pkg.together for us,everything was 100% have a great day carrie and dru ”
- DISNEYLAND July 2008
“Hi Marilyn, Thanks for the welcom home! Our trip was fantastic!! Europe is amazing to say the least. We had a wonderful time and nothing went wrong. All our bookings and tours were great. We were really happy with the hotels as they were in excellent locations and very clean! All the trains and air flights were on time and really good. We walked alot, ate alot and took lots of pictures. Thanks again for all your help in planning this trip! It was great being away but it is always good to come back home! Have a great rest of the summer! ”
“I am glad you helped - this way I can honestly say to people that going through you is the same as if booking on line myself and getting the better deals - plus your fingers do the walking instead of mine for hotels! ”
- Lesley N
“Hola! We are having a blast in Sunny Mexico. Although there is a hurricane warning in effect, it appears that the storm is moving toward Texas and away from Mexico. We had a couple of lovely rainy nights and all sun yesterday. I got a little pink from the sun but so far the fake baking I was doing back home has been helpful. So, the hotel. Everyone needs to stop what you´re doing right now and book a room in this place. It is like being in a crazy dream where all of your wants and needs are met before you even know about them. The food is fantastic, the drinks are delicious the room is incredible and all the stuff at the hotel for tourists to do is pretty excellent. All included! no money has changed hands except for this access to internet. Pretty cool. Andrea and I are already thinking about another trip to an all-inclusive, this time with maybe about 8 friends. That would be a wild party. Weçve met some lovely people out here also, even the americans we meet are ok. The disco the other night was the first time I actually felt drunk, despite drinking pretty much since we got here. We have also been taking advantage of our 'honeymooner' status and got some nice things for ourselves (like a complimentary bottle of tequila!) and a great dinner in the french 'a la carte' restaurant yesterday. Tomorrow we are plamnning to actually leave the resort to go to Playa del Carmen to check out the town. I would also like to visit some cenotes (underwater caves) that are quite close by. We cançt spend all our time at the pool bar... or can we? All in all this is a waking dream! As I recommended earlier, stop whatever you´re doing and get going to the Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya resort in Cancun. Maybe we can even meet up before Andrea and I leave! Seriously check it out on line and then multiply what you`d expect by 100! Anyway, I hear a mojito calling my name from the lobby bar... and what´s that?... oh a Piña Colada is calling me also from the beach bar. Joe”
- Joe and Andrea - Honeymooners - Grand Sirenis Mayan Riviera - July 2008
“Buenos dias Gwen! The trip was great, we had great weather and met the best people, made some good friends. The beach was amazing, the resort was excellent! Thanks again for everything, the travel package was very helpful, and we left the Spanish phrases and words you gave us for our new friends who will be there till Sunday. Those sheets were good to have! I'm in Calgary for a couple days and am getting my pictures developed today! Can't wait to see them! I will send you a few. Thanks again the trip was great and we had lots of fun. ~Kristen ”
- Occidental Gran Flamenco-Punta Cana Dominican Republic
“Sent: Saturday, January 05, 2008 3:10 PM Hi Gwen Got back last night, had a great time (needed 14 days) . Resort was very clean, food was very good ( loved the Jerk Chicken and Pork) and Jamaican people very friendly. Tuesday we took a day trip to Negril beach and that was beautiful. Watched the Sun set from Ricks Cafe and Wendy jumped off the cliff there. Weather was fantastic until Wednesday night. We both got great tans. We had a bad storm through the night and it took the beach away. Weather was bad all day Thursday so we went shopping. We had a fantastic New Years Eve Gala Supper Overall we had a great holiday! Next time 14 days at one of the resorts on the Negril beach I brought back a bottle of Coconut Rum Cream for you Gwen. And you don't have to share it. I'll sent a bunch of pictures and 2 videos, some showing the storm and what it did to the beach. Thanks Randy R.. ”
- Holiday Inn Sunspree-Jamaica
“Hey Karla Just wanted to say thanks for getting back to me so early in March and helping out with this great trip! Everyone had a blast & the wedding was beautiful. Here's a few pics. Take care, Jenel ”
- Jenel Akumal Beach WEDDING 2008
“Mary has been good to us she has supplied our golf tournaments twice with wonderful hole in one prizes. First year and electric bike and now this year. 1 week stay at Palm Beach Florida with golf. She looks after everyone. Thanks again Mary Yvonne DiPietro”
- Simcoe Chamber and District Chamber of Commerce
“We booked with Mary again this time to Mexico wonderful time for 86 days. I love the way she organizes and looks after her clients from beginning to end. Insurance coverage is very good and we will always follow her wherever she goes and with her endeavors. Rita Kalmbach -- Ex Mayor Norfolk”
- Rita and Emil Kalmbach

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