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“We are so thankful to have "met" Susan on FaceBook! Even with a gazillion of miles between us, Susan planned us a wonderful WeddingMoon in Jamaica!! Must admit, we were abit skeptical at the beginning dealing with a travel agent online only, and never meeting face to face. But we can honestly say, we do NOT have any complaints!! Susan's daily emails and frequent phone calls settled our insecurities, she is very professional and is highly recommended in our books!! We had 10 awesome nights at the Whitehouse in May/June 2008, and we wished we had booked for a longer trip! It was the BEST holiday we have ever taken...not only because we got married there, but because the Jamaicans really treated us like a King & Queen! Oh ya, not only did Susan get us a good deal (compared to the agents here in town!) but she also got us an upgrade to a concierge room for free even before we arrived! The room was great, and the view was amazing! The food was excellent...and the drinks were yummy! Miss those "Dirty Monkey" drinks!! The Whitehouse was breathtaking....even with the daily rain showers! We even experienced the tail end of a tropical storm on our actual wedding day! But isn't rain good luck on your wedding day? lol The wedding co-ordinator and her team were top notch, and we got to celebrate it all over again the next day; and taking beautiful outdoor wedding pictures! Soo many memories to last a life time, and we owe it all to you Susan! Thank you very much!”
- Julie & Gary Gibson, Ottawa - Sandals Whitehouse, Jamaica - Wedding
“Hi Gwen! The trip was absolutely fantastic!! San Diego was Great!! Too little time, too much to do!! The trip there went very well, map directions you gave me from airport to hotel were excellent!! No wrong turns; no missed exits!! We took the trolley to the harbor instead of driving which was cool! And again very easy to do. Ron had a great time! Said he would go again. We loved the midway (aircraft carrier museum) ran out of time though we were there 4 hours and they closed before we could finish (needed another ½ hour) The harbour cruise you booked was beautiful and it was a full moon so extra special and the food was excellent! Highly recommended! Did manage to dip our toes in to the Pacific ocean on Saturday before returning home so that was great. Did very little shopping and not enough time to get all the museums in. Never did make it to the space museum to see “star trek” but the ones we did get to we enjoyed. I cannot think of a single thing that went wrong! The trip was absolutely perfect! My heartfelt thanks! Once again you have done a tremendous job of making my holidays a very memorable, exciting and pleasant experience. You are the Best!! Oh yes and the breakfast buffet at the Hilton --- absolutely fabulous! And so were the front desk people very helpful telling us how to use trolley etc!! Susan ”
- San Diego, California September 2008
“I was introduced to Richard and Jennifer from TPI travel regarding a packaged holiday to Jamaica. They were very kind, corteous and professional in helping me finding a wonderful resort with relaxing atmosphere. It was one of the best vacations I've ever had. Thanks Richard and Jennifer your service was very kind and I will pass the word on. Thanks Richard.”
- Michael Smith
“You did great work!”
- Joe Smith
“Before the children got too old and had left home, we wanted to take them on a memorable family vacation. We chose Disney World in Orlando, Florida for our site and J&M Travel for our agents. The trip would involve two parents, one grandmother and five children from age 6-12. Jeff did much checking and asked how would we feel about renting a vacation home as there were no onsite facilities that would conveniently hold us. This turned out great as it also included a pool. He arranged for a rental vehicle which could hold seven, not an easy task. He booked all passes to Disney, Sea World and Dolphin Discovery. he even suggested a schedule of events for visiting the sites giving days of rest so we could recoup at the house before our next adventure. We loved our vacation.”
- L. Herritt
“We used J&M Travel to book our first ever land-based all-inclusive package. The Rosses went beyond our expectations in helping us select a resort that would be "just right' for us. They found out that although scheduled to open in Oct/07, it did not open until Jan/08. When they checked in March, before our scheduled trip in April, they found it was not quite complete and would not be up to our expectations. They were able, three weeks before departure, to move us to another resort nearby. We were thrilled with this resort and so pleased with their personal service. We are ready to go again and will be using them for our vacation next year.”
- D&M Roos
“I have been booking with J&M Travel for many years both for business flights and personal vacations. It has been my pleasure doing business with them as they have responded promptly to my needs giving tremendous service for both me and my family.”
- D. Saunders
“Trip Type: Leisure Vacation Type: Air and Hotel (Thailand) Every aspect of this trip surpassed my expectations. Dealing with Mr. Alcober was an extreme pleasure, he seemed to know what I was looking for exactly. My trip was over the top and I have Mr. Alcober to thank for making it happen and all his great advice that helped me along the way. The planning for my trip couldn't have gone any smoother, making up my mind one week before I booked the trip I thought would've been a problem but Mr. Alcober made sure that I was going to be in Thailand in a week.”
- Christopher Broda
“Hi, Sue, We just got back! It was wonderful! I would definitely recommend it to anyone. I'd suggest a balcony stateroom if at all possible -- we were very happy we paid the extra to get one and our friends wished they had done the same once they got there. We had terrific weather the whole time we were there. The service was great. It was our first time on Princess and at first, we thought the service was a little below RCCL, but by the end they were right up there. We didn't really know what to expect, but it definitely exceeded any expectations we had. The scenery was breathtaking everywhere we went -- I think we took about 1200 photos! I don't know if we'd do it again because our trip was so perfect we can't imagine it would measure up a second time around. But tell everyone it's great! Thanks so much for your service -- especially finding us that balcony stateroom which really topped everything off for us. Sue & Brian ”
- Princess Alaskan Cruise May 08
“Hi Marilyn, the trip was great. The schedule kept us busy which was good but at the same time allow us to relax a little in between. It was everything we thought it would be and more. We met some nice people and did not have to concern ourselves with driving, planning or any of the other headaches. Things went really smooth and we did not run into any problems in the arrangements. So it was very good. We were glad to get home afterwards but happy we made the trip. Thanks for the help! Sean ”

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