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“THANK YOU SO MUCH JAN! You are truly an AMAZING lady. Through your hard work and long hours, you managed to plan our family cruise (comprising of 21 family members and departing from differing cities and arriving at differing dates) for us on less than a month's notice. Imagine what you could do if we gave you more time. The entire trip went without a hitch, from flights to transfers, to hotels, to cruise. It was all looked after very professionally. I speak for my entire family and we all had a great time and it wouldn't have come to be without your help. THANK YOU! The Yee-Lee-Chow-Wong-Eng Family.”
“Hello sally , i just wanted to thank you on behalf of the rest of the girls for working so hard to get us to cabo!!! We had an amazing time , better then I even expected !!! i would truly reccomend this resort to anyone !! Although you couldn't really swim at our beach, lovers beach was ideal for swimming , and easy to get it !!! Thanks soo much sally , I have 7 albums on facebook, but am sending you just one of them !!! Thanks again!! Nicole, Hannah and Ginette! ”
- Riu Sante Fe, Los Cabos
“ Hi Val.......I was happy to hear from you......I had such a wonderful time...I can't even describe how great it was...Everything went really well at the airport, customs and flight.....I am ready to go back....Can't wait for you to return so I can tell you all about it and show you my pictures....I have 443 of them .......... Bev.----- Original Message ----- ”
“Angela, Thank you for your professionalism and excellent service. You are always available, made all the arrangements and found the perfect trip for my wife and I to travel to India. Thank You! I would recommend Angela VanDenDriessche from Dream Away Travel TPI to anyone who wants to make their travel experience wonderful AND worry free! Joseph Alkana Chairman of Marketing and Investment Associate for Jory Capital Inc President - BNI Elite Chapter”
- Jory Capital Inc
“Hi Diane ! Glad you liked my pics! Everything went really smoothly on the trip - was only delayed coming home from Veradaro as Toronto had really cold weather and the lavatories on the plane had frozen so they had to wait before leaving Toronto till they could get them serviced. I am planning on going back AGAIN so keep your eyes peeled for me..... One thing I wanted to mention that you might pass on to your clients is that I had trouble at the resort changing canadian money into Cuban pesos that had any writing or tears/rips in them. I was pretty disappointed as I was unable to use $140. My friend Erik had no trouble changing them in the bank but as our resort is about an hour from any bank - people may want to make sure their bills are 'unmarked' when they get them from the bank.....I don't remember having any issue last year. The marked ones were usually from someone writing numbers on them..... The weather was not too hot - just perfect for me actually and I was able to snorkel the 3 days that I hung out at the beach. Some of the pics that I will post you can see that there is not another soul around - so much room and we were all really spread out. I found the people at the resort 'older' this year and all was very quiet. There was a large group there that were all about 60 or older and they were part of a choir that was practising at the resort and then was going to go around cuba for a few days giving concerts. I think some of the entertainment staff were a bit frustrated as not a lot of people participated in the programs they offer. Everyone was quite content to just veg around the pool. I was surprised to learn that 5 of the male staff I had met last year were either engaged to or already married to Canadian women and were just waiting for their paperwork to leave I came home single - just incase you were wondering ;) ;) I have some great friends there though and am looking forward to going again and visiting. Thanks for all your hard work for me this year Diane I really appreciate it and hope to keep recommending you to family and friends for their travel needs ! Keep in touch Heidi ”
- Heidi - Cameleon Villas Jibacoa Cuba - January 2009
“Hi Diane Jamaica was everything you said it would be and more!!! Thank you for suggesting it to us. We had a problem in the beginning of our trip. Our flight was delayed by 1 hour due to mechanical problems so we missed our connecting flight to Jamaica. But Air Canada booked us on the next flight which was the next day leaving at 8:30 a.m. A/C took care of our room, food and transportation and even contacted Sandals to see if we could have an extended day, which was "no problem mon!" So it was a little upsetting until we did receive confirmation from Sandals but all was good when we landed into Jamaica. Rick and I loved it so much we are starting to save up for the next holiday. I think we are hooked. Thanks Diane for all you did for us!! Ann and Rick ”
- Ann and Rick - Sandals Grande Ocho Rios - January 2009
“Donna and Dan(Travelscapes), Brian and I would like to thank you both very much for assisting us with our recent vacation to Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico. Your resort recommendation was absolutely wonderful! From our top-notch accommodations, to the first-class service and hassle-free airport transfers - everything went off without a hitch. Our vacation was lovely, and we were able to do exactly what we wanted to - relax! We really appreciate your hard work, diligence and extra touches! Looking forward to working again with you both soon. Sincerely, Brian and Cheryl”
- Cheryl and Brian Poff
“As always, Blixhavn Travel covered all the bases, andour vacation was once again very enjoyable, with no surprises!”
- Le-Ann & George Legare - January 2009 - The Whaler, Maui
“Lana was very helpful and answered all of my many questions. I have to say it was nice to just sit back and let someone else make the arrangements for me and enjoy myself at the destination.”
- Teresa Grass - January 2009 - Catalonia Yucatan, Mayan Riviera
“We had a group of 11 people travelling at the last minute and Lana was able to accommodate everyone from 3 different departure locations. The staff at the resort were great, the rooms were nice, and the weather and beach were fantastic. We had a very enjoyable time with no negative experiences until our return to the Winnipeg airport with a temperature of -30. Thanks Lana for all of your help, it was a great getaway.”
- Karen Berg - January 2009 - Catalonia Yucatan - Mayan Riviera

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