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“Thank you Connie for your incredible patience in dealing with all of our uncertainty about the number of people and our dates for traveling to Cuba and Mexico this winter! Despite our numerous changes, you met our needs and we had a wonderful holiday. I hope I am never in a situation that tests your patience like this again and please know that you are the best travel agent I have ever worked with. Thank you. Joanne Barnaby ”

“This summer, my husband and I planned a trip of a lifetime to China. Connie was with us every step of the way in our planning. She helped find the best priced airfares, answered our numerous questions, and assisted us in choosing an amazing adventure company to do our tour through-Imaginative Traveller. Dave and I travelled from Hong Kong to Beijing and all the major sights in between for three weeks. Seeing the Terracotta Warriors in Xi'an, cruising the Li and Yangste Rivers, cycling through the rice-patty countryside of Yangshuo, hiking a remote section of the Great Wall and meeting the amazing people of China are memories we will have forever. China is a truly culturally rich country to travel through and I would recommend it to anyone. We so appreciated how Connie went the extra mile to make our trip the best we have ever gone on. We cannot wait to plan our next trip! -Marjorie Foth ”

“Hi Connie, Dan and i are back from Jamaica, YOU HAVE TO GO! That resort is undescribable,the building,people,and food were all top notch.We had great weather,1/2 hour to Negril,we went twice.Shopping was o.k, Ricks Cafe was awesome.We'll talk to you soon when were ready for something else. take care Adam - Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton ”

“Lana was amazing & fantastic in helping us plan our vacation to Punta Cana. Thank You Lana!”
- Tony & Lorraine Labossiere - March 2009 - Ocean Sand - Punta Cana
“Hi Marilyn, Our trip was a HUGH success. We were suppose to have arrived in Cuba mid to late Tues afternoon but did not arrive til mid-night due to Monday's storm the day before which caused problems for everyone; however, I must say...Sunwing & their staff were EXCELLENT & made us feel as comfortable as possible. From then on the trip was PERFECT!!!!!!!! The girls & I had an extremely FUN time. The location, beach, etc was GREAT. Only complaint would have been the comfort of the bed & the food but that's CUBA & we would get the same at any resort. However, most of the staff were very friendly & I didn't think I seen not one bug (no bugs in hotel, around hotel, pool, beach or in the bugs anywhere). Highly recommend this resort + the boat tour that includes swimming with the dolphins, snorkeling & lunch on a nice secluded beach. Thanks for hooking us up!!!!! Wendy ”
“Marilyn Just wanted to thank you for your efficient service in re-arranging our flight – on Sat. Feb 28 (we wound up on first class and my boys figure that is the only way to travel now!) but even our flight back from Tampa to Portland was on a great plane with individual entertainment systems – kept the boys occupied) anyway thank you sooooooo much ”
“Hi Ms. Charters, Vacation and trip was wonderful thank you. Very nice place, very kind people and staff. I would recommend to everyone. ”
“Just wanted to let you know how our trip to Cuba went. We ended up leaving 5 hours late from Winnipeg due to a snowstorm in Toronto as this is where the plane was coming from, which made us get in to Varadero around 5:30 AM, so we were a little tired on Saturday. The Arenas Doradas in Varadero was not what we consider a 4 star hotel, as it was definitely not kept up in repairs - curtains hanging askew, closet door broken and not closing properly, shower was barely a trinkle and actually had no water one day for at least 10 mins. while I was trying to shower, and we were chasing the maid every day for toilet paper. Quite a difference from our experince in Puerto Plata last year which was quite an impressive hotel. The food is also not as good, as a lot of it was prepared with peppers which neither one of us eats, but it was just a matter of picking what we could eat and there was always something. The lobster at the a la carte was really good. The other thing we noticed is that they run out of certain things and it doesn't get replenished, such as the grille. Tried to get hamburger and fries one afternoon, and we got two little hamburgers, only to be advised they were out of fries - two hours before closing. They offered us hot dogs which was a little dinner roll with half a wiener split in two. It was quite the experience. We did make the best of it though, as the beach is fabulous. White sand, warm water and the weather was beautiful the whole time. We had a great time and just adapted to the different surroundings. We did two day trips, one on a Catamarand, with dolphin swimming, coral reef diving, and lunch of lobster/seafood on a beautiful island with sand and beach even more beautiful than Varadero. We also did a Jeep Safari tour thru the back areas which included, visit to a farm/plantation, coral reef swimming, cave swimming, lunch on a farm with horseback riding, and boat trip. Very interesting day and would highly recommend both those day trips. As a consolation, everyone we talked to and we talk to everyone, they all said the same thing that they hotel rooms and food were not the greatest and they would drop the rating by at least 1 star . But all in all, everyone said the same as us, they still had fun. We felt very safe the whole time, took various types of cabs/buses into Varadero to the markets and also did some walking along the road with no problems. All in all it was a great trip. Michele and Denis”
- Michele and Denis - Arenas Doradas Varadero - February 2008
“Hey Diane, feed back are you sure? the first week was a bust. It was cool and windy. 2 days after we got there Ernie got very sick then I got violently sick about a day later. I ended up having to go to the hospital because I was severely dehydrated, let me tell you hospitals in Cuba are very bare bones and my stomach is still not right. but....I did get to ride there in a 1950's pink Cadillac..... The hotel considering it was only 2 years old has some issues....the room was not too bad, but I thought I saw a cockroach sneak in under the door. The bathroom set up is not so good...the water from the shower went everywhere and the fixtures were not fixed down, the tub had no supports under it was dicey if we would go through or not. Neither my husband or I could sit in the tub because it was probably 3/4 the width of my home tub, and there was a wooden step to get in the tub not good for me as I have bad balance. There was mould on the wall outside of the bathroom where the shower was probably from the leaking. There were long line-ups everywhere....and because the resort is sooooo big there are electric carts once in a blue moon to get you around, it would not be good for elderly or disabled persons. The food was not good, even in the specialty restaurants (which you could only go to 2 a week). The food at Holguin was much better. And everyone expects tips for everything...even at the buffet, where you basically serve yourself. Tipping has become an expectation rather than a gratituity for good service. The Cuban Tourist Peso is the same exchange rate as USA and there is an 11% extra charge if you use your credit card. The beach was better about 15 minutes away on the main Varadaro strip, so we got good walks (after we perked up). And the second week was sunny the whole week, so that was nice. There was 2 pools, one with lots of action and one quiet one, the later we liked. They give you pool towels, which there is a $40 charge if they go missing, well wouldn't you know it, one of our towels went missing, as did many others...not so sure but we thought it was a scam by the guys working at the pools. We did book a trip to Havana and that was great, really enjoyed it. I would have rated that hotel at a 2 1/2 or 3 at the highest not a 4. Too many problems. Your services however are 5 star...thanks Diane! Tia ”
- Tia and Ernie - SIRENIS LA SALINA VARADERO - January 2009
“Hi Diane! The holiday was WONDERFUL! The resort was amazing, even though it was pretty big and took me a few days to get around without getting lost. The staff/rooms/food were top-notch; I would definitely go back! I went to Playa Del Carmen for the day on Saturday and got my shopping fix, there were tons of people there, wow! All in all, a great resort and trip. I've started saving already for next year and look forward to talking to you then! Thanks for everything, you've been great! Take care, Teri : ) ”
- Teri - Bahia Principe Coba Mayan Riviera - February 2009

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