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“My name is Randy and I work as a management consultant in Toronto. I was introduced to Marlene by a friend over 5 years ago. I have since travelled to Europe several times as well as South America and Asia. Marlene has been a godsend. She is fast, dedicated and has always managed to find me a flight that is cheaper and more convenient than the best ticket I've found independently. I got married in Aug of 2008 and asked Marlene to help my wife and I with our honeymoon to Jordan and Turkey. Marlene was able to find us the perfect flight which included a half day layover in Paris; the one thing my wife wanted almost more than the trip itself. The amazing thing is that she did it for a price that was still less than the best alternative I could find online without the Paris layover. We had the most incredible time and are so grateful to Marlene for her support. ”
- Randy
“I just wanted to send you a quick thank you! The trip was fantastic! We did an adventure day where we climbed the higest pyramid, rented bikes and toured around the ruins, ziplined over a lagoon with alligators, repelled into a cenote- apparently the mayans believe the cenote water keeps you young...I hung out in there for awhile..., ate Mayan food and were blessed by a shaman...crazy fun! The resort was beautiful and the food was great! Thanks so much for hooking us up!”
- Jessica B
“It was a vacation that went way beyond expectation. Thanks Sandra for making the arrangements that made it extra special. My husband loved the extra legroom at the emergency exit that you booked. First class on the return flight meant first on and first off for the late night. Thanks for booking that as well. It was a great resort and amazing service and hospitality. It was totally beautiful! The only thing that would have made it nicer was if we could have had two weeks. When we got back here was this welcome home gift that you sent. Thank You! Vacationed in El Salvador”
“Hi Shauna, Just wanted to send you these photos and tell you that we had the most amazing time on our trip. It really was the best trip that Ken and I have taken to date! The only bad thing was that our flight was delayed 6hrs when we left Edmonton, but once we arrived and were greeted with a warm facecloth and champagne I completely forgot about sleeping on the carpet in the Edmonton International Airport. The resort was beautiful and the service was amazing! The room was awesome, the bathroom felt like a private spa with the jacuzzi tub! Our view as you can see was spectacular!! I really loved facing the main pool and the ocean. I am a Red Seal Chef so having good food was a priority for me and it was totally gourmet at the a la carte restaurants, the presentation and service was awesome. We never waited for a table and didn't need a reservation. The breakfast and lunch buffets served just about anything you could want and always fresh. Most of the kitchens were open and totally clean and very organized I was really impressed. My other criteria for the trip was a good spa, and I was not disappointed, I booked a super deluxe facial the day before we left and this was definitely worth the money. I am presently working as a Massage Therapist and have been for the last 8 years, so I am a little more critical than most when it comes to Spa treatments. Everything was great from the moment I stepped into the Spa, I enjoyed a hot shower and an infra red sauna before my treatment even began. The facial included a back, hand, foot, neck, head, and face massage, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, and probably 3 different facial treatments. For 2 hours and $175 US I felt I got more than my money's worth from the experience. I practically floated out of there and will definitely return to try something else. The nightly entertainment was more than we expected every night. The live band and DJ's always had everyone dancing, the dance performances were awesome, and the fire show was over the top!! The Sunwing rep we dealt with at the resort was great and very informative which made it easy for us to make our excursion plans. We definitely want to go back, 1 week was not enough time, the 2 travel days really sucked up our time and only really left us with 5 days. I was wondering if there is 10 day packages for the same resort? And what 2 weeks would cost compared to what we paid for the week? Is January cheaper than February? Any info would be appreciated. I'm already saving to go back!!! Thanks again for all your help. Having your help really put my mind at ease. I'll definitely recommend your services to anyone who's thinking of booking a trip and needing help. Sincerely, Cynthia Christensen ”
- Cynthia Christensen
“When our family decided to take our first Florida vacation Jaime made everything easy. We had a budget that we wanted to stick with and with her help, we not only did that but were able to have a luxurious vacation within our budget! Jaime's knowledge of the Walt Disney World Resort allowed us to stay at Disney Boardwalk Villas. This resort was convenient, absolutely beautiful and had awesome service. The staff were friendly and just by mentioning the fact that our son loved Buzz Lightyear to a staff member at the bus stop one morning, when we got back to our room he had a balloon bouquet and signed picture from Buzz and Woody. This made his trip magical indeed. That same trip took us to Universal Studios and we were able to have affordable, convenient and awesome stay at the Holiday Inn Universal Studio. We were told for the money we would not be disappointed in the hotel and was she right!! It was awesome and located across the street from the Universal studios. Disney Cruise When planning our first cruise, Jaime was once again awesome. She found us convenient and affordable accommodations at the Westgate Airport Hotel. She arranged our rental vehicle, transportation to our port, and had time and money saving tips she gave us for an unbelievable cruise experience. If you are considering taking a cruise with your family, Disney is by far the best choice. The experience was nothing short of magical thanks to Jaime's help. She had our shore excursions booked and saved us money by doing it locally rather than through the cruise line. After the cruise we had a four day stay at Saratoga Springs in the Walt Disney Resort. We picked restaurants we wanted to eat at which she had our reservations made and booked us a Magical Gathering since we were traveling with a group of 8, another surprise that Disney offers which we learned through Jaime. Overall, I found her to be extremely helpful, courteous and because she knows so much about Disney and all it's hidden gems, she was able to book us our magical vacation both times. I highly recommend her and she is now in the process of booking my family and six of our friends from PEI on an all-inclusive vacation for March. I wouldn't trust my vacation planning to anyone else. She truly is the best!! Thanks Jaime for everything. You have made all our vacations hassle free, affordable and luxurious because of your time, commitment and dedication to your clients! You're awesome!! ”
- Michelle Dyke, Newfoundland
“Hi Yvonne, Just thought I would send you a quick note about our trip. The hotel was great, I would stay there again. Nice location, not many people used the pool, if it had been warmer maybe we would too. We used it twice and it was nice. The Continental Breakfast was very good. I had it almost every day. It saved us quite a bit of money and it was very big with great choices.The kids loved the kids suite and it gave us some separation as well. So if you want to recommend it t anyone, it wasn't the Hilton or anything but is suited us nicely. I think we enjoyed Bush Gardens the best. We spent most of our time there or at Seaworld. Thanks for all your hard work, we look forward to doing business in the future. ”
- J & L V.
“ Thank-you both for putting so much time and effort into planning our trip! Without all of your hard work we couldn't have done it ourselves! We would highly recommend you to family and friends who are interested in booking a vacation! You made our trip fun, enjoyable and stress free!!!!! Can't wait to book again with you!!!!!! Thanks sooooo much!!!! Lesley and John ”
- Lesley and John Favreau
“I can't tell you how much I appreciate all your help, hard work and knowledge. I'm beyond excited and can't wait.”
- Laurie C
“Thanks again Yvonne, the whole trip went very smooth. The hotel was great, nice and close ot the airport and the birdseed show. Our house in Fort Myers was awesome. Except for the cooler weather we had a really great time, thanks again.”
“My experience with Yvonne dealing with our travel needs is always a wonderful experience. When it comes time to plan our holiday Yvonne knows what places would suit our needs and which would not. Her suggestions are always helpful and will answer all your questions. I enjoy dealing with Yvonne, as I know my holiday will be worry free and wonderful. I would recommend her to all my friends and family.”
- DEB B.

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