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“Hi Susan, We had a great trip to Hawaii! The hotel was fantastic, the condos were all very clean and spacious with gorgeous views of the ocean. The pool was well utilized by all of us and we spent lots of time basking in the sun around it. We were close to Costco and Safeway and while it was a bit pricey, which we were expecting, it as great. We used the hotel BBQ common area frequently. We did find that the good beaches with nice sand were a good hour drive to the north. We did that a couple days but because there isn’t much around the beaches for food to purchase we stuck by the pool for the rest of the time. If we ever went back I would try to stay at Waikoloa or Mauna Kea but I’m not sure of the condo situation there anyway, just a thought we had. The beaches there are spectacular. You are further from Kona for shopping and that but really we did one big shop and just a couple smaller ones anyway. The car rental worked out perfectly and our flights were good. No delays or anything, we got super lucky! And we survived the red eye home with the kids. Most of them slept the entire flight so it was good. We also did the Fairwinds II snorkel trip. It was fantastic, dolphins followed us and were jumping in the wake of the boat, whales breaching for a few minutes on the way to the snorkel destination. And they were extremely accommodating to all levels of swimming. Our kids were on boogie boards with masks built in – they loved it. And for my mom ,who is far sighted, they had a contraption so she could still wear her glasses. I highly recommend it! We also went to a luau but we slightly disappointed in the food. The entertainment was really good, enjoyed that. All in all, it was great! Thanks for all your assistance in setting it all up, we greatly appreciate it.”
- Kami and Jay - Resortquest Kona by the Sea - Kona, Hawaii
“Sally, Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for everything you've done for us. We are very greatful for your efforts in arranging the honeymoon of our dreams, for the medical insurance, for getting our visas, and for the bearutiful flowers. Our trip was unforgettable. Love, Al & Melissa”
- Jade Tours - Classic China
“Ms. Carol Steward at TPI World Wide arranged for our trip to Paris from Toronto 3 years ago- we enjoyed it so much we got engaged! She just had to arrange a fabulous resort in Puerto Vallarta for our honeymoon the following year. Then last year a bang up coach tour through the Nordic countries- my medical emergency was easily handled by excellent pre-planning and professional care through Cosmos Tours. This past year, Carol arranged a wonderful Silver & Blue Via Train Tour through the Rockies with significant off-season savings, and an eye-opening 7 day sampler Caribbean Cruise with Air Canada and Royal Caribbean. Next year, it's off to England for a conference and family reunion with a stopover in Iceland to complete the Nordic experience. With Carol Steward and TPI World Wide at the helm, it's full steam ahead! Thanks again Carol! Kevin J. Dwyer Toronto, Ontario. Feb. 27, 2009. ”
- Kevin Dwyer
“The Grand Oasis Marien was a nice resort, well staffed and food was above average. Amanda as usual was very diligent and looked after our needs very well. I have recommended her to many friends and family.”
- Paul Drake
“Amanda, once again, we say "thank you sooooooo much" for your help in arranging our tickets. You always go about it in such an efficient manner! We are looking forward to this more every year.”
- Richard and Wanda Manning
“The trip was great. Awersome beaches and Amazing weather. Not to mention the food was fabulous!! About 30 everyday absolutely no rain BONUS!! Drinks way to strong think they wanted to get me drunk or something. Just didnt like the night flight back will look at other options next year.. too late got in and out of airport about 5:30am blah.. Went on jeep tour excellent guide (Alex) and awesome adventure. weve been back for a week and we have had 64 cm of snow since gross...Anyways i would definetaly recommend this place it is great, and the place is well taken care of.. But the beaches probably better then Punta Cana we'd say! anyways thanks for the follow up and hopefully on another trip soon with ya. Thanks again, great recommendation!!! ”
- Lori and Rod W. - Melia Cayo Guillermo, Cuba - Feb 09
“Just wanted to share with you what happened last week. I got a call from a lady very upset and wanting to book something last minute. Her and her husband had booked a trip to Costa Rica via Sell-Off Vacations a couple of weeks ago. It was their first time booking anything online and they were encouraged to do so by co-workers. The Sell-Off papers they printed off explained their passports had to be valid for one week after returning to Canada. When they arrived at YYZ, they were denied boarding and were told their passports had to be valid for 30 days post-return. Calls to Sell-Off were unreturned and online they were told to submit their complaint and expect a response in 6 to 8 weeks. Anyway, they were so upset as they had been looking forward to going away. Not wanting to unpack their suitcases, they found my business card and called. I was able to book them to a 4 1/2 star to Punta Cana on Sabre Vacations for $2400.00 total. They were ecstatic and vowed never to book online again. I think delivering their documents to their door the next morning (I could have emailed them) reinforced the personal touch and dedication. I hope they are able to recover their money from Sell-Off as their information was incorrect regarding passport validity. Add this to your list of reasons to not book online! ”

“Anyway, the resort was really great, much more than I expected for the cost, and I know you got us some upgrades we wouldn't have gotten anywhere else. Although there was a lot of rain, the forecast before we left was for rain all week, so our 3 days of mostly sunshine were a gift. The food was much better than in Cuba. The drinks were ordinary ( we got used to the bartender in Cuba who made everything and anything you wanted with real ingredients) but we're not big drinkers anyway. The room was very clean and they came in once to clean and later to turn down the bed...we had to remember to put the chain on if we wanted privacy. All in all, a good trip, and thank you for finding it for us.I hope its clear how pleased we were with all the time you spent on making sure we had a worry-free vacation.Thanks again.”
