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“Hi Diane, Thank you so much for the lovely flower arrangement. That was very nice. It looks great on our kitchen counter! Our trip was amazing. We had such a great time and evverything turned out even better than we hoped. Getting upgraded to the river suites was as you know a dream come true. The room was amazing!!!! And the butler service was great, we didn't use the butlers as much as we could have as we were always busy with all our friends and family. But, the butlers managed to get us away from "the group" on our last night and served us a private dinner for two in our suite. We had lobster and champagne is was wonderful!! Couples was very, very different from Sandals. It was very calm in comparison. Not that sandals was loud or noisy or anything, but couples reminds me of a "hippy" resort. Pot smoking, free love that kind of thing. lol The food at couples was great probably even better than sandals. The beach was amazing, alos probably better than sandals. So, if someone wants to go where the beach and the food are incomparable this is the place for them. It just doesn't have the same level of service or finish as sandals, the pools are worn out and peeling, the rooms are in dire need of updating, basically the resort just needs a renovation to bring it into this millenium. But, having said all that, being in the river suites at sandals definatley tainted our opinion of couples! Overall, it was a great trip and we don't regret any of our decisions. Thank you so much for all your help! Julie ”
- Julie and Andrew - Destination Wedding - Sandals Negril - Honeymoon - Couples Swept Away Jamaica - February 2009
“Hi Diane, Once we got there, we had a really nice time, weather was fabulous and we enjoyed our stay. The flight was really, really delayed, by about five hours. We should have checked the airport website before leaving but unfortunately we did not so we had a long and boring wait before leaving. All was fine once we got there though, RIU Jalisco is probably the cleanest resort hotel we have ever stayed at, everything was always spotless, you could not walk 20 feet without bumping into someone cleaning, doing maintenance etc. Very nicely decorated, beautiful buildings, very well maintained. I heard some people complain of hard beds, we did not find them to be a problem, maybe our beds at home are hard! The pools were clean and nice, the beach was very nice (especially for the Pacific side of Mexico). The kids pool was frequently visited by iguanas, they were a big hit with most people. The staff was friendly and helpful and most issues (some small repairs in the room, like burnt out light bulbs and a broken hair dryer) were fixed when we asked. We did have a small theft incident, which unfortunately soured me a bit. My husband and 7 yr old son went to the sports bar for a snack and then went back to the room forgetting my son’s Crocs and a couple other items of clothing. The went back almost right away, stuff was gone, my husband asked the bar tender if anything was found and he said, no nothing found. My husband could see right behind the bar where he had put the stuff, minus the Crocs. He got the other stuff back but the Crocs never re-appeared. Another patron of the bar said he saw the clothes with the Crocs on top and they had definitely been there. We complained to the mgmt and they sympathized but didn’t do anything about it. At the end of the day it was just a pair of sandals that were almost outgrown anyway but it was a bit annoying. So I would caution anyone not to leave stuff behind because they probably won’t get it back. Food was quite good for an all inclusive but I do think that one week of it was enough. I think that would be the same for any all inclusive though, we have pretty adventurous tastes. The shows were not really worth staying up for, we have seen better entertainment in Cuba. But I’m not going to Mexico for the entertainment so I didn’t really care about that. On Superbowl Sunday they set up a big screen and showed the Superbowl, complete with snacks, my husband enjoyed that. One night they set up a screen on the beach, set up loungers in front and showed “Mamma Mia” That was fun, lying under the stars watching a movie on the beach. One day we went whale watching on a catamaran, that was a big hit with my son. We also did a dolphin encounter which I particularly liked. All in all, we would go back to this hotel but again, not longer than 7 days. It was quite a way from the town of Puerto Vallarta, my husband and I used to go there a lot B.C. (before child) and if I we weren’t travelling as a family we would probably stay closer to P.V. since I like all the shops and art galleries that P.V. has to offer, but when your main goal is to spend a week relaxing, this place was fine. We will certainly keep you in mind for our next trip! Ingrid ”
- Ingrid,Allan and son William - RIU Jalisco Puerto Vallarta - January 2009
“thanks!!!!! We had an AMAZING trip... all of us....... thanks again for everything.... all was great... even with the delay leaving Saint John, not being able to land in Charlottetown and back to Saint John again... that was still ok.... we got there safe and sound....... The resort was clean... staff friendly.... we read the reviews and it said they were not... but they were so nice to us that we don't know what the reviews are talking about.... food was ok ( cuba and all ) and the beach amazing... we could not have asked for better weather........;) We did the VIP at the airport leaving Cuba..... I can't say enough good about that... I will always do the VIP at the airport... it just made the end of the trip that much more enjoyable........ thanks again Marilyn! ”
“Marilyn - our trip was awesome!!! Thanks so much for everything. We will definetly book w/you again. The Hotel was beautiful - it was an older hotel but for Cuba it was awesome - very friendly staff! Beach was the best ever. We really enjoyed it all... Thanks again! ”
“Hi Marilyn, We're back and had an awesome trip. A little shaky getting off as the weather wasn't co-operating so didn't get there until almost midnight. From then on everything was great. We really enjoyed the resort and the beach was amazing. Weather awesome, a little cooler the first two days but that was a good thing to pace us in the sun. Or gang had a blast and definitely want to go again next year. On the way back we arrived an hour early and took advantage of booking VIP service in Cuba through Sunwing. Highly recommend that. Pay 25 pesos and when we arrived at the airport the 20 of us were personnally taken to a new checkout just for us ( the other 1000 people in the airport in line gave us a dirty look) then they paid our departure tax for us (avoiding another line up) then we got preference to go through customs first then into the VIP lounge. The lounge offered beautifull big leather couches, complimentary snacks, international liquer. Awesome! We'd go back to that resort. It was a little tired but very clean and the staff excellent! You done good girl ”
“Lynn did a wonderful job helping us find & book what we wanted for our first Mother/ daughter vacation in the caribbean. I will refer her to everyone.”
- Jill Nouser
“Nadine, Jackie, I and everyone else would like to thank you for helping us pick the perfect resort. Plus getting us there. The food, drinks, entertainment and the weather were all great. Mauricio was fantastic. He got us to the both ceremonies in time. He even came in to playa de carmen just incase and waited to back so we would not be late. He went above and beyond. Father James was a really nice man. Again Jackie and I want to say thanks Thanks you H and Jackie ”
“Hi Nadine; The wedding is officially over the reception was this past Saturday and all went now so I am now officially winding down. I just wanted to let you know that we had an absolutely great time, I thought we were well looked after. My girlfriend from Vancouver had an allergic reaction in her eye to makeup and ended up staying in the room one day and they sent up a very nice fruit tray and the room cleaners were wonderful anytime we wanted more water or beer/coffee/water for our room not a problem at all. They were awesome at the snack bar and karaoke bar very nice to the drunken Canadians!!! Around the pool the service was awesome. Overall my family had a great time, thanks for all your help with the booking and all. Next time we are planning a trip like that I will call you, thanks again. ”
“The Cancun airport accommodations were so good they were mind boggling! Thanks again for all you did for us, going above & beyond with accommodations. ”
“Hi Romy, It was great! Food was as expected – good but not superb (but we didn’t care, food is just fuel for us!). Great people, staff, made new friends, good adventures in Havana – awesome! Will be in touch again the next time I need a booking, you did a great job and have a great attitude! Cheers, Dave ”
- Dave on Varadero Cuba

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