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“Jennifer is a “fantastic” travel agent! I have booked several trips with her and she is always efficient and pleasant and follows up after every trip to make sure everything went okay. Last March my cruise was cancelled due to bad weather and Jennifer looked after everything and was able to book the cruise for me a couple weeks later at a better price! In September, 2008, I booked a trip for five to Disney World. I was satisfied with the initial arrangements, however, a better package was offered by Disney and Jennifer, through a lot of hard work, saved me $1,555.00 and my trip is now in Canadian dollars. Jennifer is very dedicated to finding the “best deal” for her customers and I for one appreciate it very much!”
- Linda MacKenzie
“I would just like to send you a quick note, letting you know what a great experience it was booking our past two trips with you! You were professional, efficient, and went out of your way to ensure every last detail was taken care of. It is service like this that keeps us coming back to you at Travel Professionals time and time again, and also why I recommend you to everyone I know. Thanks so much and we are looking forward to doing business with you again! ”
- Joleen and Rickey Arey
“Thank you for arranging my latest journey to Edmonton. I found you went over and above when you encouraged me to call you when I got in, no matter how late it was. We went through the details of what I needed quite late at night, and I was thrilled that you found a flight for me at half the regular price, with the exact flight times I wanted. What more, you made sure I had the right seating and support from Westjet to accomodate my needs. When I returned, I received a "Welcome Home" email, which made me smile. This was a nice touch, to put a positive finish on a much needed trip. Thank you, Angela, for going above and beyond in making my trip easy and stress-free. I will definetly use you as my travel agent in the future. Sincerely, Elizabeth van Reenen EMVR Communications 334.0591”
- EMVR Communications
“I am writing to share how pleased we were with your services in preparation for our recent stay in Hawaii. I approached you in February seeking assistance in finding a suitable hotel in Waikiki. Your suggestions were excellent and your follow-up timely and effective. You were great in keeping our reservations organized and arranging a hotel for our Vancouver layover. When we arrived in Honolulu, we found we were on an outside corner one floor below the penthouse with breathtaking views of Honolulu and the Pacific Ocean. We enjoyed several nights on the lanai, sipping cocktails and gazing over the lights of Honolulu with surf breaking on Waikiki. Surfing the web could never have yielded the results provided by a skilled travel consultant such as you. Thank you, Michael Ducharme Ducharme Agencies 755 St. Mary's Rd Phone: 256-4311”
- Ducharme Agencies
“Since I started with Travel Professionals International I have received numerous testimonials from my clients but how would you know they are true if I just paste them on my website. I would rather forward your request to my clients so that they could express freely their experience with me as a Travel Professional. Please email me with your request at I would like to take a few minutes to thank all my clients for their business and trust they put in my travel agency over the past few years. Without their loyalty, support and encouragement through referrals I would not have been able to grow my business the way I have. From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU!”

“You're a gem! Thanks so much for all your hard work on this - and sorry for all the back and forth. I'm SO EXCITED about the holiday.... only 5 months to go!!! :)”
- Mandy G
“Hi Carl, Thank you so much for all your help arranging our trip to Disney. We had an absolutely amazing time from beginning to end. The girls loved everything and it was worth every penny just to see their faces. Even Andrew had more fun than he expected and was completely impressed with Disney and our good planning! You were right- Soarin’ and Mickey’s Phillarmagic were definite highlights. Fantasmic was also very good although Andrew and Salem missed it because it was their only opportunity to ride the Aerosmith Rockin' Roller Coaster (which they also loved). Micaela’s favorites were Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, and Thunder Mountain Railroad which were able to ride about 6 times each during our 2 early mornings at Magic Kingdom. The character meals were terrific as well and sure beat waiting in line to meet the characters. The autograph books are almost full! The resort was perfect, the flight was great. I could go on and on and on. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you.”
- Kerri
“Hi Carl, We had a great time!!! THANKS again for all your help it was appreciated!!”
- Robb
“Our honeymoon was off the charts incredible. I am so glad we hooked up as I don't know if I would have found that place on my own. Cabo is incredible and I would never go anywhere else in Mexico. The resort was perfect for what we were looking for. Good food, good drinks and a huge suite. Thanks again Carl!!”
- Jenn
“Thank you Yvonne for all the work you did to make our last trip so very enjoyable. You sure have many gifts! God Bless You! W.F.”
- W.F.

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