- A.M.
“The Samba Vallarta was a great vacation! This all inclusive is great for both adults and kids. You can enjoy relaxation on the beach, lounge around the pool. Or you can partake of adventure and go explore the city of Puerto Vallarta, or join some of the many excursions available such as swimming with the Dolphins, Catamaran or Jungle tours, among others. All the staff at this fine resort were very friendly. About the only problem you will experience here is to maintain sufficient appetite for all the excellent food!! There is a large buffet area for all meals with a wide choice of dishes for breakfast, lunch, and supper. The kids will relish the hamburgers, pizza and more available at the pool bar and snack shack. And for a finer dining enjoyment, there are two "a la carte" dining rooms, one Mexican, and the other Italian. The pool at the Samba was amazingly large. It is in three sections, with stepping stone walkways between each area. There is a decent shallow section for the toddlers, and a large adult area of about 5 feet deep. One of the features of the pool is the island, which has loungers and parasols. A huge feature of this resort is its location on the beach which stretches for miles! For more details please visit”
- Puerto Vallarta - Signature Vacations
“Marilyn Here it is in point form. Flight there was great, Air Canada, Each seat had it own monitor and numerous choices of recent shows, movies to watch. Flight left on time and arrive on time. Once there the process of getting to the hotel was also great. Hosts met us and got us on the bus to the resort in a very short time. The resort was about 20 mins from airport. At the resort the "in" process was very smooth. I was in my room less than 10 mins but I was the first. Some people had to wait a few hrs as the check in time was 1500 hrs and we arrived about 1300 hrs. If your room wasn't ready you had to occupy yourself until check in time. My friend that I met there had to go to another room as the one assigned to him was already occupied. I book the three restaurants at 1600 hrs the same day. I go my choices no problem and I put my name on "Standby List" for three other nights. In total I had 6 nights of fine dining. The Steak restaurant was the best by far with the other two being very good. I recommend the tenderloin. I also recommend you take your own bottle of water from your room to the Steak Restaurant as the water tasted a bit stale. I mentioned it to the server and she suggested as others have done previously to bring your own water. The buffet restaurant had good choices and I enjoyed the meals. At times the service was not of the highest standard expected of a five star. At times you were escorted to the table but mostly told to sit anywhere, drinks were slow to arrive at the table to a point we had to get our own. Refills on drinks especially wine were very slow. The servers were very friendly but appeared to be somewhat disorganized as they were working all over the place doing everything. The pool area was nice but not many people in the water as the weather was cloudy. I was in everyday and thought the pool was great. I noticed some dirt was lingering on the third cloudy day as I think the pool Maintenance was not a high priority as not many were in the pool. Entertainment around the pool was good, the employees were always doing something to entertainment especially when the weather was not the greatest. Drinks were good throughout the trip, be sure to ask for the drink and to say "with Rum" etc. The gym was small but very good. I went everyday. They had two treadmills, spin bikes, a few free weights and some machines. Very good. Rooms were OK. The rest of the hotel compared to the rooms. Not of a five star standard. Myself and Joan compared this resort with the "Bahia Principi" in both DR and Mexico with both the Bahia Principi being far more better. We paid comparable prices for all and the "better bang for the buck" is definitely the Bahia Principi. In summary we had a great time. We enjoyed each other and relaxed as was the main goal. We met some good friends and enjoyed their company. The resort was good but not exactly what we expected. Next year we will most likely go to the Bahia Principi in Cuba. Hazen ”

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